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The amount of fucks I was able to give about this election are long since gone. It's a clown show between a racist, short-fingered, failed meat salesman and a woman who has a long history in politics of breaking people's trust and couldn't get her base excited to vote if her life depended on it.Everyone I know who plans to vote is doing so not because they want "their candidate" to win, but because they are more afraid of the other side winning. The whole thing is a joke.
He probably originally meant to aim the gun at the autistic guy until his natural instincts as a cop to shoot at black people kicked in.
If true, the fact that the cop was trying to shoot an autistic guy playing with a toy truck makes everything about this story world's better.
Or maybe they shouldn't have been pointing their guns in the direction of a black man laying on the ground with his hands up and an artistic guy with a toy truck in the first place.
How about this. Systemic racism is what lead to the cop pointing his gun for so long at the black man who clearly wasn't a threat that when his gun fired due to gross incompetence it struck the guy.
It's official. Being black makes you a bigger threat in cops' eyes then being suspected of holding a firearm.
Statements are starting to be given.http://gawker.com/state-investigating-police-shooting-of-an-unarmed-black-1784050906
Those usually go hand in hand.
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