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People said the same thing about Ledger coming off of Jack's take on the role. If a new take is good, people will like it. The Joker has been shown in many different forms over the years in comics, movies and tv. It's the quality of the portrayal that matters the most.
Wow. No one was expecting Blizzard to come out and make a statement like this. Good on them. I think it was the right move and will go a long way towards building good will with the more vocal of the fan base who has been feeling ignored.https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/4wtvrm/designer_insights_with_ben_brode_purify/
Yeah, I don't know. I have yet to see the film and like I said it's speculation. I will say that I have seen the point brought up several times that the Joker is a huge draw for the film. He was featured pretty heavily in the marketing and is one of the most well known and popular villains in comics. So this leads one to wonder why they would go out of their way to minimize his role in the film. Going so far as to edit out multiple Joker scenes already teased to audiences...
I've seen some speculation that maybe he got his scenes cut down because his overall performance might not have been all that.
On his Twitter or in the Reddit thread?I've seen a few of his comments. Maybe Reddit is being too negative, but I also think he's being too forgiving. Purify is a garbage card with barely any tools to work with it in a positive manner in the meta.
Reddit is having an absolute meltdown over the new Hearthstone adventure expansion. The vast majority of this rage is centered around Priest. As someone who loves playing the class, I can relate with everyone's feelings. One of the three new Priest cards is this garbage. This is not what Priest needed. Hell, this card is not what any class needed. Anyone who plays the game and cares should watch this as it nails why the card is not only bad, but will actually make...
Thought about trying a shirt or two, including one on sale.
Nice work as always!
Is there a SF promo code?
Hampton Creek Ran Undercover Project to Buy Up Its Own Vegan Mayo
New Posts  All Forums: