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You should ask permission to post the reviews online.
Yup. Still no perfect email app on iOS. I currently have three installed that I rotate between based on need.
Really looking forward to reviews from the first wave of backers. Would you consider an iPad case? For both the Air and Mini?
First Class and DoFP but they came after the disaster that was X-Men 3. What about the rest of Fox's properties? The Wolverine films did ok, but were not loved critically or by the fan community. Both FF films managed to be steaming turds too. In terms of future projects from Fox, only AoA is looking hot. The FF film had already become a joke to the fan community and we have only seen a single trailer. Deadpool? I guess that could end up being good, but it's from the...
If this deal goes smoothly and highly profitable for both parties, I wonder how long it will be before Fox makes a similar agreement?
Unbreakable is my favorite M. Night film. He started going downhill after that.
That Saved By The Bell skit was fantastic. I remember when Jimmy tried to do a reunion for the show on his old show. Managed to get all the cast to agree to it but Kelly. It's humorous to see her do a 180 for the exposure now that he's on the Tonight Show.
You don't think there is value to be able to take a quick glance at your watch to see a text without having to pull a phone out of your pocket? I've said before I'm not sold on the Apple Watch being a huge success, but there is certainly value in this. One requires a fast glance at you watch which is fairly natural and non interruptive, the other requires you to reach into your pocket, pull a device out of it and look at it. The point is the watch lets you make a quick...
One could argue that the watch served its purpose letting him know about the text and who it was from. There is some value to being able to know this at a glance without pulling a phone out of a pocket.
I don't see nightly charging as that big of a deal. How many people sleep with a watch on? If you are taking it off anyways, how is it that much more of a hassle to connect it to the charger? The main downside there is the device won't be able to be used to monitor sleep patterns like some fitness tracking devices do. As long as the watch can make a full day on a single charge, it should be enough.
New Posts  All Forums: