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To be clear I think it reappearing when you scroll up is the intended behavior. Is that what you are saying you experience?He is making a huge deal out of it. The bar doesn't appear for him when he scrolls up. Only by tapping the top status bar. I don't think it's a huge deal at all, but am curious if what he's experiencing is a bug or not.
It's going to be amusing to watch if @dcg was right and this turns into a potential issue with the hardware. Doubling down on them making it so thin was a mistake.
Flexgate. Calling it now.
Can I get a couple of you to test something for me? In ios8 on your iPad does the book mark/tool bar disappear when you scroll up and reappear when you scroll down? Thats how it functions on my iPad and iPhone but a guy I know says it doesn't reappear when he scrolls down. I think it might be a bug.
The $200 trade in deal with At&t ends this month. So i would decide quickly as that will be hard to beat for such old hardware.
I expect there to be a high exchange rate for 6+ from people who ordered online without knowing what they were getting into.
While the 6 is my 2nd least favorite design they have done behind the 3G, I don't dislike it. It's better then most other phones on the market, but I did expect better.The first HTC One, new Motor X and Lucia series are my current favorites in design outside of Apple.
I haven't had a chance to hold the new phones, but I find it doubtful they would bend much at all unless the user goes out of their way to do so. Agree on them being harder to hold, but I've always been in team case. A good one adds nice grip.
How does the phone being thinner correlate to an increase in broken screens? I get the surface area, just not the width.
Any type of case will fix that.
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