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Considering trying a MTM odd jacket under the Suit Up program. It looks like costs start at $459 and unless you pick a fabric with a premium that seems like very reasonable up charge to be able pick the details you want. Not even sure I would have to worry much about them nailing the fit. The Havana works well for me, so I was thinking to have them mimic it with a few changes then have it made in the fabric I want with details like 3rl2 and slightly wider lapels.
When is Harold not drunk poasting?
I've been interested in La Portegna since before NMWA opened shop. The colors of the leathers they use are beautiful and stand out from the crowd as do their designs. Having said that, I must admit I too got a slight "plasticy" vibe from various pictures I had seen. Made me start to wonder if they were using corrected grain, instead of full. So I emailed them directly a while back and confirmed that the leather being used is full grain. I didn't get the impression they...
I am not sure I would label anyone as bland, but I agree several could have been stronger. I actually liked Ken Watanabe's character and didn't find the admiral's performance horrible. Agree that Cranston certainly stole the show while he was alive. Even ignoring all this, it really doesn't change much to the fact that Godzilla films have never really featured the creature in a large portion of the film's running time. So complaining about the reserved presentation given...
I've read enough reviews and general comments on the web to take note that while it's been mostly positive buzz, there does seem to be one general theme in the negativity. Some are coming to the conclusion that Godzilla was not in the film enough. Which is odd, because it seems to me his screen time was very much in line with a variety of older Godzilla films including the Japanese original. They have always leaned heavy of the human characters and held Godzilla back for...
This is money. Killing myself that I can't get in on the buy right now.
Wow, great looking bag.
It's also been confirmed that this will not prevent him from doing the Godzilla sequel. Is this one going to be the Solo film? This reminds me I still need to do a short review of Godzilla in the other thread.
Looking great as always Holdfast. Thanks for posting the pic. I've been wanting that jacket since they first posted listed and it's nice to see how it looks under more natural light.
New Batman Superman Film Officially Subtitled Dawn Of Justice, Starts Principal Photography Today. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Edit: The title may grow on me, but my first reaction to reading it was not kind.
New Posts  All Forums: