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Make sure to take your drivers license or Age of Majority Card sir...with an outfit like that you may be mistaken for a high school freshman
I'm afraid you misunderstand me sir. I think France would be a perfect match for you. I believe they have a lovely little colony on Devils Island where a person of your calibre would fit in nicely. You don't happen to have a tatoo of a butterfly do you?
Perhaps I can be of assistance. I know a certain Mr. Kaczynski who is looking to rent his vacant cabin. I'll have him mail you the details
I think you and France deserve each other sir.
Quote: Originally Posted by tor God damn, that woman is retarded. She makes my blood boil. If she gets even 1 vote for the Republican nomination in 2012, I am moving to the mountains. Best of luck sir. Do you think your double wide trailer will fit up those narrow mountain roads?
Thank you for pointing out my spelling error sir. Now shouldn't you get back to the housework before your good ladywife gets home
Beg your pardon sirs, but what exactly is stylish about drinking cheap alcohol? If you only purpose is to get hammered quick, may I recommend chinese cooking when with a chaser of Aqua Velva. Instead of finding new ways to become a hobo, why not start investing in your good taste. Famous Grouse is a beautiful blended scotch (Highland Park and MaCallan to name a few) and is only slightly more expensive than the rot gut you are currently imbibing. gentlemen,...
How about switching clothes with your neighbour's scarecrow?
Most custom tailors operate on word of mouth and such a gaff would be of considerable embarssment to a true professional. Any reputable tailor would have made the necessary repair or offered to sell the suit to you at a considerable discount. If neither was offered may I suggest paying by cheque and writing his name wrong on it and see how he likes it when he can't cash it.
Are you righting a thesis on the subject for the Miami Institute of Fashion, sir? Otherwse may I simply say that both are men's jackets and can be worn interchangeably with a pair of dress trousers and dress shirt. Perhaps you should stop letting you mother dress you and visit a reputable haberdasher
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