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^ Those are really nice!
Can't believe he still posts here
The second one is really nice. Too bad they're a full size too big.
Yea! IMO a rounded last will look better with jeans than a more pointy and elongated last
NST = Norwegian Split Toe PTB = Plain Toe Bluchers
I have the same pair of Grensons and they fit slightly narrow. And I agree they are long.
When I joined SF I really didn't why a number of posters here like Alden. It's expensive and clunky and I didn't see myself buying a pair of Aldens over C&J. After a while, the appeal of Alden is slowly growing on me. It can fill in gaps in your outfit where you can't wear sleeker lasts. I think its more appropriate for more casual outfits than say a c&j on a 348 last or a vass in a u last. But I still think $600 for shoes that have quality control issues (not an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber How could I forget this obvious one: I will give you four guesses: 1. It is an overpriced French Brand (i.e. shirts 70-$80) 2. They like using elaborate colours 3. They are very popular 4. Nearly every garment has a little green crocodile logo This. And Armani Exchange
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy I'm not calling you a liar or anything, but I have a bunch of A.P.C. and none of it is produced in third-world countries. Aren't their jeans made in macau?
I was in HK last New Year. Its unfortunate that I wasn't able to visit your store because it was closed on January 1. Then I had to leave early on January 2. Will drop by your store on my next trip, which is hopefully soon.
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