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Gonna stir the pot because I am bored. More clues that Nightwing might come out as Bi-sexual. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/07/13/so-how-close-are-grayson-and-midnighter-in-dc-rebirth/ He's actually a good candidate for this if DC decides to take his character in that direction. It wouldn't feel forced and people have been making jokes about it being a possibility for some time now. EDIT: For those who don't know, Midnighter is a gay Batman analogy from the former...
The concept of a reality show about app developers in itself doesn't sound bad. If done right it could be interesting. On the other hand, the name of this proposed show is horrible.
I sell you something for $149 with the understanding at time of purchase that you are getting a limited edition item of a run of only 250 units and that changes after you hand over your money. Explain to me again how this does not look bad? I'm sorry but the guy above is right. This does feel like a bait and switch.People who go out of there way to buy limited editions of anything do because of exclusivity or collectability. If Linjer wanted to sell more "limited edition"...
I love Chester Mox's work that I have seen. Great stuff. Beautiful edge work stitching and finishing. Been wanting to order something from them for a while.
I always thought that was the Cesspool.
That was a random internet comment, not from the paper itself.
I think she was on one of those dancing reality shows or something.
Looks like she deleted the post. Wish I could have read the comments before she did.
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