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Came across what looks like a fairly new bag maker called CROL + CO. Might be an option for those looking for an affordable briefcase as the bag they sell will run you only £290 ($423 USD). I like the design and the fact the briefcase has a fairly slim, but usable profile. Stitching is nothing to write home about, but not bad for the price point. Three shades of veggie tanned leather to choose from, solid brass hardware, etc. Looks like they didn't include pen slots which...
His run on Green Lantern is legend. Single handily re-imagined the character and revitalized the franchise. Loved it all.
Geoff Johns is the man. Looking forward to seeing his influence make some needed course corrections.
RebelScum I have a knock off Rolex for sale you might be interested in. Runs real nice and built WELL. Time will tell exactly HOW well, and while I have no doubt that a true expert could spot the difference, the only one I can see between it and an authentic Rolex is a very expensive sticker. Only asking $10k! Hit me up over pm and let's make a deal.
Wait... I missed that. The copy he bought cost over $3k? That doesn't make any sense.
If the inside is designed similarly to this then I am not sure the unit would full-fill your needs unless you planned to store shoes in it.
Nothing they have shown so far seems too out of place. We have a new type of droid and what looks like a small group of specialized black storm troopers. Overall it looks like a lot of care is being taken to keep the look and feel of the time frame the movie is supposed to take place in. The Empire was supposed to be huge so i'm ok with seeing a few things that we never saw before.I do know one rumor from a while back: [[SPOILER]]
I could see it start feeling like that at some point down the road, but I feel like it's a little unfair to claim so right now. We have had a single film so far and a trailer for the next. Compare that to how many Marvel films? The comparison even becomes weaker when you consider the fact that Disney so far only has plans to do a single Star Wars film a year. Marvel is pushing out several. Keeping the releases to a yearly schedule may go a long way towards making each...
New Posts  All Forums: