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Satan sounds strangely like an ex girlfriend of mine.
The Uncanny Valley has yet to be conquered. They could do this, but the real question is if they should. It just never looks right, IMO.
I'm excited. Not pessimistic about this venture at the moment and honestly believe they will get it right. You are probably right on Fisher. Drop a few pounds, put on some makeup and she could pull it off. Some kind of royal robes would do a fair amount to cover up an excess body fat.
for me too. I typed it out looking at your post without thinking. It's almost enough for me to lose my nerd card.
Thanks. I knew I could count on you guys. I'll check in with my thoughts after watching a couple.
Hamill's become an all-star voice actor. Better to keep him off the camera.
Professor X has died a few times and is actually dead again right now. Not sure about Cyclops off the top of my head. Being comics it's not unusual to kill a character and bring him back. Up till recently it was always assumed the two untouchable deaths were Bucky (Capt America's WW2 sidekick) and Jason Todd (Robin that the Joker killed). Both of them are back now too.
Alright gentlemen, I want to start watching some classic Who. Open to the idea of jumping around and watching the "best" since I have heard there is a fair amount of filler that can be hard to watch. Any recommendations on where to start?
Really really nice. Kind of wish they had left the copy on the bottom right off. Would look better cleaner and it's not like fan's can't figure out where the FB page is.
Did anyone think that Iron-Man ever felt realistic?
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