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Just like Mr. Astaire, the style of wearing a pin through your collar has also been dead for a number of years. Unless you want to wear a pin in your shirt for emergency diaper repairs, I would suggest eschewing it for more classic botton down collar
Thank you for the tip sir. I look forward to outbidding you on Ebay for the shoes
Thank you for the information sir. Would explain why she didn't have the decency to cook me breakfast
Politicians tend to want people to pay attention to their message not their clothing, hence understated styles that do not detract from the audience's attention
Beg to differ sir, but I suspect your mother's repetitive strain injury may be a result of jerking me off last night. By the way, would you be so kind as to tell her that I will courier her false teeth back to her today.
With all due respect, perhaps they are only Bi.
With all due respect, The only chance of being mistaken for a school boy is if you act like one.
You are correct that there is somewhat of a dresscode for politicians, espicially those frequently appearing on television. Narrow stripes (on shirts, ties or suits) can play havoc with the camera, causing a flare effect. A hounds tooth check is also verboten for the same reason. With respect to paisley ties, I believe those went out of style shortly after Prince named his recording studio in honour of the pattern.
An orgasm in Katz' Deli? For the sake of the other customers I do hope you were wearing a condom sir. Of course if you were interesting in seeking true deli nirvana you should partake of the Pastrami at the Carnegie Deli
Go back to Tom's Place forthwith. ASsk to speak to the man himself, mention you heard his ad on Classical 96 and I guarantee he will provide you with a better suit at a better price. You will not leave disappointed.
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