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Yeah but if they model her after the New 52 Juggalo Harley, what's the point?
I find Apple Stores some of the better brick and mortar experience out there. Certainly good for technology retail and repair.
Have you ever had a repair take under an hour for anything electronic or mechanical? 45 minutes isn't bad at all. If you reach more then an hour and a half, then start bitching.
The Macbook Pro and Macbook Air are different classes of laptops. The Pro has upgraded features and specs over the Air. The iPad Air is the evolution of the iPad. It got thinner, lighter AND faster.
I liked the all American girl next door look they gave Lois Lane. Fit her character well.
The latest iOS rekease is fine. I mean there are still some bugs to get fixed by Apple, but it's been a solid release for me so far.
I've got a feeling that movie isn't going to be called "suicide squad" in the end. Suicide is going to upset a lot of people when used in the context of a comic movie.
It's just missing "episode 7" in the marketing. It will be on the opening crawl and Blu Ray box set. The old movies didn't uses the numbering in marketing either.
The Air is the evolution of the 3. They won't go backwards.
Yes we are getting stand alone films too.
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