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Yes and report it stolen to Apple. They will log it as such with the phone's unique I.D. which will make it harder for the asshole to flip.
Anyone planning on getting Alien Isolation? Game is looking Badass and getting decent reviews. Seems like anyone who is criticizing it are doing so for (IMO) the wrong reasons. For instance not liking the unpredictable A.I. The xenomorph has. Seems like a huge plus to me. I may hold off till later this fall when I finally get a PS4. Not sure I want to experience it the first time on my PS3 with downgraded graphics and A.I.
I would have made the phone start playing that loud noise that is an option in Find My iPhone. You might have got lucky with it being within earshot. Just something to consider in the future. Sorry this happened to you. I'd go nuts without a phone.
I avoid the matching luggage set.
+1 but I personally don't like to get too matchy matchy with my leather goods. I'd go different colors that compliment each other if I was planning to use them both at once.
@linjer which photo would you say best represents the cognac briefs leather color IRL? I must be the only one here not too interested in a navy bag. Sure I'll gladly take it for free if I win, but my preference is for shades of brown, cognac, etc. I do think Rach had a good point that once you get too far out if the "typical" briefcase colors the bags are going to be a harder sale.
Kids test 'Bendgate' by breaking loads of iPhone 6's in an Apple Store and putting video of it online. How can this be a real thing?
They are.
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