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I ordered a Peal & Co. suede boots with crepe soles. I am not familiar if these are made by AS or C&J. This is my first time ordering a Peal shoe so I am not familiar with the size and the last. I ordered a size 9.5D. As a guide, I have a c&j weymouth in 8.5E, Cheaney in 8.5F, a paul smith mainline oxford in 9UK (a bit roomy), and a grenson in 9F (rushden line I think, the fit is very narrow but the length is half a size too long in my opinion). Did I order the...
Quote: Originally Posted by jazzsol Aon, the shoe looks nice. What size is the shoe and are Hong Kong shoes listed in Euro or UK sizes? The label inside has both UK and US sizes. Mine says EU 9.5/US 10.5 EE Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Excellent find! Thanks!!
Thanks for all your thoughts. I found this pair in an outlet store in hong kong, near the airport. The place is citygate outlets. There are four different scribes left there. Wingtip derbies, double monks and loafers in brown, and 1 black oxford. Prices range between 2500hkd to 3000hkd for the brown shoes and somewhere below 4000hkd for the black oxford.
Bally double monks
I was originally planning to buy a c&j lowndes.. but I found this pair on sale at around 300USD. I'm not sure though if this is better value for money. Quality seems at par if not better than my c&j handgrades. They also come with lasted shoe trees. I am not familiar with the Bally Scribe Line. Any opinions if the quality of these shoes are good or should I have bought c&j instead? Thanks!
PM sent on peal suede captoes thanks!
Hi all. I have a pair of Joseph Cheaney for Lane Crawford. They seem to be of high quality and well made. I don't know what I am doing wrong but the leather seems really dried out. The creasing is terrible and there appears to be small cracks on the toe area, which I think was due to me wearing them immediately after I bought it without applying conditioner/cream first. I use shoe cream maybe twice every month and I use the shoes no more than once a week. What...
I just ordered a pair of c&j handgrades from two weeks ago. Shipping was fast.
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