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That's the first clip I've seen of this movie that looks half decent. Too bad the music choice was cliche and Peter's voice isn't working.
It's taylor made for cosplay. Her character design is not something I really have a problem with. Overall they nailed it IMO. I just wish, as you said with Ms Marvel, she was her own character and not a replacement for Thor himself.
Yup. The new Nova is a 15 year old kid named Sam Alexander.
Both young and old Iceman. The story featured the younger version of Bobby confronting his older self about why he "wasn't gay" like the younger one knew he was. This is what lead older Bobby to admit to himself and others that he had been in the closet for all those years.
Well I'm ok with them doing it with Ms. Marvel. It's a character with a history of other females taking over the mantle. It's happened before and will likely happen again in the future.I will say I know there are a lot of upset Nova fans because of him being replaced with a kid, but he was never a character I had much attachment to.
Well the X-men comics have never been afraid to touch social issues. It's one of the core themes of Marvel's mutant lines.
Fair points across. Miles is a much loved character who was developed naturally over time in the Ultimates universe. The new Ms Marvel and Hulk are also well liked. I could do without X-23, but while Logan's "dead" she's as good as any replacement. I'm not a fan of the recent decision to have Iceman come out of the closet, to be honest. Seemed like a forced change to a character with a very long history in the universe.I was speaking mainly to the female Thor and FalCap in...
Changing big name characters into new versions generates buzz. Thus we have a black Captain America, a female Thor and a young black Spider-Man (Peter's still around). They are stunts like the Death of Superman was back in the 90's. No one who read comics really thought Superman would stay dead for long, but it generated mainstream coverage and sales.Fact is the largest demographic of comic readers these days are people who grew up reading them. Don't get me wrong, there...
I'm not actually reading this stuff right now, but from what I understand he's off doing his own thing trying to regain his "worthiness" so he can use the hammer again. He did something to be declared not worthy of it anymore.
Yes. Jane Foster took over being "Thor" (which makes no sense because Thor is literally his name). She's the current Thor.The latest stunt is her and FalCap (Black Captain America) just kissed.
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