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Pitch Black under no means belongs to this list. It was a surprisingly good film that holds up well on repeat viewings.
I've seen some sizes return to being in stock for jackets, but who knows what the reason was. Could have just been returns.
IronMan and Thor didn't have a famous childhood cartoon that featured a version of the character that remains a pop-culture joke to this day. I agree that he can be written as a bad-ass, but it's too risky for a studio to create a stand alone film with the character first. Better to prove him in a team up film first that features bankable characters like Batman and Superman. After that, go stand alone all day long.
Aquaman will need to be brought into the JLA movie first. If they can nail the tone of the character and get the general public to like him, then a standalone film might work.
I don't understand the holiday connection in Stitches' outfit.
Outstanding generosity guys.
The legs look fine to me in these photos. If you are going to narrow them, I wouldn't do much at all.
Had a good time at a friend's bachelor party last night. Honestly had potential to be a disaster due to a couple people I knew who would be involved, but things worked out great. No strippers, but good food and later some of the best drinks in town.
Thanks Stitch. Hope so too.I think I have a really good shot at it. Left the interview feeling better about my chances then any single one that I can remember having.
New Posts  All Forums: