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I'd be willing to bet that if you surveyed people who buy $1000 shoes, they're more likely to make $60,000/year than $200,000/year. DH
I have to distinguish here between purely "physical" pain and pain that's accompanied by psychological horror - they're a bit different. The worst physical pain I've experienced was in college - I was clowning around (as college students are wont to do) and I fell about six feet from a platform and landed, with all my weight, on the side of my left foot, so that it sort of folded and I could feel this succession of rips and pops along the side of my lower leg. I was...
We really need to impose some restrictions and requirements on the use of words like "university" and "college". DH
Real is certainly preferable to gas - in principle. But we have to realize that there was a time when one could actually get good, correctly-seasoned firewood and proper kindling, and that's MUCH less available now (and I, at least, have no interest in chopping my own.) The gas assist makes starting a fire actually *possible* for folks who use crappy "lolfirewood" from Publix. DH
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Is it wrong that this kind of turns me on a little? It's only a matter of time before there's a whole website devoted to graphic Waterworks porn.
I just finished "The Lovely Bones", which was a very good novel overall but lost it a bit in the end game, wrapping things up in a rather maudlin fashion. I've just started "City of Thieves" on the strength of a friend's recommendation. DH
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Anyone know the science behind this? Boxers can take punishment from combos from hard hitters like Tyson, Hearns, etc, but why do so many people get dropped by one hit out on the streets? Those random people can't hit as hard as guys who get paid to beat people up for a living. The obvious answer is defensive training and conditioning - there's a big difference between a boxer anticipating a punch and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Hmm - I've had this for awhile now. Sometimes it seems it's in both eyes. I'm not stressed out at all - could it perhaps be related to staring at a computer screen all day? Yes, eyestrain can definitely cause twitching; you might consider a different monitor (eg. bigger so you can be farther away). DH
Quote: Originally Posted by ozymandias You monster, think of all the hardworking, fine men and women of the pulp manufacturing sector. I used to own a publishing company - whether I sympathize with or laugh at them, I'm unsure DH
Quote: Originally Posted by ninetofivereject actually an inheritance makes more sense then a trust fund in todays economy...NOW IAM JEALOUS Well an inheritance explains why someone might have 120k (lump sum) but be averse to 6k/year (no actual income). DH
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