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The content in those two links is spot on and fairly well written. Thank you for sharing.EDIT: Wanted to pull out some choice quotes I agree with.
I always go with a version that has a black front to it. The screen blends in better and the images pop out more.
I would do matte black even if the shinny one looks nicer. The jet black model is expected to scratch easily.
You really must be bored lately.
I'd love for them to switch to USB-C. Proprietary is one of the reasons they will stick with Lighting. The other is that it is smaller then USB-C.
There are a lot of people comparing the removal of the headphone jack to Apple dropping the CD drive or the switch to Lighting. I do not see these changes as comparable. When they dropped the CD drive on the Macbook Airs and Macbook Pro's both times came ushered in with new smaller and lighter hardware. When Apple presented the hardware they were able to use the fact that the devices were a lot smaller then the old ones in their narratives. It helped them tell a strong...
Bingo on all points. Solid post.
I'm fairly certain any headphones plugged into the Lightning port will need their own DAC.
Some good news to come out of yesterday. The replacement cost for broken screens with AppleCare+ has gone way down. http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/9/7/12841248/apple-cheap-iphone-screen-replacement-applecare So it's $29 for a broken screen. $99 for any other type of damage. Considering water damage is the main other factor leading to this type of replacement, I would think the new water proofing means most AppleCare+ consumers won't be shelling out the $99...
Adapters suck. They are one more thing to carry, to worry about and possibly break or lose.We also have no idea the quality of the DAC Apple has built into this adapter. The old iPhones never had the greatest DAC's built in. Do we have faith that Apple matched them with these plastic adapters they are selling? If not, your quality of music you are able to hear via any headphones plugged into these adapters will go down.Of course I am not all that sure Apple cares about...
New Posts  All Forums: