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You need to look at it like this. No one is taking away those classic episodes. They will always be there to enjoy. Yet the fact is the franchise was on life support. The newer shows were not working well and they had to take it into some new directions if they wanted to revive it and broaden the audience. I'll admit that the reboot is not the Star Trek we grew up with, but that doesn't mean it's not exacty what it needed to be.
Different times and a different medium.
I think if you rewatch the reboot you would realize most of the fighting was defensive in nature. The Kalvin didn't shoot first and when the Enterprise finally encountered Nero's ship he had destroyed most of the fleet already present. What were you expecting Kirk and his crew to do? Hail the ship and request peace talks?
What worked well in serial tv form, doesn't when translated to film. They did what they needed to do to connect to new audiences and revive an all but dead franchise. Of all the movies, Star Trek The Motion Picture was closest in feel and form to the show. Remember how that turned out? Lets be glad they didn't pick a similar direction in the reboot.
I agree that mistakes do happen during war, but I would like to believe a highly advanced race from another planet would take enough time to study the earth and have knowledge of these possible viruses they could run into.
Is anyone reading the Countdown to Darkness prequel comics from IDW? Have heard they have yet to reveal anything about the villain from the film, but are making some interesting changes to a few TOS characters. I enjoy the feel of this rebooted universe, but can see it pissing off classic fans.
I'm with DCG on this one.
Beautiful piece.
It's been an enjoyable thread.
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