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It's funny but I'm still on the 3rd gen. It was the first Retina iPad and generally underpowered for pushing all those pixels. Thing just feels heavy and slow these days but I haven't had a huge urge to upgrade. I'm still a big believer in tablets in general but think the pricing needs to come down across the board if they expect people to adopt regular upgrade cycles. Offer me a $200 and I'd be more inclined. But at $400? I think I'll wait another year to year and a half...
Yes. He's carrying over to future films. All the main (new) cast is.
Ah... Gotcha.Yes, I am sure he will use the blades in a fight. That's a given.
What I am saying is if the weapon does have this massive of a weakness they wouldn't show it till the final film of the trilogy. Otherwise it would diminish the character for him to keep using it in future films. They need to set him up as the trilogy's Darth Vader.
One my best friends just ordered one. His Air 2's screen broke so he's going to trade it in on the Pro instead of spending $375 (shit!) on repairs. His main selling point on the Pro is that he reads a lot of digital comics and wants to view them in larger deluxe sizing.
I doubt it will happen, at least for this film. Kylo has to carry over for two more films and his lightsaber is very much part of what Disney hopes becomes his iconic design. Why draw attention to such an obvious fault (if it is one) when he would be using again in future movies. If it happens it will likely be in the final film of this trilogy.
Anyone else notice that his cross guard sabers connect in this pic near the top? Weird since we know that's not the design. Might be a screw up?
I'm really starting to wonder if Kylo's face is badly scared under that mask. The scenes they have shown without it only show the back of his head.
I'll be the first to point out Lucas' fault but this is just plain dumb. The man created some universes rich with lore that have stood the test of time. The fact that scenes in some of his movies were influenced by the work of others does little to change that.
A huge amount of modern sci-fi has its roots in the work that was done in John Carpenter of Mars. The irony in seeing people accuse the recent movie based on the property of being a rip off of the Star Wars prequels was not insignificant.
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