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What the fuck. “Why didn't you teach your son not to litter?” That's a sane and professional response to a man choking a 7 year old?
Word of mouth about it has been positive. Supposed to be a return to form. Strong horror elements and gore. We should also see the return of the classic Alien.
Still waiting on that tie you owe me putz.
Do it! That would be really interesting to see and I bet there is a market for it.
Yeah, I also hate it. They seem to be posting a lot more short form click bait stories too. It's starting to feel a little like Buzz Feed.Speaking of Verge, the reviewer they had for the AirPods couldn't get them to stay in his ears.
Meister is the gas station sushi of CE regulars.
Looks great for a first attempt! Very impressive that you pulled that off. Hats off to you. Is that the London Tan?
I did some quick research on the history of the phrase and am not 100% sure that's true. It does sound like the term was around before that white nationalist group started using it, but it was extremely obscure. So obscure that the fact that it was coined before it became the thing for a racist movement does little to diminish the point I am making. Hardly anyone had heard of it till it become news with the white nationalists. Yet for some unknown reason we are now seeing...
New Posts  All Forums: