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Yes I do.Was planning to buy Carmina branded trees but was worried with my luggage weight.
This London-Paris trip's damage: Avenue l'Opera Paris: 1. Carmina - Dark Brown Simpson Last - 360 Euros 2. Carmina - Cognac Shell Cordovan (very nice color!) Simpson Last- 550 Euros Jermyn Street (sale!): 3. C&J (handgrade) Dark Brown Helier 358 Last - 310 Pounds 4. C&J (handgrade) Suede Lonsdale (forgot the Last number) - 310 Pounds
Carmina shop here in Paris also has a sale right now. I think there are 4 models of shell cordovans that are on sale. Will post pictures of my shoe damage this trip after I get my Carmina's with metal toe taps.
You got it. Lonsdale. Got it on sale at Jermyn Street the other week.
Jacket: Reiss Tie: Drakes Jeans: Uniqlo Shoes: CJ Handgrade
You can visit Citygate outlets in Tung Chung. That's near the airport. You can take a bus or a cab from the airport. I got a RLPL charcoal gray suit from the RL outlet at around 90% off. There's another outlet place, Horizon's Plaza in Ap Lei Chau. Can't remember how to get there but you can google for directions. The paul smith outlet is there.
Got the cashmere ties in excellent condition. Thanks!
Where can one find the new stocks? steals and deals link? I would also appreciate to be included in the notifications.
What's the address of Manila Haberdasher?
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