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WWED What Wouldn't Edinatlanta Do. This should be made into a tee shirt to raise money for charity this Holiday. I bet Fok would blow past last years record.
This is how most of my great successes have come about in the last few years.
In non colon related news, I had a second interview yesterday that went very well. Not holding my breath, but I've got a good feeling on this one. Wish me luck e-broz.
The Colonhood of Exploding Pants.
Colonado: Final Wars
Colonado vs Mecha-Colon
Colonado: Hell Yeah!
Ok guys, We are considering turning this into a regular thing. Record it for a YouTube reality series to generate additional revenue. Looking for suggestions on the name. Birdman & Mouse VS. Food?
He volunteered for it, but I was concerned all the grease in our systems might end up giving the poor guy a heart attack. The D-boan BJs will have to wait for another night.
Save room for dessert brah. I've got a special order chocolate covered onion coming at our last stop. Ranch dipping sauce too.
New Posts  All Forums: