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Actually the current rumor is they are not going to kill off the X-Men or even end all their titles. The plan is to: [[SPOILER]]
I'd love to see a Punisher show with the same tone and feel of Daredevil. It could end up working extremely well.
He pretty much opened and closed the film so yes I would say he counts even if he wasn't the major villain. I'm a Paul Giamatti fan, but they role was garbage.
Also no way was Venom worse then the Rhino in ASM2.
Nailed it.
I take it you haven't heard the big spoiler/rumor floating around then?
Have they even shown Matt Smith in a trailer yet? His role was big enough to grace the EW article but I don't think they have shown him in footage.
I stand by my belief that the basic concept of Genysis is great. If any franchise has the possibility of making a logical narrative out of rebooting a timeline, it's Terminator. Too bad nothing really looks like it's coming together.
Oh lawl. I nearly spit out my tea at that one.
Eh, I'm more then willing to give a project a chance. Up until the most recent trailers I kept hope that the new Terminator film might pull it off. So it's not about writing something off. I simply don't see anything in what they have shown so far. I disagree that F4 is by its nature "campy" in the comics. Sure it usually has a lighter tone then other comics, but so does Spider-Man. I wouldn't want a serious and dark movie about him either.
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