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Taking modern cold technology and mixing them in use with natural materials is a contrast I find highly appealing. I've always been drawn towards tech that makes use of natural materials like wood and leather.
That one doesn't look half bad. Priced right too. The shade appears to be a little darker in comparison to the Apple saddle brown case when new. So you may not see as wide a range of variation when the color changes. Still, the leather is likely higher quality.
It would be nice if we could focus on the substance of these claims and allegations about Trump without the constant attempts to redirect the conversation towards the Clintons. Whether or not any of this is true about the Clintons isn't really relevant to Trump's actions.
Honestly GF I wouldn't worry too much about the open area on the bottom of the leather case. Any scratches you get would be fairly minor and it's not like that's the most visible area of the phone.
Looking forward to multiple pages of discussion from supporters trying to rationalize how using the n-word isn't racist if this is true.
From what I have seen of your post history on these topics I'm not really all that confident you would be willing to label anything sexism.
Great great. We have established there is a great deal of hypocrisy on both sides. Now can we go a few pages of discussion without trying to score gotcha points by singling these hypocrisies out? The real question here is if the gross amounts of sexism Trunp has displayed during this campaign and in his past should disqualify his as presidential material in the public's eyes.
It really does show a total lack of judgement on all levels. He had no idea he was going to run for president when the comments were made but he was still a well known public personality, important business man aspiring celebrity.That's all even ignoring his far more current sexist comments. If people want to keep pretending a man with so little judgement and self awareness is fit to be Predident go on and have at it. I just wonder how many of those making excuses for this...
Bills indiscretions were done in private. He did a lot of bad shit that can't be excused, but at least had the judgement to try and hide it. Trump's been shown to repeat lack any judgement. These comments were made during taping of access Holywood. He's made multiple derogatory comments towards women, Muslims, Mexicans and such on the campaign trail and Twitter for Christ sakes. I agree that there is a level of hypocrisy at display by the left here but let's not pretend...
The way he keeps being brought up you would think he's the one running.
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