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I had to do a double take to make sure that was who posted the light fixture.
Still looks like garbage.
@JPHardy are those the large or smaller diamond chairs? ive always thought they make great looking outdoor seating with the small pad attached.
Wish that would have been funnier. Jimmy's show has had some good stuffy lately.
Phone interview Monday.. Could be an excellent opportunity. Wish me luck guiz!
The only rationale I've heard that makes sense for this is they want him to stay in the role a long time. Casting someone so young allows for him to grow with the role. Still don't like it. Still don't think another high school Parker story is needed.
I couldn't get into FFXII. Own it and tried. Gave up before the story really got going.
Beard oil is great. When I had my grown out I wouldn't have lived without it.
He changed far more then background shots. Greedo shooting first, "noooooo!" and the force ghost switch among the worse of them.
New Hearthstone mode Tavern Brawl seems fun. I just wish they gave you more rewards for playing it.
New Posts  All Forums: