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https://www.gofundme.com/help-protect-betty-white-from-2016 #protectbettywhite
Episode 2 is the worst of the bunch. At least you can try and rationalize Episode 1 as being a kids movie.
Haven't tried it out yet, but i'm not worried. It was made in Canada.
As promised, here are pics of my gifts from @otc. I received a six pack of an awesome beer called Anti-Hero IPA. Already had a few and it's good stuff! Three Wolf vs Goat shirts Mauro sent him in a SS a while back that's didn't fit. I'm sad to say they are too small for me, but I have already found a possible good home for them. An awesome Star Wars ugly Christmas sweater that I fully plan to wear to the premiere of Episode VIII next year. A pack of Troll Cards...
Wasn't feeling too hot the last couple days and didn't get around to it. Haven't forgotten.
I sent gifts to Aleksandr this year. He should have received them by now, but had already let me know he would be offline till the new year. We should see pics from him sometime in early January.
Got my gift package! Will post pics soon.
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