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I'd love to be pleasantly surprised but let's keep in mind that headphones are an area that Apple doesn't have the best track record with. Besides they are not even based off the up an coming Bluetooth 5.0 tech. Just plain old Bluetooth 4.0 with some tweaks from Apple.
I don't know why he gets into the FLASH analogy when as he admits the headphone jack is not a harmful technology. The headphone jack was and is perfectly fine.Maybe this will push wireless headphones, but I find this a weak excuse for removing the jack at this stage. How much better would it have been if Apple invented a new low-power wireless standard that blew the doors off of Bluetooth? An open one that they released into the wild and let all the players implement it....
This is perfect. https://airpodstrap.co/ Also this. https://twitter.com/VincentMarcus/status/773634571992600577
Pretty damn accurate for that version of the character.
I would be interested in this too.I know he's sold off old stock on his Etsy store in the past. Leather journals and other small goods he no longer made. I am surprised he wouldn't just do the same if he is trying to clean out stock on bags.
Didn't his store go down once before? The same as it is now. Maybe this isn't permanent and it will be back up. If anyone hears from the man please let us know in the thread.
The current iPhone design is way too slippery and awkward to hold to go without a case. You only get two repairs under AppleCare + and the body of the phone will get ugly fast.
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