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If it was a national brand I would disagree, but you are right. Close the comments down till things cool off. Run the "Going out of Business Sale" and open again under a new name like they were planning to do anyways.
Some gold being posted on the mattress store's FB page. https://www.facebook.com/miraclemattress210/
Courage is buying the $159 Apple Air Pods and then going home to tell your spouse what you bought and for how much.
San Antonio mattress store apologizes after its ad for 9/11 sale spoofs towers falling.
Fighting the urge to pre-order a matte black iPhone so I can wait to see what the Nexus/Pixel will be like.
The 6S was a fine upgrade. I would also argue that if you ignore the fact they didn't change the body of the phone and the removal of the headphone jack issue, the 7 is a great update to the line.
The content in those two links is spot on and fairly well written. Thank you for sharing.EDIT: Wanted to pull out some choice quotes I agree with.
I always go with a version that has a black front to it. The screen blends in better and the images pop out more.
I would do matte black even if the shinny one looks nicer. The jet black model is expected to scratch easily.
You really must be bored lately.
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