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God dammit! I wish I could get in on this.
Would you believe they are going to do a Sabrina spin off of the Afterlife series? It's supposed to follow her as she confronts far more complex foes then zombies. She was one of the stand out characters of the main series so I plan on giving it a shot.
I think Archie has managed to carry on all these years because they kept their business model the same. You can still see Archie related comics on shelves in grocery stores next to the magazines and in some convenience stores. Just in reach of loud children whose parents are more then happy to drop $3 on an issue to get the kid to shut up. That's in contrast to most other comics were you can only find them in dedicated stores or digital format these days. All in all, it's...
Not trolling at all. It really is excellent and has been a huge title for the publisher. It's been earning lots of buzz and positives reviews in the community.Bleeding Cool even named it the top title of 2013. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/12/31/bleeding-cools-top-10-comics-of-2013/
There are rumors the new "Thor" will be his granddaughter or something. If that's the case, it makes a little more sense. You could explain it as being a family name.
It may seem like that at first glance, but trust me. The title has a completely unique vibe in it that separates it from the usual zombie story pack. Give it two to three issues and you will be hooked.
Looks perfect Betel!
His last words were indeed sad and perfect.This is an interesting story that's getting a little blown out of context by some media. Life with Archie is actually a separate universe then the mainline. It was meant to be a little more realistic and cover slightly more adult issues that older teens could relate to. The series is actually ending and they wanted to use it as an opportunity to make a statement. The next issue will be the last and a farewell to it. As for the...
Yeah it really doesn't make sense to call her "Thor." Thor is his name. It's never been a title. I'm curious how they will explain this in the context of the universe.
I'd love to get in on this. The 2059 was my favorite from the selection Greg presented. Just not a good time for me. Hopefully there will be another chance in the future. The pattern looks great in Greg's fit.
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