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It's going to be a problem, but maybe not as soon as you think. How many total Tesla's have they sold in the USA? Add in the 130k you mention and it would still be a fraction of 253 million cars that run on gas. That's true even if you factor in other maker's electric cars. If they plan well I see no reason they couldn't stay ahead of the curve with these stations being built. At least for some time. The real issue is battery technology is not advancing fast enough. They...
Won't they just build more charging stations?
I don't know how many of these NMWA have in stock, but I am surprised this has been listed for sale at a discounted price for so long. It's a fantastic looking portfolio from a great brand at a nice price. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/leather-accessories/brown-tand-leather-clutch-portfolio.html Also glad to see you guys carrying Frank Clegg. They are one of my favorite leather bag and accessory makers. Superb products all around and made in the...
I wouldn't be surprised if a HUD is an option. I also bet they will offer a larger than normal amount of options for the interior designed to upsell the consumer unhappy with how bland it looks, but dead set on owning the car.
Tesla Model 3's exterior looks great, as expected. The interior on the other hand is rather bland. When I first saw pictures I had assumed it was due to being an early prototype and was largely unfinished. Apparently that is not the case and the company is claiming that the version they showed is close to what will be sold, save a few refinements here and there.
No problem at all. Like I said, check out this thread for other ideas as it's a great resource.
What color do you want? If you are ok with black the Whitehouse Cox bag that was posted a couple pages ago from the company's outlet is a fantastic deal. High quality bridle leather and pigskin lining. Slim too. Should fall right withing your price range. Personally I would want a shade of brown, but that's a matter of personal taste.http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Whitehouse-Cox-L9892-Zip-Top-Side-Pocket-Briefcase-Winter-Special-Offer-/191833730432?Linjer makes an outstanding...
These bags are awesome. I'm shocked it hasn't sold yet.
For Piob.
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