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Any recommendations on decent looking counter height stools? I'd prefer not to spend a fortune since u can't say yet if I know I'll need them for the long term.
If you can make a sleaker version of the key case I posted in nicer leathers I'd be all about buying it. More so if you could offer some interesting colors like a dark forest green.
Finally watched the new Fantastic Four trailer the other night. It looks like a disaster. Completely off tone for the team. I'm standing by my belief that this film will bomb and Fox eventually gives up on the franchise. Makes a trade to Marvel/Disney that gives them the rights back to the FF in exchange for more cannon/characters that might prove useful for their mutant films.
I loved the whole series from start to finish with the last few minutes of episode two being the highlight.Regarding the suit, everyone knew it was coming. No way they were going to go on forever with his Dread Pirate Roberts look. This is a Marvel comic show and they have shown no fear in embracing outlandish costumes on screen.As for how fluid he looked it it, I thought it was when he fought Kingpin. Given that he only used it for a single episode at the end, they really...
Buffy was a feature length film before it was a TV show. So I guess that counts.
Not a bad idea at all.
Yeah. FF teaming up with Avengers is a great fit .
Fantastic Four is one of those franchises that needs to have a certain level of light hearted tone to work. Going all dark and moody with it is a recipe for disaster.
Teaser already showed him without the mask.
Yeah it's going to be hard to see Bruce Wayne and not Affleck when he's on screen. Still I think he's proven himself to be a decent actor over the years. In going to give his performance a benefit of a doubt.
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