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Yeah, all Apple cables fray. It's a long standing issue. I've seen it with almost every Apple branded charging cable I have used. I'm talking specifically here about the connector prongs. The part of the lighting cable you stick directly into the phone. My experience is they all stop working at some point. Usually starts with having to wiggle the Lighting cable to get it to detect it. Then eventually it just stops working all together. That's why I think it may be a flaw...
Sorry I wasn't clear. I have gone through multiple cables. Apple branded ones and third party. Certified and not. Even the Amazon branded cables. They all wear out over time and my phone won't charge with them anymore.
Had to buy yet another Lightning cable this weekend. The things never seem to last more then 3 to 5 months. I'm curious if USBC cables will have similar problems since the design is close to what Apple did with Lighting. Would go a long way towards proving if Lightening is in itself flawed or if it's just what you get with a small two sided plug that gets used so much.
Are all the panels metal? Did you drill holes in the back to run cables for your A/V equipment?
The latest (final?) despecialized edition of ROTJ hit today.
Finished up Better Call Saul this weekend on Netflix. The Mike centric episode about the dirty cops is up there with the best of Breaking Bad's run. I knew the show would be good going into it, but it still surprised me how well it all came together.
I love the first three Bourne movies. Never seen the 4th but might rent it one day. This one looks really good. So glad to see Matt back in the role. He's been hitting the gym hard too. I don't think I've ever seen him that swoll.
I can't believe I'm once again saying this but TMNT2 looks like dumb fun. The commercials are selling it much better then any for the first did. Plus it actually looks like a modern update on the cartoon this time.
Yes I noticed the Thonet is in line with pricing of a Grand Repo. Both seem hard to stomach for a lounge chair.
Don't sweat it bro. You did better with your dorky Piochair. I'd still have spent the extra cash for the Big Repo if you could have afforded it.
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