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Greenfrog eesa never gonna leave Pio,
I believe that the "rule of two" means that Sith only exist in pairs. This does not mean that Sith are the only ones that exist in pairs. Just because it's down to Luke and Ray shouldn't really indicate anything.Having said that, I love the idea of Ray turning in the film. Then you could see the final film be her friends trying to turn her back.
Interesting title. It's got a darker feel to it, which may indicate the direction the story will go. Also could refer to just Luke or Luke and Ray as the Jedi.
Looks like Ray Clark raised his prices again? I believe when he re-launched recently they were in the $900's and now are selling for a hair over $1k. I'm guessing it's just supply and demand, but I do hate seeing him have to cross the thousand dollar threshold considering his bags used to sell in the mid $800's.
Capturing the right tone with these characters is very important. It's one of the key reason's the recent FF reboot failed. The tone was ridiculously off.People keep wondering if the X-Men will ever get to play in MCU's sandbox and I honestly don't really care that much. They are fine doing their own thing. It's the FF that's the real travesty here. The team would blend in perfectly with what Marvel is doing if they were allowed to.
Certain characters lend themselves to violence, sex, gratuitous language, etc. For years the studios fought with filmmakers to keep shoveling us PG-13 versions of these types of characters claiming it was the only way they could make a large profit. Deadpool proved them wrong, so we are going to start seeing more comic property related films break the old mold. I'm fine with it as long as it doesn't start to get overdone or is applied to the wrong character's stories. So...
I've got absolutely zero attachment to the Power Rangers. Came out past the years I would have cared. Still, the movie doesn't look like a bad take. Could hit the right nostalgia note with fans.Bryan Cranston's really phoning this one in. Guy doesn't even sound like he's trying to give a strong voice performance.
Voice chat is done via a smartphone app. Trololololololol! You can't make this shit up.
LOL. The grip that they are including with the system is gimped. It doesn't have the hardware included to charge your Joy-Cons. This level of milking consumers takes balls. Well done Nintendo.
LOL @ Nintendo. Switch is $300 at launch, which is more then anyone was predicting. On top of that they have decided to gorge customers by asking the highest margins they could possibly get away with for peripherals. Nintendo Switch dock: $90 Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R): $80 Individual Joy-Con controllers (either left or right): $50 Switch Pro Controller: $70 Charging grip: $30 The pricing here is a fucking joke. On top of that they hardly showed off any games. 3rd...
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