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Weird guy indigo. I can button them up pretty easily, but they aren't loose. The fit is nice but not sure if I should go down one more because of stretching. What is the consensus on this?
Sorry, another question. I plan on measuring my best fitting pair of jeans and order the size of the WG accordingly. But do they stretch out a bit? Should I order a size down? Thanks
Really appreciate the help autumndreams!
I'm thinking of picking up WG as my first pair of raw denim. Basically, do I wear them right out of the bag and soak or wash them months later or do I soak these before wearing?
Quote: Originally Posted by thisfits The crinkly feel came with their F/W released poplins. Their first run poplins were very soft. I own both (wearing the latter today, actually). So generally, darker colors are the crinkly stuff; lighter colors (like color gingham or stripes on a white ground) is the soft stuff. I honestly thought that the crinkly fabric was a production error, since they appeared to pull it shortly after it was released. But if it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by brozek I returned mine for exactly that reason. Cotton shouldn't sound crinkly. Yeah I think I'm going to have to do the same unless someone can tell me if this is normal. I was surprised because there were a lot of posts that said they liked their poplins. Unless other print poplins are made with a different material. Anyone know? Anyone know if the white oxford is a bit shear(will my undershirt show)? I...
Just got my order and my Check Heritage Poplin material is a bit weird. I've read earlier a similar experience but can't seem to locate the post. It's a bit loud when I move in it and has a bit of a plastic feel. Is this how they are supposed to feel? Will it soften up after I wash it or after a bit of wear?
I'm glad you guys are into them. I'm a noob and these seem like a cool first pair of boots for me. Anyone have alternates for the prices ranger($100-$150)? Anyone know where I can pickup or order those brown/brown Sebagos?
What do you guys think about these Sebago Fairhavens with jeans? They look very similar to their boat shoes so wasn't sure if it'll look right wearing them whenever. Anyone know where I can get the dark brown with the brown sole? I found the "roughed out" model but not really into those.
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