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I love that teasers for trailers is now a thing.
Finally getting caught up on Gotham. Had a couple days off from work so I've been blowing through the season and am on episode 7 at the moment. I've really enjoyed the show so far. You can tell it's been heavily influenced by the (great) Gotham Central series from a while back. It's dark, with just the right amount of hints of comic fantasy mixed in. Penguin has been the real standout of the show too. His characterization has been fantastic so far. Can't wait to see where...
I've thought about this and tend to agree. For work, I typically only need to carry some odd papers & folders, a laptop or iPad and my lunch. A slim leather briefcase works fine for this. If I am traveling and want one that can double as an overnight bag with a change of clothes, I think a larger 2nd more casual leather and canvas option would be best for that function.
I always had a huge crush on Christina. Loved her in Married with Children.
I hope not. Love HY's pants and have been interested in other items as well.
Most apps for iPad are separate apps from the ones coded for iPhone. So I don't think that type of syncing would really work.
Insta kop if it was a 44L. JRD is a stand up guy too. Great seller.
Gruber made a good point when "bendgate" become news that it doesn't matter how insignificant the numbers of people who had IPhone 6's that bent are. To the public at large the new iPhone bends. It's become a meme. Facts and data doesn't matter. Even this forum showed a picture of a bent IPhone when linking to this thread on the home page. It's bizzare how Apple gets this type of attention whether an issue arises.
We are approaching two months since the release of the iPhone 6/6+ and I think it's safe to say I was right in cautioning people to not overreact too quickly over "bendgate". Whole thing turned out to be a non issue for the vast majority of iPhone owners. Only a small minority had problem. This is what happens with Apple these days. Any issue the company has gets blown way out of proportion by the media to create hype and get page views. @dcg
Only guy I know who bought an Oppermann bag received one that was a mess. The leather was all wrinkled right out of the box. Looked like a defect.
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