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Pecan butter is amazing as is the BBQ joint the sauce is from. I have not tasted the two smaller sauces, but they came highly recommended and were part of the maker's final batch.Wish you had showed the Christmas card. I thought it was one of the best parts of the package. There was a failure here as aleksandr was supposed to get two books instead of one. I've sorted it all out with Amazon and there should be a second book on its way before too long.
This is the bag he did for Mr Moo some years ago. Always liked the design.
It appears Narragansett Leathers is taking briefcase orders again. For a while he was just doing the occasional one off to sell on his site. I've always thought his designs were fairly unique and easier to pair casually then many other bridle briefcases. Good pricing too.
Part of the new collection you were telling me about?
He's well liked in the Teen Titan cartoons. Different dynamic and let's face it, different personality.
He's a fairly boring character to be honest. Mostly notable for him time on the Titans. DC has tried for years to work him into the JLA, but he's always felt out of place.
His run on Ultimate Spider-Man is widely considered some of his best work. More so for the early part of the series. He's gone down hill since and I doubt if you didn't care for much of his work on that run that you would prove to be much of a fan of his writing.Bendis' recent work is not looked very fondly of. In part because many Marvel fans are just plain tired of him at this point.
Great post Fok.I've already proposed to /slash the idea of following the thrift SS exchange lead and having a small entrance fee that would be donated to the yearly charity auction you run. Having said that I like your idea too. Perhaps we can work out something that mixes these two ideas?Cheers!
Certainly made for some fun forum drama.
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