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The problem wasn't sellers bumping their own threads. That was far to easy to catch. It was sellers having others bump their threads for them. Either by way of a friend or trading bumps with others as a favor. It was usually obvious too, but far harder to prove. You bring up some good points on how the current system could be improved. I can see how those issues should be addressed too.
The problem with the old "bump system" was that it was widely abused. I'm ok with how it's handled now even if I wish the system would allow for bumping a little sooner.
Great thread! Keep them coming guys.
Neither console can do backwards compatibility. This new streaming service is the closest you will get. Personally, I would just hang onto the PS3 if you already own one unless you really need to free up some funds.
Sony announces PlayStation Now, its cloud gaming service for TVs, consoles, and phoneshttp://www.theverge.com/2014/1/7/5284294/sony-announces-playstation-now-cloud-gamingWe have known this was coming for some time, but the formal announcement is huge. One step closer to having the "Netflix" of gaming delivered anywhere at anytime.EDIT: A brief hands on. Seems largely positive for a service that they still have time to tweak before it hits the public....
Difference between your chest and waist.
I actually like the Apple Maps UI, but agree that Google Maps generally works better. Not that I haven't had get me lost on occasion too.
If you mean that Apple is using some 3rd party map data, I believe so.
Have you used it recently? They have made some great improvements. It's a solid enough app now.
I agree on 6 & 7. Have already warned her that she's in for disappointment, but she's determined to finish them. I personally loved Angel. Wesley was one of my all time favorite tv characters. He had an amazing story arc over the show.
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