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I'd be shocked if touch screens come to Apple's OSX powered laptops. They are going all in on the philosophy that touch devices and PC's are separate categories. Touch is for iOS and I think this the right direction to take.
Seem to be out of stock.
Latest update has gone smoothly for me. No issues with the battery or additional heat. Seems to have fixed some bugs I was experiencing too. Not sure I like some of the changes to the UI. Circles in the call interface look nice, but seem a little harder to tap on the go due to size. Will have to get used to them.
Number #3 on the list is incredibly dumb. The sound was added for the same reason it's in 90% of movies that take place in space, even if it's not scientifically accurate. Entertainment value. The concept of his computer modeled advanced spaceship that he flew around space and time for the duration of the show was made up for the same reason. I can only guess the author is reaching to populate his little list. Pick better battles.Also, please tell me #5 is meant to be a...
Bag looks great Greg. Will people be able to place MTO orders online too or just via the trunk show?
Eh, hate the term or not it's a great website. Easily the best under the Gawker umbrella.Yup. It's just a gift card.
Tip on how to keep the $79 rate. http://lifehacker.com/get-another-year-of-amazon-prime-for-79-even-as-a-cur-1543360940
Haven't had a chance to see the first episode myself. I do know that Tyson has said that he's a little uncomfortable with the whole process and may choose to not return if the show gets renewed for another year. I've always liked Tyson, but it's important to keep in mind that this is his first big budget mainstream tv show. I have a feeling he will have a ways to go to develop into the role and be comfortable at it.
I'm ok with the Amazon Prime price hike. As much as I use the service, it's still a great value. I just wish they would bump up their instant video offerings so I could finally drop Netflix and save that money. EDIT: otc is right that the shipping seems to be slipping lately. I used to never have items get delayed and it's happened to me a couple times in the last few months.
New Posts  All Forums: