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I guess it depends on how big of a role the Waynes have. The show is supposed to center around a young Gordon, but if the Waynes are major players then I would expect them to have interactions with other characters from the show.Maybe you are right that we should take a wait and see approach. I just wish this was going to be a more pure "Gotham Central" concept, set in modern times instead of a period piece. You could easily just have Batman make an occasional cameo and...
What the Hell? In the Gotham TV series coming, Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne are childhood friends? Really? http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/03/21/gotham-set-pictures-show-young-bruce-wayne-and-selina-kyle/ Please tell me this is not the case. It already makes little sense for the all of Batman's Villains be around to fight a young Gordon, do we really need to take a larger leap of faith that a Wayne would be palling around with someone who has Selina's troubled background?
Love the PS you have going Stitch. Outfit looks great.
That's a nice looking bag @Austin Tremblay. Is the leather they use full grain? Great colorway. I have mentioned it before in this thread, but the "need" for an optional shoulder strap is something I fight with. I feel like I could get by without it, but there are instances I can think of that would make me regret not having out. Travel being the big one. If I ever invested in a leather briefcase that didn't have a strap I think it would have to be perfect in every other...
Oh. I had heard there was a charge.
What do you use now? Did you switch to a bag that uses a lighter leather type in its construction?
There are people who actually get emotional over memories of Smallville?
Anyone buy the Free 2 Play documentary from Valve? Looks interesting.
Is it any more heavy then your typical briefcase in that style made out of thick bridle leather? These bags look nice and age wonderfully, but tend to be on the heavy side.
Again, Marvel Studios is owned by Disney and doing just fine. They are doing exactly what Disney wants them to do. Make films based on their own properties that appeal to a broad audience at the box office and generate a ton of revenue via merchandising. I'm giving Disney a benefit of a doubt that they will allow Lucasfilm to do the same.
New Posts  All Forums: