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I'm seeing a lot of negativity about the trailer on social media. GOTG managed to get people excited from trailer one. This isn't doing that at all.
It looked boring and generic in the trailer. I don't have high hopes.
I need this movie to get made.
I tend to agree. It's been a failed franchise for them so far and this is a reboot that has had some horrible word of mouth. Not sure why they are so confident it will deserve a sequel.Frankly out of all the franchises Marvel sold out back in the day, I wish FF would return to them the most. The team would fit in nicely next to the Avengers and the rest of the MCU. Far more so then Spider-Man or the X-Men.
The jackets look really nice for the price. Wish you carried more selection in 44L, but I understand wanting to focus on the sizes that sell more.
Hmm. That could be it. I'll check that out.
I've noticed a lot of recent back and forth in this thread about full and half canvas. Honestly, I think having these lower priced half canvas jackets available as an option is a smart move. Suit Supply is a good value and thus its appeal, but the cuts tend to be a little trendy. I could see the store growing some in that market over time with the right priced merchandise.
Anyone else notice that any older animated Gif's you have on your iPhone that get sent up to iCloud for storage no longer animate? It's not just iCloud as I've noticed the same issue with Dropbox. Once the Gif's are uploaded to the cloud and downloaded again they won't animate anymore. It's a bit of a pain as I like having some around on my phone. What is causing this?
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