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Thanks for your comments emptym. (1) I was not wearing my suspenders today so the trousers are falling below my waist. But the trousers would not look as lousy as in the picture had I worn my suspenders. (2) I also noticed that the patch pockets were too small and I am planning to ask him to replace these with larger pockets as soon as I have the time to buy another half yard of this fabric. (3) I agree that the quarters should be slightly more open. I'll tell him...
Got my new suit from Cornell's: Here's the actual color of the suit:
Got my new suit from a local tailor (Cornell's). Would appreciate comments on the fit. Thanks in advance.
MEGA SOLO ENTERPRISESD-5-6, Cluster Bldg. 1Tutuban CenterTondo, ManilaTelephone: (632) 253-1729(look for Ate Beth)
I wish I discovered him earlier. Got it from Tutuban Center in Divisoria. The store's name is Mega Solo Enterprises. If you want I can give you their phone number.
I think his work is not bad at all compared to all tailors I have tried in the past. His buttonholes just need a bit of improvement.
Cross post from Manila Tailor: jacket and trousers: Cornell's, patterned after my RLPL suit shoes: Paul Smith Collection
Finally I was able to try Cornell's. Here's my first jacket from him. This is patterned from my RLPL double breast suit.
I think sizes are UK. I have that split toe in Alcudia last size 9 and also a cap toe osxford in the Robert last size 9. I wear an 8.5UK in the C&J 337 last and size 43 in Vass U last. Hope this helps.
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