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Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger The biggest problem in terms of discipline, at least in the NYC system, was when at home suspensions were eliminated. By doing this they have enabled lazy parents (and there are too many) to have just about ZERO accountability for their child's action in school. If they are suspended, they get sent to another room. In the past, a parent would have been forced to stay home, or arrange other child care for a...
This must be a troll thread. There's no way you're seriously planning on wearing a three piece, fedora and lapel flower to your trial as a criminal defendant. Right?
You may not get carded at the Duty Free stores. I don't know how it is in Beijing, but I'm 18 and I wasn't carded in Japanese and Thai duty free stores this summer. Depending on your level of risk-tolerance, you may want to conceal the cigarettes through customs; they probably won't stop you.
I'm delighted to read this thread. I've been a member here for a few years and have lurked on-and-off. I've always been off-put by the misogyny, homophobia, racism and general assholery common here. I realize that this is a product of this demographic (and most others ) and the anonymity of the internet, but it's always disheartening to witness. This thread has surprised me and motivated me to post, at least until I reach 100 and can read the CE forum. I think it's...
I would prefer it doesn't get taxed like tobacco is, because I think that would lead to large marijuana corporations who will put toxic additives in the weed. Decriminalization sounds much better than full legalization to me.
Regarding sexual orientation: I always hear straight guys talking about how repulsive other men's penises are, and gays guys saying the vaginas turn them off. My general question: Does liking one sex's reproductive organs, and bodies overall, require you to be disgusted by the other sex? I think that this repulsion is a creation of society, and to be frank, stupid. How I see it, sex can be pleasurable, regardless of the sex of your partner. It may not be the best...
I've always liked Omar.
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