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I've said it before, but Spidey works best as a loner with an occasional team-up. Having him join a team long term doesn't fit the character that well. The closest I saw it working recently was when he joined the FF after the Human Torch's "death," but it was known from day one he wasn't going to stick around for the long haul. I just don't care for the idea of Parker being an Avenger.
Jubilee! If the movie doesn't end with her riding off into the sunset with Wolverine on the back of his motorcycle I'll be disappoint.
The more I see, the less I think it's worth investing any substantial amount of money in them.
Obvious solution here is no cats.
"Spider-Man: The New Avenger" sounds like the title of one of those All-Ages comics Marvel puts out for little kids. Just awful.
Here's a thought. What if this is all a giant troll on fans? It's fitting for the character. Could be part of the overall viral marketing campaign. Break the forth wall and have the Joker mess with people till the film comes out.
Yeah I've been hearing the rumors too that (all) the tattoos won't be in the final look for the Joker. Just for shock value and to celebrate the anniversary. If that's so, then they should make an official statement quick. Otherwise some people who don't realize they have already started filming will just assume they backtracked after the online backlash.
I was talking to a friend about this yesterday. He brought up the point that the Joker has constantly reinvented himself in the comics over the years. There really is no true Joker persona. Fact is they could have easily tried to do a tweaked take on Nolan's Joker or even Jack's. This being so completely different from anything we have seen on screen before is a good thing. Having said that, he agreed the forehead tattoo has to go. It just looks dumb.
Agreed. The forehead one takes the whole look way too far into Hot Topics territory. Some are speculating his stomach tattoo says JOKER which would go a long way towards pushing the whole thing over a ledge and off the cliff. Agreed with RFX, that I can't imagine the Joker sitting still long enough to get so many perfectly ink'd tattoos.
New Posts  All Forums: