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BTW, Cornelio's still a better option for alternations than those alteration shops in the malls. I have trusted him with my RLPL, Borrelli, Isaia, Partenopea, etc. I'm not sure though if he will accept an alteration job from a new customer.
I still have patience for trousers. But for jackets and suits I have also given up on local tailors. It's also a good thing that Cornelio's shop is in Makati. I can drop by his shop before going to my office.For shoes, after trying several brands, I have decided that my future purchases will be from Carmina and Vass. Hard to beat the quality they offer for the pricepoint.Thanks for the invite Kevin. It's a holiday and I have Daddy duties but I'll see if I can drop by. If...
I had to supply the fabric since he does not have any cotton or linen fabrics in his shop. All my instructions and discussions are with Cornelio. I even had to give him a 2 pages of instructions and photos to ensure that all the details will be put in place. But I think some of these instructions were not relayed properly or completely to the trouser maker so my first batch of trousers had to undergo several revisions. I went to his shop for around 3 to 4 times a week...
Photos of my new trousers from Cornelio. It just appears to be short in the first picture as I might have pulled up the waist too much. Jacket: Caruso Linen Shirt: CT Shoes: Carmina
Yes its the same place. Mr. Cornelio is the proprietor. Will post fit pics after all the adjustments have been made. This is still a work in progress. It took us one and a half months to have all the details in place.
New pants from Cornelio.
I was also not expecting a lot since this was an experiment. It was initially half canvassed then i told him to remove it all.
Here's my third fitting from a local tailor. Soft construction, draped chest, with an attempt at neapolitan shoulders: Feel free to comment.
Vass Old English II Oxblood F Last
[[SPOILER]] Is this shell cordovan? Where is this available?Thanks!
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