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The best thing about the MS Surface is the keyboard attachment. Been saying for a while that Apple needs to steal that idea. Until they do, this looks like a fantastic solution. http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/fabricskin-keyboard-folio?wt.mc_id=global_redirect_news_fabricskin Thin, light and seamlessly built into the case.
CGI looks great. I have no issue with the visual FX from the clips and trailers.
Another official clip. Getting a major Star Wars vibe with this scene and the sound effects.
You mean just regular old Chuck Taylors?I'd consider doing my straight lifting without the insoles, but no cardio type work outs. Went down that road when I did Crossfit for a year and a half. They got me into "minimalist" shoes and I stopped using the custom insoles. Training like that was supposed to "fix" things. Instead it royally fucked up my ankles and knees. Went to a doctor and he told me that if I continued down that road I risked stress fractures and chronic...
Two quick questions guys. 1. Is it worth investing in lifting shoes? Right now my workout is divided into two parts. I get an outdoor run in the morning done and then on certain days a week I go and lift at the gym in the afternoon. Since I don't do any real cardio in the gym I thought it might make sense to get some shoes designed for lifting to wear. 2. I do wear custom insoles to help with my lack of arches and severe over pronation. I've talked to Rambo about this in...
HTC One from a hardware standpoint is by far my favorite Android handset on the market at the moment. Beautiful, high quality materials/specs and well made. It's a shame they won't see the sales numbers Samsung is seeing with their constant stream of plastic garbage. Congrats on the phone Shibbel. Keep us updated on how you like it.
Looks ok so far. I'm not seeing much of the charm that made the first one watchable, but it's still early. They might not have had much footage to work off of. Poor Eccleston. Barely shown in the trailer with Loki getting the best moment.
I like it.
I believe this is correct. They are wet suits specific to the opening scene of the movie.
New Posts  All Forums: