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That price is really steep for an Alden. I got a pair of Vass for 600USD.
Quote: Originally Posted by badsha ^^^^ Damn those are sweet. Did the shoes arrive shiny like that? Thanks! I actually applied cream on them.
Received this yesterday from margoandralph.com. The U-last is really gorgeous. I wear size 8.5UK in C&J 337. U-last in size 43 fits me well.
Update: Got may Vass chukka boots in U-last with lasted shoe trees. Thanks to margoandralph.com! Will post photos during the weekend.
Thanks for your inputs! I'll try to visit BB's tailor as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym No, but I may be able to come for family and fun. It's only a slight possibility though. And you guys were helping me. You might try Fourth Quadrant Textile in Kamuning, 154 Textile section, run by a family called Bongon. They had some great cotton twill in many colors and some nice linen or linen blends. I have some stuff from there that I may send with a friend who would bring it to Cornell's. I'm afraid to get...
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym Makes sense. Thanks, B. CMT at Cornell's is about 5,500 PP. I think Topper's is almost twice that for a canvased suit, so around $200. I've only been to Toppers once and that was in July. Stuff looked pretty good then, but I wasn't trying anything on. Do you have a new favorite tailor? The guys at Kamuning had some suggestions, but I didn't have time to check them out. I have a new tailor in...
Quote: Originally Posted by albert.herrera Hi, first time poster long time lurker here. I've just received my pair of MtM Scribe shoes last week and am posting their pictures here. I like their styling very much (though they're on the large side). I love the way they were painted. Also, compared to the RTW Scribe that I have, they seem MUCH lighter. Almost like walking around with cardboard shoes. Still, they feel very solid. I'm really happy with my...
I wear this:
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola If you ship outside the EU to a non EU citizen you don't charge VAT. That's not a refund. There isn't a VAT to refund. Now that doesn't mean they have to charge less . Ok, I don't know how the vat system works for other jurisdictions. But here in Ph, when you make a sale to a nonresident, it is considered as an export sale, which is subject to VAT at zero rate. That means you don't pass off vat to your non...
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