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Pure wool but not Holland and Sherry or Drapers. Will try to post a photo when I get a chance to wear it again.
I have tried Secret Armory once. His starting price for suits is Php25,000.00. For H&S or Drapers fabrics, suits start at around Php55,000.00. I would say that hIs attention to detail is way better than Cornelio. However, turnaround time is approximately 3 to 4 months.
He's actually carrying them for me According to Cornelio, the proper fit of single pleated trousers is much harder to execute. I'm having one made by him with deeper pleats. Let's see how it will turn out.
^ Thanks! Here's a double pleated linen trousers by Cornelio: Sartoria Partenopea wool/linen jacket with alterations by Cornelio:
I agree. I think you have to start building your relationship with Cornelio first. I was working with him for a few months already before I requested him to do alterations on my rtw jackets/suits.Not the same handle. I was not an active poster but I used to lurk at the watch forum there.
Jacket: Eidos Shirt: CT Pants: Local Tailor
^ I actually prefer that length for suit jackets. For sports jackets I prefer them to be around 2 cm shorter or as long as the ass is covered. I also do not like short jackets with high buttoning point like those being sold in Zara or Massimo Dutti. Here's another angle of the Eidos Napoli jacket: I'll post photos of other jackets tweaked by Cornelio next week. BTW Jason, your avatar is familiar. I think I saw it before in PhilMug.
Yeah I think its just the angle. But the jacket is defintely not short.
Handmade buttonholes by Cornelio: The jacket is from Eidos Napoli (Isaia's other brand). I asked Cornelio to redo the buttonholes and to take in the waist a bit.
^ For english shoes, I have tried Grenson, Cheaney, and C&J handgrade and I really like C&J especially the 337 last (but I would prefer Carmina over C&J handgrades). Can't justify buying EG or G&G because there is Vass at a lower price point.
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