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A 4.4 to 4.7 inch iPhone with the bezel around the screen minimized would still be fairly easy to hold and wouldn't take up much room in one's pockets. More so if they do choose to go thinner then the 5S. Now the screen would loose the ease of one handed operation Apple has prided itself in so far, but my opinion is the market will force their hand on this. What I don't see them doing is getting into the Phablet market. All these phones larger then 5.5 inches are ridiculous.
Interesting. I've heard almost nothing but solid buzz so far from people who have seen parts of the film. Don't think I have read any early reviews of the whole thing because I wouldn't want to risk spoiling any big surprises. So I can't really speak to knowing how long Godzilla is actually in the film or not. I could see the director choosing to not go over the top with overly long extended shots that could amount to little more then fan service. I honestly couldn't be...
Rumors are that the movie has MUTOs of various size and types. Wouldn't be surprised if the film's climax has a larger one for Godzilla to battle.
There are definitely some areas that feel like they need to be balanced in the game. I'm still getting into it all and will save my comments on some of these tweaks I would like to see for now. Hard to tell how much of that is me being new to the game and learning and how much is obvious imbalances.
They have already announced one female role is still out there to be cast. It's expected to be a fairly large one. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/04/29/at-least-one-more-major-female-role-to-be-cast-in-star-wars-episode-vii/
Just started playing HS this last week. So far i'm really enjoying it. Kind of surprising because I never really got into this type of card game before. The iPad app is fantastic. Easily one of the best games I have seen on the hardware. Still learning the dynamics, but i'm getting hooked. Love that the average length of the game is just right for a quick diversion or break from whatever you were doing.
Official cast announcement:http://starwars.com/news/star-wars-episode-7-cast-announced.html
+1 I'd be in on that.I've been surprised SS hasn't reopened the US outlet yet. I had figured it was a test before and they had plans on getting it running in a couple months.
I'd argue that Apple generally balances form and function. The Macbook Air is a great example of this. Like I said, we really don't know anything yet. What I can tell you is my iPhone 5 doesn't feel all that comfortable in my hands unless I have a case on it. The thinness of the phone is a factor in this. Would a phone larger in the other areas negate this? Maybe, but i'm really thinking we are approaching the point of diminishing returns even from an industrial design...
I bet if you polled most iPhone 5S owners and asked if they would rather see the iPhone 6 be thinner or have Apple keep the current thickness with a much improved battery life, the battery would win by a mile. Maybe I will feel differently if these rumors prove to be true and the device feels fantastic in your hands, but I honestly don't think progressing further down this path makes sense.
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