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Apparently they only have the rights to Godzilla himself. Non of the other monsters. So we won't see Rodan, Mothra or anything else. The other monsters are going to be generic ones that likely pay homage to the other big names.
Star Wars Episode VII has found its villain and color me surprised with the pick.http://variety.com/2014/film/news/star-wars-villain-adam-driver-girls-1201121646/
The creature that dives into the water.
Is that Rodan at 1:27? Love how much of this film they are keeping close to their chest.
New trailer!
Official website is teasing something to drop tomorrow morning. Could be a new trailer. http://www.godzillamovie.com/awakenthetruth/
I've been arguing this for a while. If it's a super hero we have seen in film recently or is fondly remembered audiences then there is little reason to waste time with an origin story. Superman, Batman and Spider-man are all great examples of this and retelling their origin feels more like a drag on the limited screen time then anything remotely interesting.I don't have a problem with it for non-established heroes in film. In fact there it is certainly needed.
Agreed. Next time buy a 38L. Jacket looks way to short for you.
I only have experience with the first season, but didn't this show turn to crap after that? What's the market for this? Doesn't seem like a good investment to me.
Wait, they are brining that show back?
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