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I don't see nightly charging as that big of a deal. How many people sleep with a watch on? If you are taking it off anyways, how is it that much more of a hassle to connect it to the charger? The main downside there is the device won't be able to be used to monitor sleep patterns like some fitness tracking devices do. As long as the watch can make a full day on a single charge, it should be enough.
You will be charging it every night.
I enjoyed Superman Returns. I'll admit the movie is not perfect, but I never understood the hate people give it.
He was a great Superman. It's interesting to see him as a different hero.
I'm curious how many of the $5k+ solid gold models they will actually sell.
I'm not sold on it yet, that doesn't mean I won't be in the future. Apple just needs to prove to me I need it. They haven't yet.
Not sure that picture is really helping your case GF.
While non of those are the style I prefere for a wallet, the vertical model is nice. Id also be tempted to buy the billfold model in mocha for my father. He's in need of a new one and that looks perfect. It's a shame there are not more color options. I feel like smaller leather goods like a wallet is a great opportunity to expand your leather colors. Maybe a green similar to the shade that someone requested in this threads before for example.
Does the Fitbit replace your watch or do you wear it I addition with one during the day?
I'm not so sure. I wouldn't bet money on this. Or additional stock.
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