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Has anyone ordered a pair of vass or g&g from this website? http://www.margoandralph.com/boutiqu...ralph/lang-en/ If so how did it go? Are they reliable? Thanks!!
toe medallion on c&j selborne
What is the price range of a suit in Cornell's? I don't recommend Toppers. They used to make nice fitting clothes but starting around 2007 they started messing things up. There was a time one of my trousers got lost and they were only able to find it after 1.5 months. They're very cheap though. But you get what you paid for.
thread resurect.. I wear a UK8.5 in the cj 337 last. But Im usually a UK9 on narrower lasts with other brands. Will a Vass boot 86 in 43 fit me? I am not familiar with the last of this Vass. Hope someone with experience on both vass and c&j help me. Thanks in advance!
I am under 35 and spend most of my idle time here. I even surf this site in my blackberry while driving whenever traffic is bad.
Unfortunately we don't have brooks brothers here in our country so there's no chance for me to try the shoes in store. When I went to hong kong last week they don't have the suede chukka boots. I guess if the US9.5D is equivalent to a UK8.5E, the shoes will fit me.. The chukka boots also seems to have a wide last so I guess it will be fine. I was just hoping someone here has an experience with both c&j 337 last and the peal chukka boots. Thanks everyone for your help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 What last is your Peal & Co shoe made on? It should be written on the inside of the shoe. They are often made on the 240 last, but not always. C&J is extremely helpful and willing to discuss sizing among their lasts, and private label shoes. Thanks! I still haven't received the shoes so I won't be able to see the label inside. I'm not really sure what last the suede chukka boots on crepe soles. I'm...
Help anyone? Sorry I tried using the search function but I'd like to find out how does the fit compare specifically to the337 last since its the only shoes that I have that is quite common around here. Thanks!
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