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Finally, Apple is turning iCloud into a real cloud based file system. I've been asking for them to do this for a long time and it looks like iCloud Drive is going to deliver. Couldn't be happier. Sounds like it will be easier for third party cloud services to implement stronger ties to apps and the OS itself too. Extensions for Safari is big news too. I'm a hardcore Evernote user and always hated having to either email my Evernote account a webpage or use the webclipper...
The whole "northern lights" rule is overblown. I have a light grey odd jacket that pairs nicely with a variety of darker pants. I also think it looks just fine with washed denim.
Yeah, Thanos will be in it but not in a major role. I suspect it will be towards the end of GotG and be used as a set-up for his master-plan being put in motion.
Hate to be that guy to ask, but does the promo code "Styleforum" stack with the sale items?
I agree with this framing of the conversation. Apple has more then enough profit coming in and money in the bank to absorb a company like Beats. The question becomes why. They haven't bought a large company since NEXT, so this move is highly unusual for them.
I'm surprised more people haven't committed to this one. I really thought it was one of the standout fabrics of the bunch.
I honestly thought that the Beats acquisition was going to turn out to be a bullshit rumor. Still shocked that it came true. I've read many different takes on why it was happening, including the one I posted and it still doesn't make sense to me. Maybe things will be more clear after WWDC.
Yeah, the more I consider it the more it seems like a good idea. I'm sure they could still end up messing up the fit, but having them base it off a standard model seems like they should be able to get it right. Turn around time seems reasonable too. 6 weeks max.
Considering trying a MTM odd jacket under the Suit Up program. It looks like costs start at $459 and unless you pick a fabric with a premium that seems like very reasonable up charge to be able pick the details you want. Not even sure I would have to worry much about them nailing the fit. The Havana works well for me, so I was thinking to have them mimic it with a few changes then have it made in the fabric I want with details like 3rl2 and slightly wider lapels.
When is Harold not drunk poasting?
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