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Oh man, I wish I had cross posted my theory from RamboforVm yesterday. I knew there was a catch to this whole Xbone "family sharing" feature and I called exactly what it was.Timed trials. Source: http://www.heyuguysgaming.com/news/12507/heartbroken-xbox-one-employee-lets-rip-must-readAnyone who thought this was going to allow someone to share a full game over the cloud for unlimited play time to 10 people was living in fantasy land.
Those look great with denim. Been wanting a pair for a while.
I'm stealing that joke. EDIT: Even better.
Interesting. I didn't know that. Wonder if the reasoning is similar to what happened with Warcraft 3 when it got rebooted. Things were shifting a little too far away from the normal gameplay concepts of the series. Took it back and closer to what gamers were used to and was proven to sell.
I'd be surprised if Pana is the last one, but do think it's time they bring out something new. You can't just keep expanding WoW forever and expect to see growth. There has been rumors about Blizzard working on a sci-fi themed MMO for years. Maybe we will finally see something related to that soon.
Let me show you how the industry really works.
I was just about to post asking if anyone has posted a shot of them wearing this jacket. Maybe I missed it, but didn't see this in any recent pictures. Can someone link me to this post?
Anyone playing the new Kingdom Rush game, Frontiers? Best tower defence series on the market. I have the iPad version and am addicted, but have been told it plays well on smaller phones too.
No one is denying digital downloads are the future. Both the X360 and PS3 had them and both next generation systems will too. I don't understand why you seem to want to ignore the simple fact that this is about MS applying the types of restrictions usually reserved for digital downloads to physical media.Also, what are these obvious benefits here that MS is promising that their new DRM restrictions on physical media will provide gamers?You really swallowed MS's PR spin...
MS' real problem.
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