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A wise choice sir. I know you'll be smashing success with the skanks an T.J. McDroolies
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS 4 days after my B-day. Here's hoping your parents buy you a pony
Also they eat snails
A nice well made fedora is never out of place, sir. I commend you for your passion to wear the hat even in the face of adversity. As somewhat of an amateur psychologist, I would suggest that the people giving you sarcastic comments are merely insecure in their own style and identity and seeing someone confident in theirs causes them a great deal of anguish. They compensate for their own securities by trying to tear you down with hurtful comments. Be a brick fortress sir.
You are a gentleman and a scholar sir. Quality always trumps quantity. Would you rather make love to Penelope Cruz or bang all the Pussy Cat Dolls? I rest my case
If wit and good taste no longer has value, then I confess I am am a beggar, sir
What an amazing coat. I wonder if he killed the Yeti himself or had one of his minions do it
I do beg your pardon, sir. I haven't been to the colonies for some time, though I should have known that bad taste never goes out of style in America.
Beautiful curves! She's obvioulsy well built from what I can see. Is probably filled regularly with seamen. Whats the name off your boat sir?
You and the father must be overjoyed...does your husband know
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