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The whole UI looks convoluted to me and reviews seem to back up my suspicion that it will have a big learning curve. Very un-Apple like.
@linjer, maybe you mentioned it before but any have you decided on pricing for the holdall yet? Will it be launched similar the your first found of leather goods with early bird pricing for the first backers?
Hearthstone finally released for iPhone. Haven't had a chance to try the version out, but I'm confident they will have nailed it.
You are right. It does sometimes shift around. It's not an ideal solution, but I find it works well enough.
I've got no desire to buy the watch right now. Notifications on my wrist mean little to me. Having Apple Pay that much easier to use is nice, but not worth the cost at the moment. Until these wearables become a functional part of a working home and work place automation system, I fail to see how they can really catch on to the masses. Regarding the new MacBook, give it a generation or two. Just like the Air, it didn't hit the the ground running.
About 8 episodes into DD at this point. I'm amazed at how good it's been. Not a single weak episode yet. Looking forward to finishing the season up.
Great collection there. Navy is starting to grow on me the more I see pictures of it in the wild.
I don't like how canvas straps look hanging off $7300 leather bags from Hermes either. I find leather straps more then comfortable as long as they have one of those adjustable pads to place where it meets your shoulder. Quality leather should be durable enough too. As for the straps weight, unless we are talking thick bridle leather I don't think it makes much of a difference.
Imagine if Gotham had gone with a tone similar to Daredevil. The show would have been amazing.
I always use one of my weekender's handles to secure it to a rolling suitcase if needed. Usually this works well enough.
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