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Yes the Falcon will be in the trailer as the moneyshot. You can count on that. The open question for me is if Luck and company will be in it or not. Some rumors suggest this trailer will focus on the new characters, saving the classics for down the road.
Star Wars TFA trailer is going to hit iTunes on Friday.
Its harder to believe that a billion dollar company couldn't afford to hire people smart enough to plan a dinosaur park that would be safe for visitors. That is the real suspension of belief here.
You are the 2nd person I've heard say this, but I don't get the hate. Looks fun enough even if the raptor pack at the end was stupid. Where is this hate coming from?Honestly the trailer looked better then the two other sequels did. I'm going in with an open mind.
I respect that, but hasn't she been assertive enough? If anything I feel like she sometimes overpowers the current Doctor. She comes across as his equal more often then not. After all she is a "Doctor" herself by name. At the end of the day, it's Doctor Who and let's face it... Fans have very diverse opinions on what the show should be.
Have you considered doing the Gustin denim business model of mini crowd sourced runs for unique colors and materials? Even with a slight markup I think it could be a good way to give certain people the special requests they are looking for. I'm only asking this out of pure selfishness since I find this the perfect shade of brown and would love to see your shop do a brief in it.
Rumor is we might find out she is pregnant in the Christmas Special. It would be a natural way for her to leave the show and keep with the narrative told so far.Really? I disliked her during Matt's run, but thought she has been fantastic with Peter. The chemistry has been great with the new Doctor. I honestly couldn't disagree with you more here.
Having long felt bitter towards the direction the franchise took with the prequels, I'm surprised at how hyped I am for the sequels. It feels good to be looking forward to a Star Wars film again.
I love that teasers for trailers is now a thing.
New Posts  All Forums: