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They are not promising day to day delivery. The premium service requires a non-trivial up-charge and only guarantees that your item will be made and ready to ship in 24-hours. Depending on where you live it could still take 5 to 7 additional days for shipping time. The normal turn around for them, while still very quick compared to norms, is 7 days for the item to be ready to ship. I suspect they are smart enough to know the default turn around time will be good enough for...
The new Star Wars comic from Marvel. I'm not currently reading it but have heard great things about it and the Darth Vader ongoing. All are considered canon now.Regarding this, I expect it's not really what it seems and/or won't have a huge impact on the lore. Disney wants all these comics to compliment the original movies, not complicate them.
Interesting furniture start-up based out of San Francisco that's worth keeping an eye on. http://benchmademodern.com/ They make custom sofas and chairs with a seven day turn around on manufacturing. For an up-charge they claim to be able to have yours built in 24-hours and ready to ship. Here's a video describing the process: I'm guessing they have plans to move into other furniture types down the line.
That all but nails it. What's even more insulting is the fact that Doctor Doom is constantly named one of the greatest comic villains of all time. Up there with the Joker. Yet they refuse to do an honest take on him.
I don't mind Reynolds much at all. Even enjoyed him in a few roles. He's not the problem with that trailer.
That Joker Vs Deadpool short that was posted not long ago nailed the tone much better than that trailer did. I wasn't impressed with what they have shown.
The greatest sin of this trailer is that it's not funny. If you can't nail the humor in a Deadpool movie, you've got nothing.If this movie ends up being as bad as it looks then Fox's track record of managing these Marvel properties is going to have been abysmal. If you count all the mutant related films and the three about the Fantastic Four you are looking at 11 total. Only four of the X-men films have been worth watching. Everything else has been either garbage or a...
That name is rather... unfortunate. Would have worked better as an Antman tie in.EDIT:I stand corrected. Carry on Dennys.
Ugh. The FF movie is sounding even worse then I had thought it might be based on some of the reviews I've read. Absolute garbage. The sooner Fox gives up on the franchise and trades it back to Marvel the better. Poor @RFX45.
Or wicker lounge chairs that cost over $15k.
New Posts  All Forums: