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I've noticed a lot of recent back and forth in this thread about full and half canvas. Honestly, I think having these lower priced half canvas jackets available as an option is a smart move. Suit Supply is a good value and thus its appeal, but the cuts tend to be a little trendy. I could see the store growing some in that market over time with the right priced merchandise.
Anyone else notice that any older animated Gif's you have on your iPhone that get sent up to iCloud for storage no longer animate? It's not just iCloud as I've noticed the same issue with Dropbox. Once the Gif's are uploaded to the cloud and downloaded again they won't animate anymore. It's a bit of a pain as I like having some around on my phone. What is causing this?
Sounds like a good idea for this year Fok.
Did the auction for a custom title die out?
I didn't like the prequels and TPM was the worst of the bunch. I don't even understand people who give it a pass for the light saber duel at the end. It was alright, but I would take Luke vs Vader in ROTJ over it any day.
Cross post from the Secret Santa thread.
People went off on Maul's double sided lightsaber too, until it was shown in action. I keep telling people to be patient and see how it's put to use.
Great idea. This should be a Charity Auction staple.
Someone please keep me updated to when the CW's FLASH finally covers this epic storyline.
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