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Heavens forbid we get that instead of tons more testosterone filled male heros kicking everyone's ass they come across with shoehorned one liners like "Hasta la vista, baby" or "Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!" Because female hero = feminist agendas and SJW.
At my last couple jobs even an odd jacket makes you look a bit too overdressed. I did wear them, but never did a suit. Here in Austin i've heard the owners of a few start-ups say that if someone showed up for an interview even in an odd jacket they would be viewed as likely not fitting in to the culture.
Wait till the show goes full retard near the end. Fun stuff.
I know in the EU they are an alien race. Not sure if that's canon or not now.It doesn't really matter either way. Wasn't the line that many Bothans died bringing the plans? They could be just one part of the raid and overall plan. Doesn't mean Bothans were the only players involved.
Something tells me you have seen that plot far, far less than a young, raw hero being thrown into something larger than his history would suggest.
Is that the device that lets you write on any surface but requires you to attach another device to the surface?
I only smoke a cigar once in a blue moon, but that humidor makes me want to take up the habit.
Can the IL MICIO key case hold a car key with the fob built in? It looks like it might be a little small to do so.
Yeah, that's what got me thinking about it since they use a rebranded version of the one I linked to. I'd probably get the Neo Smartpen over the Moleskin version, if just because I would be more confident they wouldn't try and restrict me to their own notebooks/paper.
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