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Maybe I missed it, but has a fit pic been posted of this coat being worn without the hood and lining as a topcoat?
My experience is most women don't care if you play games casually. What they don't like is when a man devotes too much of their time to it. The life balance at question here is different for every woman, but if you sit around and play video games all day it's likely to be kryptonite for the ladies.As for me, I really don't game like I used to. Still have my PS3 and will probably get a PS4 down the line for it's exclusives, but it's not a priority for me. My main gaming...
The green looks like it could be really interesting to me. I won't be joining the pre-order fun, but am looking forward to seeing the finished product in some fit pics.
All that dumb shit you love on Facebook coming to you soon in 3D Virtual Reality™! http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/25/5547456/facebook-buying-oculus-for-2-billion
I thought the same thing. I passed it over when I first saw the item on the site because of it looking a little fashion forward for my tastes, but IS' fit pics make it look great. Nice blend for milder weather too.
Ugh. I would hope if the project is X-Force they don't include Wolverine. It's bad enough he's everywhere in the comics. The movies don't need to follow in kind.
He looks great otherwise. I just can't get past those shoes.
LOL, I don't know why but Quicksilver wearing normal running shoes makes me laugh. Are those Adidas? He would destroy those in a heartbeat at top speed.
I couldn't get into FFX-2. The overall vibe just turned me off. Sad too as I heard the core game play is nice.
Once I got used to the game, I didn't really find it a chore at all. I'd also counter by saying that Auron was easily one of the best FF characters to date. I also enjoyed the overall story and loved the ending.X's art felt fresh at the time. At this point I would honestly like to see Square return to more stylized designs for a game or two.
New Posts  All Forums: