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I didn't like the prequels and TPM was the worst of the bunch. I don't even understand people who give it a pass for the light saber duel at the end. It was alright, but I would take Luke vs Vader in ROTJ over it any day.
Cross post from the Secret Santa thread.
People went off on Maul's double sided lightsaber too, until it was shown in action. I keep telling people to be patient and see how it's put to use.
Great idea. This should be a Charity Auction staple.
Someone please keep me updated to when the CW's FLASH finally covers this epic storyline.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/443450/size-34-pants-six-pairs-of-howard-yount-pants-usa-cut-by-hertling-made-in-brooklyn-tropical-wool-in-medium-grey-dark-grey-tan-and-brown Too small for me at 34, but good pricing on staple pants from Howard Yount.
I hate skinny Waller in Nu52 and don't like that they went that way in Arrow. Waller was always a rare beast in the over sexualized world of superhero comics. Fat, black and powerful. It made her unique and special. Casting a slim women takes away from that.
I could see Sony selling Spider-Man back to Marvel/Disney. The company is going through a hard time and it may be more cost effective to unload an expensive franchise back to the former owners. Maybe even have an agreement to take a small cut of future revenue instead of an outright payment.
Way too skinny for proper Waller. Maybe this will be one of those rare cases Hollywood asks a woman to gain weight for a roll?
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