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30 years after ROTJ. No one knows the plot as they have been keeping it under wraps. There are a ton of interesting rumors and speculation on various sites, but nothing official.
Wow... Didn't see that coming. I liked the rumored "The Ancient Fear" as a title much better. Hmmmm. Will be interesting to see some of the fan sites try and correlate this new title to the movie's rumored plot points.
Word of warning about the Incipio NGP. Doesn't provide as much protection as I assumed. I have a small crack by the home button near the bottom of the phone. Nothing bad, but I feel like the case should have prevented it. I think I'm going to look into a slightly thicker and more robust case to switch out too. These phones are so thin that I'm not really sure a minimalist case like the NGP is needed.
Thanks for the quick answer. You have been doing an outstanding job staying on top of questions in this thread.
Will there be a mocha portfolio?
I ended up giving the EarPods that came with my 5 to my dad, so the set that came with my 6 are the first I have used. I find them surprisingly comfortable.
Apple's cables and chargers have always been an issue. I've had both the classic 30-pin and lightning cables break on me many times over the years.
It's a fairly streamlined case. Thin and doesn't have a large lip. It offers protection, but it's not a tank or anything.
@rach2jlc is dead on. I love the look and quality Billy Kirk (back before the brand when downhill) leather and canvas brief I own, but have regretted for years buying it in black. I hardly ever wear black clothes or shoes and it generally sticks out because of this.
If you want a laugh, check out the reviews for CurrentC in the App Store. CurrentC by Merchant Customer Exchange, LLC https://appsto.re/us/0wHA2.i
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