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Wearing this today:
Some shoe porn: Top: Peal & Co. Suede Chukka Second Row: Carmina, Grenson, Paul Smith, C&J Handgrade Third Row: Cheaney, Vass, Bally Scribe, Carmina Fourth Row: Vass, Paul Smith, C&J Weymouth, Carmina Shell
They are open on Sundays from 10am to 4pm only.I suggest you call them first896 652240908 641 6013
RLPL Charcoal Gray with Purple Windowpane
Sharp eye! Thanks!
Fits well. Thanks hendrix!
Currently in Budapest and I felt it will be a mortal sin not to visit Vass: The chosen one: Oxblood, F Last, Old English II
JLC Master Chronograph:
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