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I can't believe I'm once again saying this but TMNT2 looks like dumb fun. The commercials are selling it much better then any for the first did. Plus it actually looks like a modern update on the cartoon this time.
Yes I noticed the Thonet is in line with pricing of a Grand Repo. Both seem hard to stomach for a lounge chair.
Don't sweat it bro. You did better with your dorky Piochair. I'd still have spent the extra cash for the Big Repo if you could have afforded it.
I could see wanting to place certain objects on the sides even up against a wall, but placement of the bookshelf in a room would be key. The design almost feels like it's screaming to be used as a room divider.
I feel like the Galactus figure should be larger.
Glorious thread is glorious.
Interesting rumor about Marvel's Civil War 2 that really puts a chink in the SJW armor. [[SPOILER]]
Hey I give you credit for sticking up for the dorky chair. I kind of want to try one myself now.
Somehow I picture Pio sitting in his dorky lounge chair having a nice glass of wine and an iPad waiting for the next post.
New Posts  All Forums: