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I thought so also. The general consensus in this forum is that you should get half a size smaller for F last, than your size in U last. But when I tried the F last in 42.5 in the Vass shop, it felt very tight and uncomfortable.
Hope this helps. I am a UK8.5 on C&J 337 last. Size 9 on Carmina Robert, Alcudia and Simpson lasts. Size 43 on Vass U and F lasts.
From top: Split Toe Derby in Alcudia Last Captoe Oxford in Robert Last Wingtip Shell Cordovan in Simpson Last
C&J 337 = 8.5UK C&J 363 8.5UK Cheaney = 8.5UK Vass U = 43 Vass F = 43 Carmina Robert = 9 Carmina Alcudia = 9 Carmina Simpson = 9
Maybe I am just lucky but I always get all of my orders.. 100%! I always have my orders shipped to my office in Makati so I deal with Makati Central Post Office and the customs officers there are already familiar with me.I'll post photos of my suit from the Secret Armory as soon I it is finished. Turn over time is around 4 months.
^ Cornell's is ok. Don't expect too much. I have switched tailors and I hope this will be better. I am currently having a suit made by The Secret Armory Bespoke. I will be finished by around first week of December. For shoes, you can get Allen Edmonds in Rustan's and Church's in Univers Rockwell. But they are all way too expensive that you will be better off placing an order online. I never buy my dress shoes here.
Nice! Thanks!
Is this a new store? When I was there April of this year, the store looked very simple:
My U and F last:
Thanks! The rose gold is even better!
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