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A grey undershirt is less reflective than a white one, and is less visible under the shirt, yes. Obviously, the lighter the grey, the better this works (so no "charcoal"). So I think a grey v-neck is the answer; the only problem, of course, is finding one with a deep enough V to work with an open collar - so many V necks nowadays are more like dented crews! DH
If you have the budget ($250-300?) for them, I'd say Incotex makes a pretty optimal quality/style/fit chino. I find them quite comfortable (they fit very well) and they really do look great. I would suggest Bill's khakis, but I suspect you might find them too "traditional"; their M3 warrants a look, though, as it's slimmer-fitting. Actually, for a fairly cheap-but-good chino, J Crew isn't bad - I just bought a pair of white slim-fitting chinos there today. DH
Quote: Originally Posted by ahmd703 YO IF I NEED A TUTOR, I'LL LET YOU KNOW DUMB SHIT MAKE SURE YOU DONT FORGET A COMMA ASSHOLE DONT WANT TO SLIP UP GRAMATICALYALYALY WHEN UR TRYNNINN TO FUCKKKKKK WITYH ME BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCHG Well, you certainly need a tutor. Let's fix your post: "Hey, if I need a tutor, I'll let you know... dumb shit. Make sure you don't forget a comma, asshole. You don't want to slip up...
Quote: Originally Posted by ahmd703 what kind of man wheres white pants to begin with It's "wears", not "wheres". Insults are more effective if you don't slip and fall, grammatically, while typing them. DH
Madras shirts (especially long sleeve) Poplin chinos ... That's about it for now - I'm simple. DH
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter need a good, no, great, world class, ramen place. and maybe a nice, but not nessasarily worldclass, sushi place. and anything else that you can recomend - I have 2-3 meals to eat while I am in town. The problem with such recommendations - especially the sushi place recommendations - is that the chefs (let's just call them that) move around from place to place. Now, the locals know where they are, so...
If this were the Old Testament, that's the kind of thing that God would smite or call down plagues upon. Seriously, it's time for another flood or something. DH
It's obviously about time for the next Great Flood, or some kind of equivalent Biblical smiting. DH
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen I'd like to do the Silver Comet this summer. It's 120. Let me know if you ever want to ride. I'm planning on doing the SC as well, spring or summer. I ride about 10 miles a day fairly consistently, but I'm ready to start working up towards a century. DH
If I were pretty fat, I'd just do the whole "prosperous fat guy who's loving life" look - big linen trousers, big silk camp shirt or guayabera, white Gucci loafers, hair slicked back with a pinky ring and some kind of big, blingy watch like a Panerai or Rolex. I mean, you really can't hide fat, so you may as well play it up. I mean, nobody's laughing at Tony Soprano, right? The most important thing for someone really heavy is *don't be a slob* - hair nicely styled,...
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