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Thanks to The Armoury I finally have a pair of black shoes. This is the only black shoes in my current rotation (after I have given away my pre-SF black loafers): metal toe taps added: trees from The Armoury Wait there's more: my humble collection: Top: Peal & Co. suede chukka, Vass Chukka U-Last, Grenson, Carmina Robert Last, Carmina Split Toe Alcudia Last Bottom: Cheaney burgundy, C&J Weymouth dark brown, Paul Smith Collection, Paul...
Quote: Originally Posted by __PG__ I'm bumping this partly as an excuse to show a pair of fantastic-looking well-worn Weymouths..but also to ask what size are these? These are 8.5E.
Cross post from the Tan Shoe Appreciation Thread as requested by meister:
It's not so bad. Before stumbling upon SF, I paid 300USD for a pair of black Studio Line loafers. That was terrible.
My favorite weekend shoe:
I'm also interested. PM sent. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonmarshalljazz that would be the Westfield in the 341 last size 11uk Thanks! The leather has aged beautifully.
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonmarshalljazz a re-post from a while back What is the model and last of that pair on the bottom row, second from the left? Thanks!
Most likely trickers or grensons. But I have a pair of paul smith dip dye that looks very similar except the laces.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche I wish C&J would make the medallion look less like a penis for some of their shoes. +1 The Selbourne from their handgrade line has the most penis-looking medallion.
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