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You don't remember it because it didn't really happen that way. He was in High School when the bite happened. Which just adds to the absurdity of focusing casting on kids who looks as young as these boys do.What a lot of people, and apparently Marvel, forget is that when these comics were first written the characters aged in real time. Parker grew older with the readers. It wasn't till he was out of High School that the creators realized they needed to slow down his aging...
Another rumored child in the running. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2015/06/13/what-is-going-on-with-the-spider-man-casting/ EDIT: I will admit I like him slightly better then the other choices.
Well yes, I don't think it's what Marvel wants. It's the same Marvel that magically retcon'd the spider-marriage out of existence so Parker could date again and feel "younger" to readers. These are the same readers who have largely HATED this move over the years. Marvel doesn't always make the best choices for it's properties.
It's really bizarre. Everyone was saying this reboot was a good opportunity for them to bring in an older, more established Parker. Married and worrying about home life too. Easier to relate to for anyone over 20. Yet this is the route they want to go in? I don't understand it at all.
What the f**** is this s***? These are the kids now rumored to play Peter Parker in the MCU? http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/marvel-sony-fighting-spiderman-actor/ Only Holland (bottom) looks like he's managed to make it thru puberty yet and even he looks like he's waiting for his mother to pick him up from band camp. Can you see any of these kids fighting alongside the Avengers in a movie? What the hell are they thinking, assuming this is all true?
I've heard that speculation before. Would be a fun twist if true.
I haven't read the books, but always held out hope you would find out Syrio Forel somehow made it out alive. I loved his character that season.
Solid casting. He should do well in the roll. My hope is his character gets spun out to his own show.
Did they mention speed improvements with iOS? I don't remember it. I'd think they would brag about it if these types of optimizations are happening.
Sure, but after all the rumors of these updates being similar to Snow Leopard I expected more talk of improvements and optimizations under the hood. iOS is in desperate need of it.
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