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I've found the metal part of Lightning cables get scraped up and over time charging becomes less reliable. It's not as bad as the old cable design, but I wish I didn't end up having to purchase a new cable every 6 months.
I've said it many times before. Apple's cables and chargers are shit. They all break way too soon.
Exact same character? What?
Ok. And that would back up the criticisms of the direction they have decided to to take the film i've been making since day one. So where are you going with that? Heavens forbid anyone expect a Captain America solo film to be about Captain America.
Lol. Amazing.
I feel like the Thawn Triolgy hasn't received the rep it deserves in this thread. More so by a certain known poster. It after all gave us such wonderful moments like this. "Several methods have been suggested over the past few decades for counteracting the covert shroud gambit, none of which has ever been made practical," said Thrawn. "Yours was one of the more innovative attempts, particularly given how little time you had to come up with it. The fact that it failed does...
I love how people are seeing this as a good thing in what is supposed to be a Captain Amarice solo film.
Well not all Twitter reactions have been completely positive.Sounds like a cap focused movie to me!
I feel like night shift is helping too, but from my understanding there is very little evidence that toning down certain colors helps you sleep better.
Nope. There were plenty of positive Twitter reactions to it before release. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure some of those were posted in this thread. If I have time later I'll try and dig some of it up.
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