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I guess it really was true that a large amount of Trump supporters were too ashamed to admit it. Would explain the predictions based on all the data.
Considering extending the deadline till the end of this week since the turn out has been lower then expected. Thoughts?
Guy has only two posts and they both shill for the company... Just saying.
Yes, Marvel Are Paying Chris Claremont Not To Write Comics
A few of these repo companies have reputations for shilling on various forums and blogs. Regardless of the products true qualities or virtues, I would stay suspicious of random glowing reviews you may read online.EDIT: Regarding IFN, I appreciate the fact that they are willing to give you close ups of various details like the chrome work and seams. Non of it looks as nice as you would get with the authentic items but at least they are not hiding this. Giving you a better...
Can you post recent pictures of it? I've been trying to get someone to show examples of how the cognac bag ages for a while.
I would call you a cunt for typing this, but you lack both the depth and the warmth.
To be fair, Strange has never been one of Marvel's more popular characters. I've always found him interesting as do many other readers. It's just that his titles don't typically reach the top of the charts or generate a lot of buzz.
Our resident Social Injustice Warriors should get a kick out of this.
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