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Love Holdfast's fits, but TTO owned this challenge.
Got to see an early screening of Gravity this week. Easily the best film i've seen this year. Phenomenal performance by Bullock and great special effects. Loved the score too. One of the few movies that I have seen that had the experience enhanced by 3D. When it gets released officially I plan to see it again at IMAX.
From what I have seen there is a bug effecting some hardware batteries. Was able to fix mine with the work around I posted before, but it's obviously not helping everyone. Hope this gets patched out soon. FYI, my "girlfriend" went ahead and did the update on her iPhone 4 this weekend. It's running surprisingly well for her. No major bugs and smooth enough that she hasn't complained yet.
3rd party app background refresh was one of the most needed new features. I can't imagine disabling it now that Apple has baked it into the OS. They have a lot of (new to iOS) behind the scene code working to minimize the effect on battery. The code here should only get better with time. Not that you shouldn't disable it for the specific apps you don't care about.
They didn't want safari tabs to mimic the new multitasking. Not sure I'm a fan either, but have got used to it.
I'd like to see tests done on the difference with or without parallax on the battery. I know it can affect performance on older devices, but I haven't seen any data to indicate it has a large effect on battery. Anyone else running it on their iPads? You can tell Apple still has a good amount of optimization to do there. They focused on the phones first. I wonder how long before they start pushing out updates to fix things.
Try this fix: settings > general > reset > reset all settings.That might help. It fixed my battery problem and I read it fixing others issues too.First releases (.0) often still have a few random bugs to work out.
Weird that they didn't update Find my Friends and Fiend my iPhone to the new UI guidelines. Must have ran out of time.
Apple's servers have been slammed all day. This happened to CalTex too.
Overall, it's a welcome change as I think we all were getting a little tired of stitched leather and green felt. The icons aren't Apple's finest moment, but they don't really offend me or anything. Other than the Gamecenter and Passbook icons which I hate, they are largely fine. I do agree that the transparencies take a little getting use to even if I understand why Apple felt they were needed to provide a sense of 3D depth. The biggest problem I have is how they...
New Posts  All Forums: