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Insta kop if it was a 44L. JRD is a stand up guy too. Great seller.
Gruber made a good point when "bendgate" become news that it doesn't matter how insignificant the numbers of people who had IPhone 6's that bent are. To the public at large the new iPhone bends. It's become a meme. Facts and data doesn't matter. Even this forum showed a picture of a bent IPhone when linking to this thread on the home page. It's bizzare how Apple gets this type of attention whether an issue arises.
We are approaching two months since the release of the iPhone 6/6+ and I think it's safe to say I was right in cautioning people to not overreact too quickly over "bendgate". Whole thing turned out to be a non issue for the vast majority of iPhone owners. Only a small minority had problem. This is what happens with Apple these days. Any issue the company has gets blown way out of proportion by the media to create hype and get page views. @dcg
Only guy I know who bought an Oppermann bag received one that was a mess. The leather was all wrinkled right out of the box. Looked like a defect.
I had a discussion with a friend of mine this past weekend on how we are entering a comic-book movie/tv bubble. It's all starting to be too much. Not just with what Sony is rumored to be planning here, but the flood of movies that MARVEL and DC have planned too. At some point it's all going to be too much. The quality of films will start to go down as resources get stretched and the public will start to get tired of it all. When that happens, like all bubbles, it will break.
The problem is Sony is desperate to recreate Marvel's Movieverse. The only successful property they own is Spider-Man, so they are picking it apart for every thread they can create spin-off media to sell the masses. It's why we are getting a Sinister Six movie. It's why we will get a Venom movie. It's also why we will likely get a Black Cat movie and if there is any truth to this Aunt May rumor, then it explain it too. All these straws being grasped to make a Spider...
Aunt May spin-off? Espionage story? WTF? Kill me now. I'm going to chalk that one up to Latino Review's increasingly spotty record when it comes to rumors and spoilers these days. If not, the world has gone mad.
I love the comments on the BC post that it must all be some giant misinformation campaign to troll fans and surprise them when the trailer comes out.
Doctor Doom's new origin in the Fantastic Four reboot. Fuck this shit. I'm out.http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/11/11/fox-film-makes-doctor-doom-into-an-anti-social-blogger-victor-domashev-nicknamed-doom/
I'm a huge Harley fan from back in the days of the Batman Animinated Series. She's one of my all time favorite DC characters. I'm just finding it hard to believe this movie will get her character right. She's hasn't been handled all that well in a number of years.
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