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Yeah, but it's not the real her. It's not really a clone either. She's still dead.
MJ? She never died. Are you thinking about Gwen?
It was with Mephisto who is like Marvel's own version of the devil.His identity needs to go back to being secret. He should never have revealed who he was in the first place. It made absolutely no sense for Peter to do so and put his Wife, Aunt and close friends in mortal danger like that. Was one of the worst moments of Civil War and that's saying a lot.No the shitty thing about One More Day wasn't that. It was the fact that it erased his marriage to Mary Jane. Years and...
I've been reading this same regurgitated nonsense on the internet from deeply insecure men in their 30's for years. It's been a joke from the start, and it's a joke now. But the internet is full of people without the self-awareness to know they're a joke.
In black they scream lobby chairs to me. Shades of brown like the ones he bought feel like they fit into a home much better.
It was ret-coned with the One More Day nonsense. May Jane made a deal with the devil that erased the marriage Peter and her had and part of the deal was everyone forgot who he was.
Is this news? Dell and other Windows PC makers have (almost) always undercut Apple. Part of it is they don't maintain as strict price controls over third party retailers and the other larger part of it is that they are willing to take far, far lower profit margins on individual units sold. The PC market has been in a fairly unhealthy state for years due to these razor thin margins and Dell itself isn't doing all that well at the moment. There are reasons Dell has been...
You don't want a proper Civil War. That series was trash. The movie had a lot of issues, but was far better then the comics.
It looks like they are being pretty liberal with his aging and using the fact that his healing factor is breaking down to tell the story they want to tell.
Heard a rumor about Logan that would explain a lot. [[SPOILER]]
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