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Which brands specifically? I checked blue owl, which had mostly N&F jeans, and most of theirs were over my budget. The N&F "skinny guy" jeans are long enough but I'm looking for slim/regular fit with straight/tapered leg. Skinny jeans don't look on me and are almost skin-tight.Self Edge looks promising.
Yeah but all the Dior I've seen are way over my posted $200 budget.
Thanks a ton. These look like they should be an option.
Hi all, So I've been trying to find some raw denim jeans (for $200 or under) that I can get in a 31" vanity waist size (33" true waist size) with an inseam of 35-36". It seems a lot of denim retailers don't post their inseam measurements, so I have to email each one individually, and sometimes don't get responses. Levi's 514 come in 34"x36" but that's too large, and APC jeans are 34" inseam now on the "smaller" waist sizes (30,31,32). I have a pair of Nudie jeans that I...
Does anyone know what the inseam measurement is for Petite Standard APCs in size 30 or 31? And please no guessing - I believe that APC has changed their sizing recently. A few years back all NPCs came in 36" inseam but now their New Standards are 34" inseam in sizes 33 and below. But I heard someone else say their PS in 31 were 35-36" inseam, so I'm quite curious.
+1.I was in this thread a year or more ago asking the same question. I require 35" inseam jeans (around size 30-31 in raw denim, 34" physical waist size). For what it's worth, you might find that the black APC NS jeans are an inch longer. That's what happened to me... but I want a blue pair since all my raw denim are dark colors.
Can someone tell me the actual physical inseam measurement for a recent pair of APC NS in indigo color in size 30? The inseam measurements have changed recently, and aren't the same for each waist size, and it's important that I get the correct measurement since I have long legs. I emailed APC and an APC retailer a week ago and neither responded Thanks.
Hi again guys, I have an interesting dilemma... I bought a pair of black APC NS jeans in size 30 and love them, and they have a 35" inseam. My inseam is 35" so anything shorter is too short. Next, I bought a pair of indigo APC NS jeans in size 30 but they have a 34" inseam... too short. So I went back to the store and measured a pair of indigo in size 31, and they are 35" inseam. Would it be possible to just shrink the top block part of the jeans in hot water when...
Yeah I actually did a search, saw the title of this thread, and thought it was the place to ask. Didn't see the age of the thread. Any info about Nudie fit compared to APC would be appreciated.
Does anyone here know which style of nudie jeans would fit most like the APC New Standard jeans? The reason I am asking is because I bought a pair of black APC NS that I really really love - they are size 30 (32" waist) and 35" inseam. No indigo APC jeans have 35" inseam, but I know how Nudie jeans come in 36" inseam. But I'm not sure which style would fit most like the APC NS.
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