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While non of those are the style I prefere for a wallet, the vertical model is nice. Id also be tempted to buy the billfold model in mocha for my father. He's in need of a new one and that looks perfect. It's a shame there are not more color options. I feel like smaller leather goods like a wallet is a great opportunity to expand your leather colors. Maybe a green similar to the shade that someone requested in this threads before for example.
Does the Fitbit replace your watch or do you wear it I addition with one during the day?
I'm not so sure. I wouldn't bet money on this. Or additional stock.
I'm not sold on the Apple watch either. Watches are one of the few pieces of jewelry that most men will wear besides a wedding ring. Asking them to replace them with a gadget will be a tall order, no matter how much Apple tries to position it as a fashion accessory.
I tried Inbox and couldn't get used to the app. Plus it's missing too many important features.
Outlook doesn't let you attach files directly to emails from Drobox. Only links. Same problem I have with Mailbox. So far the only app I've found that lets you do this is Boxer, but I really wish they would streamline the UI some. It takes too many presses for some common tasks and it's just not as nice looking as Mailbox is.
Like I said, I really only keep the official Gmail app on my phone for seach. No 3rd party app does as good of a job of searching gmail's archive as Google's own.Have you used Mailbox or Boxer? Both are fantastic 3rd party apps that blow away the one that Apple provides in iOS. From what I saw in my (very) brief use, Outlook didn't seem to have many advantages over either. I do want to play around with it some more, as I'm always open to improving my email experience on...
I may give it another shot this weekend, but on first use I didnt see any advantages to it over Mailbox or Boxer.And I still end up keeping Gmail around for the advanced search features when needed.
New update has been fine for me.
I think the helmet looks fine.
New Posts  All Forums: