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Voice is likely Andy Serkis. He's confirned to be in the film.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_SerkisAnd yes that's Oscar Isaac in the X-Wing.
Sith Army lightsaber.
Not trying to jump on every negative thing you say, but I see enough of that OT "grit" in these images to be hopeful it carries through the film.
Rumors point to the new lightsaber being an ancient Sith artifact. If that's the case, it might explain the difference in how it sounds and why the blade looked more raw. At the very end you do catch a glimpse of the classic sound so I don't think it was changed for everyone.
Ultron was great. A little too dark for the franchise, but it managed to work. I'd give it a nine too. SW TFA was a teaser and not really meant to be viewed as a full trailer at this point. I'd still give it huge marks, but want to see a real trailer for it once we get closer to release.
Rambo is a perfect example of the special flower I mentioned above. I'm sure he hated it. He hates everything.
People are addicted to be the special snowflake that pokes holes in fictional movies. When it was pointed out to those who claimed he could cut his hands that the crossguard is metal near the handle they quickly did a 180. No everyone is yelling that it's actually the metal part that is stupid in its design. No one can be happy and just enjoy this stuff anymore. Everyone forgets that Star Wars has never been about realism. It's all based on assumptions of seconds worth...
I'd love to hear your thoughts on how this teaser trailer looked like Star Trek 09 with lightsabers. Please do explain that.
Amazing the amount of people who are claiming that the crossguard on the Sith's lightsaber doesn't have any protection for his hand and fingers. Take a look at this high res picture. The start of the crossguard is metal. There is more then enough space there before the mini blades start to protect his hands. Also who is to say he can't turn them on and off at will? So they deactivate when he swings the sword in a way they could cut him and reactivite when needed....
There is more practical effects and props in these limited shots then you are giving them credit for. As for matching the aesthetics of 30 year old films? Was that ever going to happen considering how far special effects and filmmaking has advanced? I'd say it's close enough for my tastes based on this short teaser.EDIT: Example is the first shot. He's really in a desert. Lucas would have green screened that instead of doing a shot on location.Another example would be the...
New Posts  All Forums: