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I'll PM you it.
Eh. You literally posted a photo of one of the main characters being filmed that had not been officially revealed yet. Not sure how you don't see the difference, but whatever makes you happy brah.
I play all modes. Constructed. Arena. Brawl. It's a drug.
It's a bullshit rumor I called bullshit on. Not sure how that's a spoiler.
Game is broken but I love it. Play it all the time.
What are we spoiling?
Eh. I call bullshit on that. Just a case of a low paid marketing hack taking liberties. Don't think for a moment that Maz is Londo and Han's love child.
New hearthstone expansion this week! w00t!
Javyn at least makes me laugh.
Yes its supposed to envoke a cross and fundamentalism. It's for movie audiences watching a film about a mysticsl energy that lets people toss objects at each other and aliens that look like reject big foot costumes for Harry and the Henderson. What's your point? Symbolism is a long standing film tradition and in this type of film audiences are generally willing to suspend a little more belief.
New Posts  All Forums: