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Can someone who has tried manila haberdasher post a picture of his suit? Is the cut better than Cornell's? Thanks.
I have tried Wilson shoes before in Cubao. IIRC it's located along Detroit street in Cubao near New York Ave. Their work is decent enough but the leather they used was not very nice. A pair will cost you Php4,000.00. I'll try to post a photo later.
I totally agree with you on the buttons. I just don't have the time to look around for nicer ones. Does anyone know where to buy horn buttons? Even online. Thanks.
^maybe three days between fittings. It depends on you if you'll be satisfied after the first fitting. I brought back this suit last weekend for some adjustments and to have the pockets replaced. Hopefully I can already get it tomorrow.
I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to construction so I can't tell if their coats are fused or canvassed. I'm not also sure if they can make a canvassed jacket for a premium. As promised here are the photos of the buttonholes:
^ ^ I'll take pictures of the buttonholes this weekend. I have an RLPL suit with unfinished cuffs which I plan to bring to Cornell's. After having a couple of suits from him I trust he won't mess up the RLPL. I do not have any shirt from Cornell's but I believe some forum members have shirts made by him. I just noticed that their collars and cuffs are very stiff compared to the ones you get from the department stores. BTW, I got my grenadine tie yesterday from Sam...
do you remember what courier they used?
Hi Despos, thanks for this. I will go back to my tailor as soon as I have time and ask what he can do to improve on this. I also agree that the patch pockets have to be replaced. Thanks again!
Just pray that the post office wont makeyou pay duties and import vat. The last time I ordered from plal I had to pay around Php2500 for duties and import vat.
It will be in January, so I hope it will be cool enough for this.mrUnicorn, bbaquiran is right it's near rockwell. PM me, I'll let you know when I will be going back there.alco and mrUnicorn: The shoes is Carmina split toe in the alcudia last. It's from The Armoury in HK. Unfortunately it's not available here.
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