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Hah. Well it's clear he likes Rey. It may seem superficial to some but this is a man who was stolen from his family as a young child and put into a brainwashing program by space Nazis. Rey and Poe are the first people in his life to show him kindness. He says so much with the line about how she looks at his eyes. Of course he's going to get attached to her and switch to protection mode. She validates him as a man and not a (literal) number.
Saw it the second time last night and picked up on some interesting things: [[SPOILER]]
Wort part of the prequels. Yoda jumping around in his light saber fights like a Pokemon. I always envisioned him being almost totally defensive. Using the force. To move objects and push enemies away. Jedi or not, him using a light saber in that manner neve sat right with me. Also Anakin was beyond creepy interacting with Padme.
Well the original plan was for Poe to die in the crash. JJ has said he liked the character and the actor so much he changed plans. I could see it bothering some people but it's not like we saw the body. At the end of the day the fact that Poe and Finn worked so well in their scenes together that I'm willing to overlook it happening offstage, as you say. I've got issues with the film. Some I've said before. A few I've yet to get into. That really wasn't one of them. The...
I call bullshit on that Harvery. No way are you qualified for Arby's. Taco Bell maybe, but not Arby's.
If one is to accept he survived the crash is this really that hard to buy into? Made a deal with a smuggler? Had an on planet contact with the Resistance? Had an emergency communication device stashed on planet? Dumb luck?I feel like there are bigger fish to fry.I heard it stated recently that movies are not plot delivery services. Their job is to deliver an enjoyable experience. Sometimes you just need to accept things happen off screen that will never be fully explained...
Here it is:http://www.bleedingcool.com/2015/12/23/tales-from-the-four-color-closet-by-the-force-let-poe-dameron-be-gay/
I'll have to dig it up, but there is a blog post I found speculating Poe is gay. I didn't at all buy the theory, fans gonna theorize.
Just means you're baller.
They won't. They really can't. The narrative to ESB was specific to that trilogy. It wouldn't work at all with what they set up with TFA. Besides the need to be familiar and connect with specific nestolgia will no longer be there. It's going by to be its own beast.
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