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Not too much - I'm thinking maybe an Aero leather jacket (Highwayman or Cafe Racer) in some shade of brown. I'm planning on starting the bespoke thing this coming year as well, probably starting with some shirts and a couple of suits. DH
Shetland sweaters are very warm - I like them when I'm going to be spending time outside. They don't look as "polished" as dressier merino or cashmere sweaters, so (IMHO) they are a distinctly casual/country look. I'm a fan, though here in Atlanta there are few reasons to wear them; I have one at the moment, for cold days. They're scratchy, and (for me, at least) can't just be worn over a t-shirt - you definitely want a long-sleeved shirt underneath them (which...
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 My employee is a Sherpa and hes a fucking machine. He is never late, can put in a 15 hour day without issue, and he cares about the business. I couldnt ask for more from him. My lesbian employees are like that. I can only dream of lesbian sherpa employees. Pure, 200-proof awesome. DH
So basically, there's now a third contender in the age-old pirates versus ninjas argument? Pirates vs ninjas vs sherpas. Can't wait! DH
I was chatting the other day with a professor at Emory's School of Medicine - a specialist in sports, ortho and rehab medicine - when it came up that we're both avid amateur cyclists. He commented that he used to be a serious runner until he started having knee problems (he's probably about 50), problems which were alleviated as he shifted into cycling. I mentioned that I was planning on working more swimming into my schedule, and he pointed out that while swimming and...
This costuming issue has been discussed lately in film circles. The problem with "projective wardrobe" in film is that it tends to look even MORE dated over time than contemporary styles, since what usually happens is costuming that concentrates and intensifies current fashion - look at 2001" A Space Odyssey, for example (or better, the Star Trek TV show): the costumes were based on projections of "how might people dress then", yet it vividly captures style elements of...
While slimming is obviously key... ... if I WERE fat, I'd rock the whole "evil Southern plantation-owner white-linen suit with straw hat" look, complete with a big cigar and menacing laugh, and I'd be driven around in a big-ass white convertible of some kind (a white Rolls drophead with steer horns on the front would be perfect). A red pocket square would complete the look. Do that, and all the all the girls will come to the yard, guaranteed!... well, in Mississippi...
It's pretty hard to beat yoga for flexibility. I try to work 1/2 hour of yoga in as a daily discipline; it's fairly easy to get started since most gyms have a yoga class, and there's a plethora of websites and DVDs to get one started. DH
My current frame of choice is Theo - they have a wide variety of pretty modern frames (in some edgy colors, too), but they're pretty "wearable" (ie. you don't have to be a German architect to wear them...) I will say that I get a LOT of compliments on them - like almost daily, literally. DH
It's almost a bolero-style jacket, which generally is seen on a woman's suit. Well, or a toreador's. Constructively, I don't think there's a solution, other than just having the confidence to carry it after fixing what's fixable (length of break and sleeves). DH
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