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I agree. Shoes with elongated lasts will have a space between your toe and the tip of the shoe.
I have the Vass chukka U last in calf. It fits me well except that like Montesquieu's experience, it puts pressure on my ankle. Does this get better or become more comfortable after a few more weeks of wear? I just polished mine this afternoon:
Polished a pair of cheap Grensons this afternoon:
I own both vass and c&j handgrades. I prefer the style of vass, and it fits me better.
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja those first 3 are gorgeous! how are zara shoes? quality? comfort? cheers The leather is ok, not high quality but not corrected grain. Soles are rubber and glued so you can't really expect them to last very long. But they're as comfortable as sneakers. I only use them whenever its raining.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl i don't see any. The brown wingtip behind the Vass is Zara and the suede at the back is also Zara
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Tell me more about those dubble munx. Those are Bally Scribes. IMO my scribes have better build quality and leather than the Vass I have.
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE very nice! Vass? Thanks. Yup Vass u last.
My latest pair: I really love those double soles My current shoe rotation. Thanks to SF for enlightening me. I used to wear black prada and ferragamo loafers. ButI still have a couple of not SF-approved shoes in here.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex aon,the chukka boots look very nice,even though I am not fan of the U last. Great score. Thanks. I realized though after a while that the U last is really pointy compared to the c&j 337. Next time I'll go for the F last.
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