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You would most assuredly not be considered gay for wearing a purple jacket with black pants...the simple reason no gay man would have such poor taste as to wear such an outfit. May I suggest sending the outfit back to the wardrobe room of Jersey Boys forthwith
White bucks are more closely associated with golf than yachting sir. May I suggest a pair of clean canvass sneakers or a light coloured pair of leather deck shoes.
Rather than sewing your name into your jacket, perhaps you should consider frequenting more upscale establishments that take the time to properly check your garments.
Beg pardon is this called "Style Forum" or "Dress Like Everyone Else Forum"? The style of jacket you depict is quite righty referred to as a cricket jacket in informed circles. Orginally this type of jacket was worn by cricket players as they traveled to and from matches, and the style was soon adpoted by all manner of sporting gentlemen (including tennis players). Just as you no longer have to be in the Royal Navy to wear a blazer in public, you are quite right...
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