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Europa Report was excellent. They did a great job of keeping the space travel grounded and realistic. I heard Apollo 18 was garbage.
Relevant to this thread. http://www.getoyvey.com/
The Royal Family is by far the only even remotely interesting thing about the Inhumans that I've seen. The only time I've paid much attention to them is when they appear in the FF.
http://makingstarwars.net/2015/05/andy-serkis-star-wars-the-force-awakens-name-revealed/ Andy Serkis' character name has been revealed. It's Supreme Commander Snoke. It's a little goofy sounding but this is Star Wars after all. I've got a feeling he's going to feel very Thawn like. I wouldn't be surprised if they used that character for inspiration.
Oh man. I just saw these updates. I need to watch this. EDIT: Manton is right. Star Trek IV was a lot of fun. I'd put it up there as one of the better ones with the original cast.
I actually sent them an email with detailed feedback. Most of it was praise but I requested the ability to choose a different background color. I think a shade of grey would work a lot better. Interesting that you point out the "like" button. I was a little confused on its overall purpose but that makes sense. I'd like to see those quick replies be customizable too.EDIT: I just found out you can create a folder on the sidebar for read recites. So that helps alleviate one...
Got to play around with the "natural language" search. Seems to work well. I use GMAIL and search is an area that almost all third party apps stumble except Google's official one. I do think the UI needs a little work. I'm not a fan of the blue background and sometimes threaded email conversations are not as readable as they could be. Just some minor issues I'd like to see improved.
Got to try out a Casper mattress this weekend on the promotional tour. Wish they gave people a little longer to lay on them, but it felt nice for the brief time I got. A little on the firm side, so if you like a softer mattress the brand may not be for you. Edit: In researching reviews of Caster I came across a company called Brooklyn Bedding. They custom make mattresses to your preference and you can choose how firm you want it. Prices seem competitive to Casper for a...
Watch Marvel turn Frost into an Inhuman to keep her around. I'm actually surprised they didn't try that stunt with Wolverine considering he's their second most popular character.
It would sit better with me if they were not pushing the Inhumans as a mutant replacement. So DC made a big announcement that they are bringing back the multiverse. Essentially undoing Crisis of Infinite Earths. The New 52 will still be the main universe, but this will allow a lot more freedom to the creators. You can tell stories with any version of the characters you want. They have already teased a book that will essentially be a continuation of Justice League...
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