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Pro tip #3. Lock screen notification allerts are one of a phones biggest battery drains. Go into settings and limit them to the absolute minimums you need and you will see huge gains in phone life over a day.
We still need to play a game or two against each other. Has Blizzard worked out a way to transfer cards yet?
I've become a Hearthstone addict. Need help.
I'm ready to see the finished products.
Must be an issue with the mobile version of SF. I switched to desktop and its a lot easier to read them.
Perhaps it's just me, but I can't read the images' text that well. Maybe upload them in higher resolution?
Another pro tip. The iPhone 6 & plus support the higher voltage of the iPad charger. So it will charge a lot faster using one.
Ha!I was thinking of the Verge review when I made that post. The author praises the game for most of the review then goes off on a tangent about how at some minor parts you end up having to fight less sophisticated android and human characters. Honestly if that's the biggest blow against the game then it sounds wonderful to me. Most video games are nothing but fighting dumb A.I. robots and marines. What I care about most here is the experience with the alien itself which...
No reason other then I like knowing who I'm talking to.
@linjer who is running your account on here? One of the founders, a marketing specialist, or perhapts an intern? Just curious for the community.
New Posts  All Forums: