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It's actually a silver tie which looks white here because of the sunlight. Thanks! Will try to post better pictures next time.
Trying on my new suit. Need opinions on how it fits.. sorry for the crappy phone picture. Thanks!
Thanks. I'll take all your suggestions into consideration. Anyway, my wedding will still be early next year so I still have enough time.
In a RL store in Hong Kong. I'm not sure of the maker of this suit. Just above the right breast pocket it says Custom Fit. However I can't find the label similar to other RLPL suit made by St. Andrews. Any idea who's the maker? Or is this specifically for the HK market (hence the different tags)?
Thanks guys for all your thoughts and suggestions. The photo above was taken with a flash that's why the purple lines are very visible. However, under natural light, the lines are not noticeable within 3 meters. There were no available plain gray/navy suits in the place where I purchased this. What made this even more attractive than the black DB RLBL is that I got this 90% off its retail price. I'd probably consider changing the suit if I see another good bargain.I...
Hi everyone, I'm getting married soon and I was in the hunt for a nice suit for my wedding. It was a toss between a black double breast RLBL and this one.. A charcoal RLPL double breast with muted glenplaid and purple windowpane. I got this because I wanted something I could still use after the occasion. I can't see myself wearing a black double breast suit in the office/courtroom/meetings. Is this approrpiate for a day wedding? Or should I get something more...
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym That means you polish every wear or two. I think that's too much. When we first get a new pair of nice shoes, we want to enjoy them as much as possible and care for them as well as possible. And that often leads to over-polishing. Of course, some say it's best to polish new shoes a few times before a first wearing. I think cream every three to five wears is good. Polish imho is best reserved for rare occasions...
The leather on my carminas seems to be better than the only c&j handgrades that I have.
Thanks for your thoughts. Will try using less cream/polish next time.
I have a pair of c&j weymouth with ugly creasing. Is the leather on this pair also dry? Or have I been applying too much cream? I use this at most once a week and polish this maybe twice a month. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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