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Wish these babies were a 13D US.
Couldn't a statement like this just as easy be said about the doubters? Let the man feel vindicated. People were giving this film shit for a long time and it turned out to be worth having faith in the director to pull it off by those that had it.
Has anyone experienced sizing variations among different shirts in the same model? The first s/s oxford I bought fit me perfectly, but every one I have tried since has fit differently. I even exchanged one that ran extremely small, only to have it get replaced with another that fits well in the body but has tight arm holes. It would be different if I was in NY and could try on a bunch at once, but it's making it a pain to order them online. To be clear, these shirts were...
at Stitches.
I keep a few under my bed to use as storage, but mostly trash them.
Own it, but yet to play it.
I'm a big fan of Dota 2, but players can be asses. Had a bad game only to find I got reported and put in the "low priority pool."
Now that's how you do a summer blockbuster! Had a fantastic time. Whole theater was into it. Lots of clapping and cheering. Even my girlfriend loved it. Want to see it again, but in IMAX 3D. I'm so glad that this one lived up to and exceeded the hype.
Carson Street has a large selection of markdowns at 50% off right now. Most of it is final sale, but there are some good deals to be had. http://carsonstreetclothiers.com/
Why does Electro have a computer chip stuck to his head?
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