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The best part is even most women are rolling their eyes at the absurdity of the video. Whoever made the video seems to think blood is the only biological change that happens to a girl when it's her time of month. Never mind cramps, mood swings, etc.
Guys Try Periods.
Enjoyed this piece by James Fell on all the armchair parenting that is happening in the wake of #gorillagate:http://www.bodyforwife.com/i-blinked-and-my-kids-disappeared/It blows my mind that a mother who could have witnessed her child get torn apart by a gorilla but for the quick thinking of the zoo staff would have to suffer death threats. The internet can be ugly sometimes.
This post has started to go viral regarding #gorillagate So it couldn't be that the boy came out of this ordeal unhurt precisely because the zoo's staff took quick action to shoot the animal? No, that wouldn't make sense at all... Wild animals, even ones raised in captivity, can be dangerous. Kasumi seems to want to live in a fantasy world and believe otherwise.
Small furniture that transforms into wall art. http://gizmodo.com/furniture-that-flattens-into-wall-art-is-perfect-for-cr-1778611002
That can't be right. I'd never place an order for an item like this that I would have to wait that long for.
Zoo's have a way of bringing out the morons in society. Last time I was at a zoo a lady kept tossing food into the orangutan pit despite the signs warning against it. Wish I had caught on video the moment one of the animals tossed feces back at her into her face.
The boy was unhurt.An investigation should be conducted into the details of how this happened, but I am not sure lynching the parents is called for yet. Even the best of parents have had a child slip out of sight. Once the boy was inside the rails they may not have been able to catch him before he fell into the moat.It's sad that the gorilla had to be put down, but the zoo made the right call. Using a tranquilizer would have been too risky and saving the young boy's life...
At the time I didn't care too much, but over time nostalgia made me wish I could have had an opportunity to keep some of it.
Great, just great... Another design icon sees a large price hike after gaining popularity with the masses.
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