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And of course Fox News in their coverage of the DNCC cut away from this speech and instead decided to air commercials.
I do wish they had gone with the classic red trunks, but that was too much to hope for. You guys are being too hard on it. He looks fine.
Yeah, the boots could use a little work. I agree with you there.
I actually like it other then the belt which just doesn't look right to my eyes.He looks younger then I expected. I'm guessing that's the look that they are going for with this version of the hero.
RIP Jerry Doyle. His portray of Michael Garabaldi was a real gem from Babylon 5. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/07/28/babylon-5-actor-jerry-doyle-dead-at-age-60/
Ignoring the reasoning for doing so, breast feeding a 5 year old in western society comes across more then a little creepy.
At least this stuff can help me feel a little better while I have the cold and help me sleep at night.Lemon water will do non of that.
Jesus Christ. This has to be a troll. No way this family is real.
http://www.gq.com/story/obama-greatest-president-legacy?mbid=social_facebook #Piobbait
I was 11 when the book came out, but didn't really get into DC comics till years later since I started out as a Marvel fan. Having said this from what I have seen it has become more controversial in recent years then it originally was even if you are correct that it was a shocking thing to see come from DC. Keep in mind the original story was meant to be a one off and not part of continuity. It wasn't until DC decided they wanted to move forward with Barbra being paralyzed...
New Posts  All Forums: