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You will be charging it every night.
I enjoyed Superman Returns. I'll admit the movie is not perfect, but I never understood the hate people give it.
He was a great Superman. It's interesting to see him as a different hero.
I'm curious how many of the $5k+ solid gold models they will actually sell.
I'm not sold on it yet, that doesn't mean I won't be in the future. Apple just needs to prove to me I need it. They haven't yet.
Not sure that picture is really helping your case GF.
While non of those are the style I prefere for a wallet, the vertical model is nice. Id also be tempted to buy the billfold model in mocha for my father. He's in need of a new one and that looks perfect. It's a shame there are not more color options. I feel like smaller leather goods like a wallet is a great opportunity to expand your leather colors. Maybe a green similar to the shade that someone requested in this threads before for example.
Does the Fitbit replace your watch or do you wear it I addition with one during the day?
I'm not so sure. I wouldn't bet money on this. Or additional stock.
I'm not sold on the Apple watch either. Watches are one of the few pieces of jewelry that most men will wear besides a wedding ring. Asking them to replace them with a gadget will be a tall order, no matter how much Apple tries to position it as a fashion accessory.
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