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Jesus, Birdman...
Sure, but that's not my point.
The choice of car type for the Jokermobile doesn't sit well with me. It's not the type of vehicle I picture the Joker painting purple and driving around to commit crimes. It's lacking a certain "strangeness" in execution based on the footage and photos.
He's great in the role but it's time. They have new people playing everyone else at this point. Logan will come soon enough if they want to keep things going.
I agree that a FF and Xmen team up wouldn't be the best pairing, but Fox is working with what they got. I'd love to see Marvel get the FF rights back and see if they can work Spider-Man into it. That could be very fun as the characters have always mixed well. Bring in She-Hulk too while you are at it.
X3 made a fair amount in the box office but was a critical failure and is largely remembered as being garbage in (most) fan's eyes. It took five years and a prequel story with new cast to get the franchise back into theaters. The Wolverine movies due ok mainly due to him being the most popular character on the team. That's great and all, but in Fox's eyes the real money and long term marketing longevity is building this all into a working cinematic universe. That's why...
I don't know. It depends. If the new FF movie bombs then it would really only be X-Men that has proved successful for Fox. I'd also argue that they dodged a bullet with First Class since Last Stand went a long way towards screwing the franchise up. Had it not worked, I'm not sure how much more investment Fox would have put into these characters. We certainly wouldn't have got DoTFP. Deadpool is untested as is the proposed New Mutants films. Another stumble or two and...
I don't like it, but at the end of the day it's in Marvel's best interests to not promote mutants in the comics until they can either get the rights back or make a similar deal with Fox that they did Sony. Problem is the Inhumans will never be a mutant replacement. The only thing that has proven itself to be even remotely interesting about the Inhumans in the royal family.
Actually the current rumor is they are not going to kill off the X-Men or even end all their titles. The plan is to: [[SPOILER]]
I'd love to see a Punisher show with the same tone and feel of Daredevil. It could end up working extremely well.
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