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Hooray for absolutely nothing! These teasers for trailers leave me cold.
It's the new norm.
While I've heard the sport bands are decent, I've read plenty of hand on of the leather bands that were not impressed. Some going so far as to say the leather bands felt thin and cheap.Ill check them out at some point but I don't have the highest of hopes. I'd like to be proven wrong.
Got distracted by a better show.
Have a ways to go.Yup. It's the one that tells the stories of how they all came together.
I loved Firefly. Having it canceled mid first season was one of my biggest TV related disappointments of my life. Out of Gas was my personal favorite episode.
The whole UI looks convoluted to me and reviews seem to back up my suspicion that it will have a big learning curve. Very un-Apple like.
@linjer, maybe you mentioned it before but any have you decided on pricing for the holdall yet? Will it be launched similar the your first found of leather goods with early bird pricing for the first backers?
Hearthstone finally released for iPhone. Haven't had a chance to try the version out, but I'm confident they will have nailed it.
You are right. It does sometimes shift around. It's not an ideal solution, but I find it works well enough.
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