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Ah, look. I'm not even invested in this debate much one way or the other, but his comment was on point. It's funny how many new accounts started posting in this thread to support the knock-offs. When you hang out on forums long enough you pick up on how to spot the shills. Maybe you are not one of them, but he wasn't being obtuse in calling it out.
This shit is tailor-made for the hicks out there. They are going to drink it up once they hit shelves.
To be honest the only roadblock I could see in this strategy working is the film's rating. It's PG-13. I tried to get my Brother-in-Law to let me take my niece when I was visiting them for X-Mas and he decided against it because of that.
Star Wars over the years has already enjoyed a more gender diverse fan-base then almost any Sci-Fi franchise. The females may not outnumber the males, but it's never been a sausage fest. I see little reason to believe that Disney's strategy will not work here. They are after all experts at designing products that have appeal to young girls.
I think you have a very narrow view of women.
Children. Little girls are the big market for Disney to grow over time. Do non of you have daughters or nieces? I couldn't be happier to eventually show the film to my niece. I'd enjoy seeing her to love the film and grow up with the franchise I did.
You realize word of mouth hadn't got out by opening night right? Also how many of those males eventually took thier daughters to go see it? Also SW already had a fairly large female fan base for a sci-fi franchise. So this is just helps increase it.
Nailed it. I brought up this exact point a while back. Disney's simply trying to expand the market of a beloved franchise to more young girls so they grow up fans just like many young boys did with the OT.
So a bunch of the usual suspects didn't jump on criticizing Rogue One because it also features a female lead? I'm just imaging that?
I'm sure if the internet fueled echo-chamber of sexism was around back then people would have.
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