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I think it looks great. A nice mix of Alien and Aliens while still being it's own thing and possibly closing out some of the plot threads that Promethous left open.
LolEveryone criticized Prometheus for not feeling like a proper Alien film. In reaction Ridley Scott decides to go to his roots and make a real Alien film. Now people are criticizing the trailer for looking like more of the same.Ok
Yeah, guys I wouldn't get too worried yet. We set deadlines, but some gifts always arrive late. I've had it happen to me a few times. Send me a PM if you are really concerned and I'll try and and get an update from your SS for you. SPOO, I know your guy has been running late, but it should be worth it from what he's told me. I don't want to spoil who it is but you should get a kick out of it when you find out.
Am I doing this right?
Word of mouth about it has been positive. Supposed to be a return to form. Strong horror elements and gore. We should also see the return of the classic Alien.
Still waiting on that tie you owe me putz.
Do it! That would be really interesting to see and I bet there is a market for it.
Yeah, I also hate it. They seem to be posting a lot more short form click bait stories too. It's starting to feel a little like Buzz Feed.Speaking of Verge, the reviewer they had for the AirPods couldn't get them to stay in his ears.
Looks great for a first attempt! Very impressive that you pulled that off. Hats off to you. Is that the London Tan?
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