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The way he keeps being brought up you would think he's the one running.
All review sites should immediately revise their Note 7 reviews. It's not a good phone. It's not good hardware. It catches fire. It's dangerous and has potential to be deadly. It's irresponsible for sites like the Verge to leave up reviews scores of 9.3 for this toxic phone. ***Samsung knew a third replacement Note 7 caught fire on Tuesday and said nothing - The Verge http://www.theverge.com/2016/10/9/13215728/samsung-galaxy-note-7-third-fire-smoke-inhalation
LOL at the back bending being done. Especially from the group that touts family values and religion. It's amazing to watch. The complete corruption due to the two party system.
Jesus Christ man.
I'm surprised he hasn't shown up to the party yet.
I'm glad somebody got it.
Extended version isn't all that great either.Still worth watching for Wonderwoman alone.
Well that was your mistake.
Yeah it looks great. Matte black and the brown pair amazingly. They come together and give the phone an upscale and somewhat retro feel.I'm looking forward to seeing if it ages well. I've seen some good examples of this happening with the case online. Still I don't believe Apple used high grade leather or anything. So I wouldn't get carried away with expectations on that end.
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