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The processors in the modern iPhones have been more than enough to handle basic UI tasks like butter. It's when running apps, processing photos, etc, that you see the benefit.
All the Apple stores and ATT stores I checked were out of black iPhones. I had to get mine at a Best Buy Mobile store. It seems like 32 gigs is sold out everywhere. That's why I ended up with the 128. It's all I could find. Not sure I really need that much space.
It feels a little more snappy. I won't really know till I am able to reinstall my backup and start playing around with all my apps and games. Having double the ram, coming from the 6, should be a huge improvement in web browsing.
iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 water test.
I have the iPhone 7 128 gig in matte black. Would have gone for a 32 gig but no one had them in stock.
Played with an iPhone 7 at Best Buy last night. Couple thoughts. The new home button isn't bad at all. The old button was better but I'm ok with the new one. One thing that I found weird is not being able to swipe back into the main home screen from the camera once you enter that mode. It's awkward since swiping works on home screen and the widgets view. Just not camera. Didn't really get to mess around with much else. Trying to buy a matte black 7 today.
Oh Christ. What the fuck is that? Who in the world.... Ugh!
Didn't realize some early AirPod reviews have hit: https://9to5mac.com/2016/09/13/airpods-review-roundup/ Taken in aggrogate these reviews don't paint the best of pictures. At least not for the price. Also looks like the W1 hasn't fixed the problematic nature of Bluetooth 4.0 as there were complaints about pops and cut outs. Sound is improved over the earpods but still average at best. The big surprise is they seem to fit a lot of people well and stay in their ears....
Regarding the AirPods, the only way to control the volume is via Siri unless you use the controls on your phone. I feel like Siri has become better over time but I don't really desire to use it for simple tasks such as volume control. The AirPods have those arms that stick out right? Why didn't they put a touch bar on each for the simple tasks such like this?
This is Apple. They have a long history of streaming in software design. You are correct that someone doesn't have to use them, but it's a fair criticism to wonder why they are there in the first place and if the UI presents them in a clean and intuitive fashion.FWIW, I have not used the new iMessages yet but it does look a little on the convoluted side to me. I will reserve full judgement till I get to play around with it.
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