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Looks like a very bland remake to me. I guess I don't have the love for these properties to care as much to see a remake as some of you do.
Bag looks great! Was the decision to use a tumbled leather based on a desire to resist scratches and durability? Most tumbled leathers I have seen tend to be slightly more so.
@lawyerdad is out. But it looks like @DerekS might be joining us again this year.
Here is the list of participants I have this year. If I missed your name or if you are not participating please let me know. @lawyerdad @LA GUY @otc @Marc Voorhees @erictheobscure @JohnGalt @SpooPoker @Teger @mreams99 @Pierson v Post @whiteslashasian @venividivicibj @LGHT @aleksandr @justridiculous @PierpontLeather I have two people who are tentative and requested to know by the end of the day. I'll get everyone paired up shortly after I know about them.
I predict people will continue to not give two shits about the Inhumans. This show will fail and hopefully Marvel will finally realize that their continued push of these characters down people's throats has been in vain. They work in a limited basis and usually best when they appear in other titles like the Fantastic Four. On going series that focus on the Inhumans have never been that popular.
Sorry man. Had a busy weekend and was dragging my feet to see if anyone else was going to join up. Last call guys. I'll start the process pairing pairing people up and confirming everyone's a go. You should know who you are matched with by Wednesday. Shipping deadline for gifts will be extended one week too.
I never said solely, but your diminishing of the criticisms he received for his perceived lack of having much political experience is laughable. Luckily Google allows for one to search within specific date ranges to get an idea of what some of his most vocal critics said at the time.http://www.nbcnews.com/id/22326360/ns/politics/t/mccain-assails-obama-lack-experience/#.WCSbTdIrKUkHere we have an article about Obama defending himself against accusations of having a lack of...
If you want to pretend they didn't constantly attack what they perceived as his limited political experience go right ahead. I on the other hand prefer to live in the real world.
New Posts  All Forums: