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Deadpool looks great but I still don't have much faith the movie will turn out to be any good.
I'm hesitant to use a third party keyboard that syncs my keystrokes over the cloud to a third party server. Unfortunately that's the only way to allow Swiftkey to learn and adapt to your typing.I had it installed for a while then decided I was uncomfortable with the process.
On the latest Vergecast they complained about how BAD autocorrect has got on IOS after the last couple minor updates. Glad I'm not the only one to notice. It's starting to piss me off.
Green does look great. I'd make it the stretch goal over Navy. Keep chestnut the main one.
I think chestnut would look great and appeals to me, but i'd think a weekender in mocha would sell in higher numbers.
I think Lex looks fine. Hopefully he wears a suit in the movie. Not digging what little we see of hit outfit in that pic. Don't care for what they are doing with the Thing. Not feeling the rest of the team either.
Agreed. Green is a shade you really have to get right for it to work.
Personally I love brass hardware. It looks great on the cognac briefcase and will look perfect on the chestnut weekender. To be honest, I always thought Linjer should have gone with it on the Mocha brief too. If I was you guys I wouldn't care so much if the hardware matches your other items from Linjer. It could be seen as a good thing it not to if you are planning on buying the weekender if the same leather color as your briefcase. Then you don't end up looking like you...
I like Gotham for the most part. Penguin is fantastic in it. What I can't stand are young Bruce and Selina. It would be a far better show without the kids.
People bitched that Apple didn't have background refresh for years, then when they finally added it they turned it off. [[SPOILER]]
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