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I must say I enjoy reading a brand being open about marking spend or the giving away of goods on internet/social media. It's refreshing to see that level of honesty considering how much of it goes on these days. So what color is this mystery brief?
Just found out my building is going to be rolling out Google Fiber over the next few months.
I could see a table like that making sense if you have children around like in the photo you posted, but if it's just adults I'm not sure it would prove all that useful.
I consider it far more problematic that in the relatively brief time it took Luke to grow into an adult the galaxy seems to have forgotten about the Jedi Order. Han doesn't really seem to believe they existed, etc.
I had brief thoughts that Disney remaking the Prequels could be a good idea but then decided against it. For two reasons. 1. It's better to just move forward at this point and create new stories. 2. It opens Pandora's box that they could eventually try and remake the OT too. :Shudder: FWIW, I think episode 2 was by far the worst of the bunch. It turned the man we were tolf would eventually turn into Darth Vader into a love sick puppy. His dialogue was down right creepy at...
I'm guessing burgundy.
Is the briefcase going to be a small run in a special color or another single prototype being sold?
I don't even associate the character of Anakin in the prequels with Darth Vader from the OT. They don't connect for me so I find it easier to separate them in my mind.
Jar Jar was in that photo...
Happy Star Wars day guys.
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