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I agree. I'm starting to think it will be a yearly thing. I had hope they would do it twice a year, but it's starting to look like that won't happen.
It's going to be amazing to see the DC Trinity on the big screen together.
Berg & Berg just started a sale. Some nice deductions of ties, knits and belts. I've always admired the store's selection. http://bergbergstore.com/
I'd have loved that MrG, but it would have involved the company being even somewhat communicative with me. They hardly ever returned phone calls or emails in regards to repairs and maintenance issues in the time I spent there. A couple times I had to drive down to the main office and demand to speak with someone. In the end I couldn't even get a simple response from the company on where to leave my keys. It's one of the bigger reasons I decided to move.
The property management company was a pain in the ass to deal with from day one. Over the year and a half I lived there I had come to learn they had bad reputation in town. One of my friends dealt with them before as had a real estate agent I know. I had actually assumed they would try and dick me over on my deposit, but never would have guessed this bad. I do plan on fighting it. I'll do small claims court if it comes to that. The spot under the bed didn't look hot. ...
Sorry to hear that OTC. I actually came here to post a somewhat related issue. I had been waiting almost a month to get a somewhat sizable deposit back from the property management company that managed the condo I was renting on behalf of the owners. When I spoke to the owner of the company a little over a week ago he indicated everything looked fine and they would only be deducting a small cleaning fee for some frozen food I left in the freezer by mistake. Got a letter...
This looks ****ing horrible.
Havana and Washington fit in a 46L. Mainly looking for odd jackets.Also If you see any 46L/44L in a different cut please let me know. I can always check with a SS rep to see if they would work and might take a chance on it if the price is good.
I've always loved the idea of the Expendable films, it's the execution that has lacked something. The first two were average action films wanting to be more. I hope the third finally achieves it.
Super Friends did a lot of damage to Aquaman over the years, but he can be a great character. All it takes is the right writers on his book.
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