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I feel bad for you if the fact that the Batmobile was taken out by a direct hit from an RPG was enough to make you not enjoy TDK.
http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/02/27/norman-osborn-cast-in-amazing-spider-man-sequel/ We have our Norman.
I've always had a severe over overpronation in my feet. Wore shoes with lots of support designed for feet like mine and have some custom orthotic insoles made by a foot doctor. A couple years ago I got into Crossfit and bit into the minimalist hype. The theory that your feet and ankles are weak from all the support provided in modern shoes and that going "minimalist" will allow for you to get stronger in these areas and overcome the overpronation. After some time I...
Yes going with Gwen was smart.
That would have worked well.
Well what of the rumors of multiple Doctors making an appearance? That prospect alone should get any fan excited. It's such an obvious thing to do for the 50th, that I am actually concerned they will resist the urge to do so. This is one of the few times it would pay to be predictable.
She's probably without makeup, but I find it funny they won't cast an MJ in character. She's supposed to grow into a famous model and access. Should be an absolutely stunning woman. This should be an easy casting for them and yet they keep resisting it and go for the "girl next door" look.
Has it confirmed that there will be no magic at all in this film? That his rings will not have any powers?
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