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For those still following the Gawker saga, they have been bought for 135 million by Univision. http://www.recode.net/2016/8/16/12504008/univision-is-buying-gawker-media-for-135-million Update on the future of their websites from Gawker.com. http://gawker.com/fate-of-gawker-com-remains-unclear-after-univision-acqu-1785392239
First wing of Karazhan was surprisingly good. The final boss of it used a unique game mechanic that I wouldn't mind seeing the developers explore further as a new game mode.
Coworker bought a BeDazzler kit for our boss as a gag gift for his birthday. Imagine our surprise after wondering who the Hell "Tana from National TV" is, finding out she is a senior campaign adviser for Trump. I feel like this may explain so much.
I just find it kind of ugly.
Outstanding job on the lizard skin wallet parker.
Spike wasn't originally going to last past the second season, but Joss liked the character so much he kept him around.
I've heard that the Angel/Faith series was good too. Those characters always had a great dynamic together. Speaking of Angel, I really loved that show too. It was too bad they ended it on the 5th season as having Spike around really freshened up the show.
Hated? Wow. I can understand it not being one of your favorites, but I thought everyone generally appreciated it.I will say that I consider season's 1-5 of Buff some of the greatest television ever. The last two seasons, other then a small handful of episodes, I try and pretend never happened.Anyone read the Buff comics? I enjoyed "Season 8" as a whole, but my god did it drag on too long. It should have been a good 5 issues shorter or cut into two seasons. The big reveal...
Have you not read Piob's posts?
As I have mentioned before, I have had worse luck with my iPhone 6 then any prior iPhone. Had one's screen crack then eventually die do to water damage. Well my iPhone 6 recently died again. This time was also water damage, but didn't amount to much. A drink spilled on it without me realizing it at first. Phone worked for a little while then crapped out over night. Being that we are so close to a new model coming out I really didn't want to invest in a replacement right...
New Posts  All Forums: