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I feel like it must have seemed like a much better idea to name your daughter Harley Quinn before DC decided to change the character into a slutty Juggalo.I tried to watch Tusk and couldn't do it. Mostly skipped around to watch the few parts I heard might be worth it. I'm guessing Johnny Depp agreed to do this one for his daughter.
Comic Book Resources took a pretty big sh*t on it in the review. I'm honestly starting to wonder if this will be a miss.
Budweiser is renaming itself America. http://www.theverge.com/2016/5/10/11648388/budweiser-renaming-beer-america
Ouch. Hopefully it turns out to be good.
I didn't feel like Angels & Demons was nearly as good as Da Vinci Code.
Somehow I missed this story. Abrams admits that the scene when Leia hugged Rey was a mistake. http://www.slashfilm.com/leia-hugging-rey-jj-abrams-force-awakens/?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_935922 This was always a justified criticism to me and it's nice to see Abrams own up to it.
It's all sight gags. Some good ones and all. Don't get me wrong. Just didn't have much of a plot and the villain was laughably bad. I'm still on the side of it being worth seeing once.
I didn't feel it diminished Kylo Ren in the least. After all the film bent over backwards letting us know that he was still in training and had much to learn. If anything it will make for a nice story arc for the character as we see him become more confident and master the use of the Force.EDIT: I feel like a lot of people miss this and make the mistake of comparing him to Vader. When we meet Vader he had already mastered the Force. Kylo clearly has not.
After my post I was thinking they could handle the scene pretty much like it was in the comic and get away with it. [[SPOILER]] You are right that it would have to be a loose adaptation. After-all many of the main characters like Hulk and Red Skull are not available for use. I think it's as good a Wolverine story as any to have be his final in the role.
Yes worth renting. Ant-Man is pretty much a perfect example of a film I would label a "rental." See it once, be glad you did and move on.
New Posts  All Forums: