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I'll admit I am a fan of the classic and Pre-Nu52 version of Captain Marvel, but I am not even sure the post Nu52 relaunch version would fit well into the Snyder-verse. Perhaps the film will be allowed to stand on it's own without having to concern itself too much with fitting into DC's overall thematic universe they are setting up.
@jrd617 That's actually Groot's thing. It's all he says. It's been explained in the comics that he's actually speaking in his native tongue, but to outsiders it always sounds like "I am Groot." I'm psyched we are getting a Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!) film as he's always been one of my favorite characters. Problem is he wouldn't really work in the style Snyder has set up for the universe with MoS. I'm hopeful they allow for it to have its own creative feel more appropriate...
SPURS are on fire.
The MKX gameplay from Sony's press conference.
Sony is killing it. Great showing.
Sales tax and an added tax liability on her return.Regarding the earlier posts, I haven't won many contest in my life but I don't enter them often. Mainly because i'm allergic to junk mail and email spam.
It was a contest where she was chosen randomly as the winner. She's always entering these odd contests. It's actually the 4th or 5th item she's won in the year and a half we have been dating and by far the highest value. Others stuff was things like concert tickets and gift cards for stores. I told her she needs to start playing the Lotto next.
When I first heard about it, that's the first thought I had. Not 100% sure what she's going to do yet, but last we talked about it she was leaning towards keeping it and giving her current car to her father. She hasn't even had a chance to drive the thing yet, so that should have a large influence on her decision.
Girlfriend won a new car. No idea how I am going to fit in that thing.
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