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Being intoxicated is no excuse for breaking the law. You run over someone while driving intoxicated you are more then likely going to jail. Same if you shoot someone or any number of crimes.Rape is rape. No matter if one or both parties are drunk.
You are ignoring the fact that he has already been found guilty and we are commenting on the sentencing.Your post said 6 months seems harsh and the reasoning for such was because they were involved in an "hour of flirting and drinking together." My reply was to point out that no matter how much they flirted or drank together it does not make him finger banging her after she passed out any more ok.
Eh, no consent was given. Believe it or not, just because a woman flirts with you it doesn't mean you are given a free pass to finger bang her. This is the thing that so many "feminists" work hard to get across to men. You are entitled to nothing unless the woman gives you permission. No matter how flirty she is or how much time and money you invest. Anything sexual requires consent from both parties. No exceptions.
Yup. Still not Asian.
In regard to SR as he said it would have been better with Tom.
What was wrong with Brandon Routh? I thought he made a great Superman.
Thanks for sharing. I never knew the story before.
I've often thought it had to do with the lack of recognition the film had. Neither the mechs or monsters were based on an existing property.
What part? I enjoyed the ending from what I remember.
New Posts  All Forums: