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Colonado: Hell Yeah!
Ok guys, We are considering turning this into a regular thing. Record it for a YouTube reality series to generate additional revenue. Looking for suggestions on the name. Birdman & Mouse VS. Food?
He volunteered for it, but I was concerned all the grease in our systems might end up giving the poor guy a heart attack. The D-boan BJs will have to wait for another night.
Save room for dessert brah. I've got a special order chocolate covered onion coming at our last stop. Ranch dipping sauce too.
You forgot to share our limo driver and official Mouse & Harvey Bloomin Onion Road Trip mascot. I think I'm ready for another round.
Completely agree. In motion, this Batman doesn't look stiff at all. Easily feels more fluid then Bale's version was.
Yeah I ageee. The trunks did a great job of breaking up all the blue on his suit.
The bat suit itself is near perfect. Other then maybe the weird texture they applied, everything about it looks right. I wish they would tone back on the unnessary texture and details on Supe's too, but I've grown to accept it.
Re: Ataturk's post. I'd still be happy if it was only as good as the 2009 Star Trek reboot. The film would still be worlds better then what the prequels brought us and be a nice jumping off point for the revitalized franchise. I'm expecting much better then that, but even at a minimum that would be a good thing for Star Wars and fans.
Leaked photo of an X-Wing pilot. They are even nailing the creature designs. Great work here by the SFX team.
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