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It's kind of indefensible to use the term as such if over the age of, say, 17 or so... and even then I think the proper term is "ghey", not "gay"! DH
I regard death as more of a tremendous inconvenience than a source of terror - something like an interruption in internet service with no chance of restoration. I mean, my list of "books to read" alone makes me crave vampiric immortality. DH
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Uh, pretty sure you're picking just about the worst scientist from the last century to use as an example here. Feynman was a brilliant teacher. I mean hello, Feynman's Lectures on Physics? I'd have killed to have been privileged enough to sit in his classes. +1! I studied with Feyman at Caltech as an undergrad when he was doing his work on variational perturbation theory - his lectures were so popular...
Some greats have already been mentioned; I have to add... Cormac McCarthy - "Blood Meridian" Ken Kesey - "Sometimes a Great Notion" Don Delillo - "White Noise" Cervantes - "Don Quixote" Ad while it's not a novel - it's a collection of short fiction - I have to add the ouvre of Jorge Luis Borges, the best collection of which is the excellent "Labyrinths" (if you don't read Spanish). DH
Spanx... DH
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one moet et chandon is piss. +1. Strippers are impressed by it, though DH
To hazard a guess, you could have seen a meteor - the green halo could have been its copper sulfate layer burning off on atmospheric heating, and it could have looked "slow" because of perspective (its motion was oblique to your viewing path), then exploded and changed direction (in a plane normal to your view) after burnoff, thus appearing "fast". Maybe! DH
I can never enjoy these because I understand German >.< DH
Considering "club" hasn't really been defined AND we're talking Vegas, it does bear mentioning that jeans do not accommodate a lap dance particularly well. Or so I've heard. DH
Paired with a buzz cut and horned rim glasses it's the classic "mission control" look - if you're in Houston. Anywhere else, and it's "fast food store manager". So generally, no, it's never okay. DH
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