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The biggest head scratcher is the move away from MagSafe.
Heard an interesting theory yesterday as to what could be one of the largest motivating factors to the removal of the headphone jack. The theory is that Apple knew the redesigned 10th Anniversary model rumored for next year wouldn't allow for a headphone jack and that this fact would cause a fair amount of backlash. So instead of letting that backlash cast a shadow on their new design they decided to remove it on the iPhone 7 and get it out of the way a year early. Thus...
Is that some kind of armored suit? Why would they move away from the near perfect suit they had in BvS? EDIT: It's called his Tactical Suit. I am guessing he only wears it for a few scenes. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/09/14/zack-snyder-reveals-batmans-tactical-batsuit/
I like the iPhone and iOS. I've been on the platform since the iPhone 3G and have been all around happy with it and the experience it provides. Just because I am upset that Apple needlessly removed the headphone jack and was not able to provide solid justifications for this decision doesn't change any of that.I intend to wait for the new Nexus/Pixel phones to get announced but will more than likely buy the iPhone 7 in black. No other Android phones are even close to being...
Extensive review of iOS 10. https://www.macstories.net/stories/ios-10-the-macstories-review/ EDIT: I agree with the review that a lot of the tweaks made to iOS improve it's readability and in general make it nicer to use and look at. Unfortunately my big issue with iOS in terms of UI design has not changed. I really dislike the frosted glass look that Apple has chosen to use in it's notifications/widgets. Compare that to the clean white look that Material Design...
Exert from Verge's iPhone 7 review.That's right. Neither the packed in Lightning EarPods or the new AirPods (preproduction) sound any better than the old 3.5mm EarPods. I hope everyone understands what this means. Apple took away our headphone jacks without giving us anything new. Anything better. Apple loves to discuss trade offs when talking about design and when they made decisions to remove technology from products, but there was no real "trade" made here.We get...
Can you imagine how much bigger a news story it would be if it was the new iPhone exploding on people and not the Note? It would be being talked about everywhere.
Good of a place to post this as any. Dos Equis has revealed the new Most Interesting Man in the World. I must admit he's not bad at all. Honestly was expecting them to cast someone a lot younger that I would hate.
Executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen explained that "There's not a lot of material on the character so it gives us a lot of room to have our take on it. And also, just the fact that he is a young kid who grew up on the streets of East L.A., we liked that backstory."
What they are aiming for will either downgrade potential sound quality or force the user to buy an adapter to charge their phone while listening to music. All in a new phone model the same exact size and shape of the old model that didn't have these sacrifices.
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