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Yeah, I'm only in the first season and I noticed that Arrow is loaded with hot chicks. Was disappointed that Oliver's hottie cop GF left, but have hope that she will return in the future.
I'm guessing that will be all kinds of suck.
I haven't started watching FLASH yet as I want to get caught up on Arrow first, but this is some cool news. Apparently this role helped land him as the voice of the Joker in the Batman and JLA cartoons.--Mark Hamill to play the Trickster again on 'The Flash'The Flash is dipping into the past once again and having another actor from the early 90s series reprise their role on the new hit CW series. Having already cast John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen and soon we’ll be seeing...
My understanding is the majority of DBZ movies don't actually count in continuity. They are separate things in the universe that stand on their own. Let's them fiddle around with timelines and such.
Love following the auction every year!
I will say that it's bringing me a ton of lol'z to see people bitch about the concept of a Terminator being sent back in time to raise and protect Sarah Connor. Isn't that the same basic concept of T2 twisted slightly? How is a Terminator being sent back to protect John Connor and become his buddy any less absurd? It worked for T2, so maybe it could work here.
I want that to be good, but not sure the trailer did a good enough job of explaining what's the film is about. I would have focused on whatever act created this new timeline and then give brief glimpses of the action after that.
Oh Hell yeah. Andrew Scott's in it as a villain! He's fantastic in Sherlock and can't wait to see his work here.
I agree that one shouldn't be too worried about having everything match perfectly. What I think they are getting at is that navy goes well with black and shades of brown. So the point that some are making is that it is a versatile color if you wear a lot of both.I personally don't wear a lot of black. So for me, it's not an issue. I also prefer the look of mocha over navy and think it's dark enough of a shade to go with occasional black shoes without looking out of...
Love that they are going for the classic fat Waller and not the Nu52 version. Not sure I think it's such a good idea to bring in the Joker yet. He's too important a villain for DC and the casting needs to be got just right.
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