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Well that would just add to a long list of things he'd be wrong about.
Lefty I'm sure it pains you inside to have Ataturk be your biggest cheerleader in this thread.
Another great review from Helogreedo. Sharing with @lefty in mind. http://youtu.be/vWw_P9F4s9w
Speaking of
Considering it's impossible to potty train a bird I hope that wasn't a long flight.
Planning to watch the best of the "Star Trek" films in his honor this weekend.
You guys have cute views of women and feminism.
Ok man. I've always said that I hope the movie is good, but what we know and what they have shown is leading me to believe otherwise. Yes it could be good. No one here is saying otherwise. I'm speculating it won't be based on the info that we know.It's not a rumor that they are going to introduce both Spider-Man and Black panther in this film. Knowing this, It doesn't take a genius to realize that this is being done to push and expand the MCU for future films. If you...
That literally is the rumor going around. That the first custom he would be shown in looks like a hoodie because he has yet to refine it.I'm reacting to all the rumors. There is more then enough here to believe that where there is smoke there is fire. This film isn't having a fraction of the secrecy around it that Ep 7 TFA had and that film had almost the whole plot leaked before it hit theater.I'm not the only one. I've had this conversation with friends and have seen it...
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