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I have the name of a good masseuse who may be able to assist you with that case of "Cocksucker's Cramp", sir
May I suggest renting "Goldfinger" and taking your cue from Oddjob
My apologies sir. No offence intended. Did you and your girlfriend have a champagne picnic or did you just feed her a raw carrot and a sugar cube?
Excuse me sir, but are we to be surprised by a conservative politician who is all style and no substance?
1 out of ten? Perhaps next time you should study for your I.Q. test, sir
Quote: Originally Posted by Corniche The only politicians that used to dress " flashy " in Europe actually were gay, far right ones and assesinated by mad lefties. What a macabre coincidence. You don't say?....Then allow me to be the first to make a contribution to your "Corniche for Mayor of Milan" campaign
Unfortunately, cricket jackets are often equated with pomposity (Ted Knight in his yachting outfit in Caddy Shack springs to mind). The key, as with any piece of clothing, is to wear with with your own sense of style and fun. I have a lovely vintage cricket jacket that when paired with a fine open neck shirt and jeans looks quite dashing (if I do say so myself). If on the other hand you pair it with a captain's hat you'll look a complete ass.
Well played Ich...Though I'm quite sure the sight of two Americans "guffawing (and probaly wearing sweat pants and arena football jerseys) probably had everyone else in in stitches laughing at you.
Yes my all means doff away. Now if you would be so kind as to take your coal delivery around to the back that would be greatly appreciated
Thank you for your response sir. Did you come up with that yourself or did your cabana boy assist you?
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