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Happens to me all the time Greenfrog. It's annoying and one of the reasons I don't use it much.
What happened to your branding?
The Flash scenes were garbage. Hell any scene involving teasing new characters sucked. Doomsday was an absolute joke. Horrible CGI. I enjoyed WW kicking his ugly CGI ass but seriously they couldn't do better?
Finally got around to seeing batman vs sup. No idea if it's extended cut or not as I pirated it. Ben was a great Batman and I loved Wonder Woman even if I agree she's not the best actress in the world. Ending was a total CGI mess. Wasn't a great film by any means... Not even sure if it's "good" but I wouldn't call it dog shit either. Too cynical a take on the universe for my taste as I like a little Hope mixed in with my comic heroes. Looking forward to future films with...
If you are still performing mental gymnastics to rationalize Apples (rumored) decision to remove thr headphone jack. Read this. He nails it. https://sixcolors.com/post/2016/07/headphone-jack/
Old one is dumb fun and holds up in that regard.
The reviews have been devastating towards it. Movie sounds like a mess. I may rent down the line.
Say what you will about the JJ Star Trek reboot, the casting was spot on. All the main crew were recast perfectly.*And no Kahn doesn't count.
Feb 2018. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/06/30/pacific-rim-2-to-cancel-the-apocalypse-in-february-of-2018/
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