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Polygon gave it a 7.5.
His new mask works well too.
Who cares about the beard. This is the more important question.
Not far off here. That's what I am doing. The series from Audible and it does feel like it takes forever to even finish a chapter. You can increase the playback speed, but that never sounds right to me.
Saw it the 2nd time last night. I'm going to share my formal thoughts on it soon, but I did enjoy it with a few nagging issues that bug me. If I had to rank the film, I would say the first one of the reboots (2009) was the better film overall.This turned out to be spot on too.
He got banned.
Just announced. Matt Smith to leave his role as the 11th Doctor by the end of the year. http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/doctorwho/articles/Matt-Smith-to-leave-Doctor-Who It's been a great run and he will be missed. EDIT: All but confirms he will regenerate in the Christmas Special. That at least I am thankful for. There were rumors the 50th might be his last, and that just felt too rushed of a story to me with Tennant coming back and Hurt taking up screen time.
This ad campaign is extremely clever. Source link: http://www.youtube.com/gillette?x=us-en_manofsteel
From a pure specs standpoint, they certainly are not. The advantage for consoles has always been the tight development environment based on fixed hardware that doesn't change. Over time they squeeze far more life out of console hardware then is possible with the moving target that is PC development. You can expect the PS4 and XBONE to hold up well over the years even has their hardware becomes more and more dated. Both PC and consoles have their advantages and...
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