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I'd love to get in on this. The 2059 was my favorite from the selection Greg presented. Just not a good time for me. Hopefully there will be another chance in the future. The pattern looks great in Greg's fit.
Is that the tobacco linen Havana? Nice! How is the fabric?
@jrd617 I'd wear that first tie in a heartbeat. Agree the 2nd is a little too obvious.
Sad as it is, it reinforces why I take online reviews worth a grain of salt. No one ever bothers to write them when they are happy. It's generally the pissed off people who take the time.
Good idea. Well after the check is cashed, of course.
Have an update on this. After forwarding the emails I exchanged with my contact at the company regarding the state of the floors when I moved in and the photos I took at the time, they have decided to meet me 1/2 way. I went ahead and accepted the offer considering it put me close to what a contractor would charge to repair that one spot in the bedroom I caused. I'm out a little money, but can live with this.
I agree. I'm starting to think it will be a yearly thing. I had hope they would do it twice a year, but it's starting to look like that won't happen.
It's going to be amazing to see the DC Trinity on the big screen together.
Berg & Berg just started a sale. Some nice deductions of ties, knits and belts. I've always admired the store's selection. http://bergbergstore.com/
I'd have loved that MrG, but it would have involved the company being even somewhat communicative with me. They hardly ever returned phone calls or emails in regards to repairs and maintenance issues in the time I spent there. A couple times I had to drive down to the main office and demand to speak with someone. In the end I couldn't even get a simple response from the company on where to leave my keys. It's one of the bigger reasons I decided to move.
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