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So a bottle or two a month till he gets back on his feet?
Sure, I could easily see a "choose your own adventure" type game that featured pornographic material making it to VR. Similar to how the old Full Motion Video Games like Night Trap used to play. But we are years away from photo realistic video games in VR created using a game engine. So unless you are interested in getting off to women who look worse then a made for TV CGI character, then it's pre-recorded footage at most.
It's weird they would even be at E3 considering it's porn they are pushing, not games.
In another story of animal attacks:http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/16/world/asia/india-lion-attacks.htmlWhile no expert on the topic I had always believe that it was standard practice to put an animal down that kills and eats a human. Not sure I have ever heard of them being forced to live in a zoo. It would feel somewhat morbid for visitors of the zoo to know that a certain animal on display had committed this act.
Yeah, I laughed hard at that comment when I saw it. Too bad so many of the others are so cringe worthy.
They seem to be doing a WWZ (movie) style take on the zombies. They come after you in a flood of bodies. That might prove interesting enough if done right.
Days Gone did look really good. My issues is i'm getting fairly tired of seeing games with zombies even if it they do seem to have a unique take on it.
Supergirl has cast its Superman, according to Variety. Tyler Hoechlin is your new Superman. My take is that he's as good a pick as any. Looks the part and I wouldn't expect it to be a large role in the show as they will not want him to overshadow Supergirl.
It's rather hilarious that this thread is ranking high enough in search results to bring in so many random new accounts to evangelize the virtues of becoming an insurance agent.
The story of the young boy at the Disney park in FL is both sad and horrific. My thoughts go out to the family. http://gawker.com/divers-recover-body-of-toddler-attacked-by-alligator-at-1782054153 Also sad is the first comment to this story on Gawker. Yes, there are Alligators in FL and they sometimes are found in places that humans would rather them not be. This shouldn't be surprising to anyone.
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