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Steven Novella, one of my favorite science bloggers and podcasters wrote a good piece on GMO labeling and why it's a bad idea.http://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/should-there-be-mandatory-gmo-labeling/You can find several other good pieces on the issue by searching the blog for GMO if you are interested.
Well you certainly proved me wrong.
It's not useful information. Mankind has been messing with our food's DNA since we figured out agriculture. Anytime you selectively breed any plant or animal you are changing it's genome. Most of the general public is ignorant of GMO and automatically defaults to "Frankenfood Bad!" anytime they see or hear the term. Labeling over 70% of the food on the market in the USA as being GMO would do nothing but create fear in the public about the same safe foods they have been...
Wait, what? Link please?Regarding GMO labeling, the reason this is a bad idea has little to do with guberment interference. When you start labeling things "GMO" it will create a perception in the public that it's something that needs to be labeled because it's bad/unhealthy. The whole reason the organic industry wants this to happen is because it would be a huge marketing boom for them and the products they sell.
You see racist bad actors in various media who say racist things in modern media. As long as this character is not presented as a hero in the story it's not really something that can't be printed or filmed.You might have a point with the two sexual detectives, but keep in mind they are presented as all out deviants. As long as that's highlighted instead along with them being all around terrible people it could likely fly. I don't think anyone reading the story came away...
Wasn't it mainly the bad actors in the story that did so?
Interesting that the person didn't want any interior pockets. The lining looks really nice. I am assuming it's goatskin? Great color.
I truly do believe Geoff Johns will be the savior of the DCU, but am unsure how soon it will be before we see the fruits of his influence. As I mentioned before, the script for WW was written when Snyder had full control of DC's vision for these films.
Well those same hicks from Fatburger, USA wouldn't have been the market for Preacher when it came out either or any other title from Vertigo. I was commenting on and disagreeing with Dopey's point that Preacher contained certain outrageousness that wouldn't be publishable today.
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