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I always thought that was the Cesspool.
That was a random internet comment, not from the paper itself.
I think she was on one of those dancing reality shows or something.
Looks like she deleted the post. Wish I could have read the comments before she did.
http://gawker.com/marissa-cooper-finally-breaks-silence-on-alton-sterling-1783279408Best comment:
I heard on the radio that he claimed bombs where hidden around him and in the general area. So using a robot with a bomb makes some sense. They would want to set any possible explosives he hid off before entering to take the suspect out.
I'm not sure this is really comparable. Kick-Ass was told in three mini-series and was never meant to be an ongoing character throughout the years like Iron-Man and Thor. If they want to bring it back, then doing it in an anthology like style seems a good way to go. They can then mix up the main character and settings as they go. As the article says, think Doctor Who.
She should be called War Machine. [[SPOILER]]
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