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Only a few hours left in 2016. Come on Betty White you can do it!!!
Love the design of the Minifold wallet! Looks like the perfect compromise between a minimal card holder and wallet. Might actually end up having a thinner profile then a card holder would when storing cash since you don't have to fold your bills over a couple times to get them to fit.
I do agree with you that the thread is easier to control then others.Having said that, this forum has a way of making random threads show up high in Google results. See the Farmers Insurance thread as a perfect example. No one should assume just because a handful of posters take part in this thread it's not turning up in search results and viewed by a large amount of people.
I believe that's 13 gifts that have been posted so far? Out of 18. I know of at least a few more that should be on their way or have arrived by now. If you are still running behind on your gift and haven't been in communication with me please do so.
When you said in your note to me that I "best use it or you will fight me" I assumed you meant the Star Wars sweater.Now i'm kind of [[SPOILER]]
PM me your gamer tag.
This is a bit of brilliant marketing.http://comicbook.com/2016/12/30/logan-viral-website-releasing-final-trailer-one-frame-at-a-time/http://www.1974framesoflogan.com/
I've ranted about it in this thread before, but I don't understand why so many people can't just use spoiler tags. No offence to anyone in particular, but it's a selfish attitude to decide that just because you have seen a film you shouldn't have to be inconvenienced by using or interacting with spoiler-tags. There are different levels of fans for all genera. Some will always go and see a film on opening weekend and some will wait a little while. Even for home video these...
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