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Listen was an amazing episode. It's going to be considered a classic for years to come. Peter is off to a fantastic start on his run as the Doctor.
"Retina" has always meant the level of pixels a human eye can see, but I know where you are coming from. It's a marketing term even if there is a level of truth to it. I'm happy with the pixel density of my 5 and will be happy with the 6... I'd rather they work on battery life from this point on the concern themselves with pixel density.
Framing it as if they are "opting out" of Apple Pay clearly misses the bigger picture. They are choosing to not move forward with the NFC standard. This not only effects Apple Pay but Google Wallet, Softcard and any other NFC based mobile payment system. Instead they want customers to download and use a mobile app called CurrentC that uses digital QR codes and doesn't even sync with any of the major credit cards on the market. Good luck with that taking off.This sounds...
@dcg if I was going to go for an Android right now it would be the new Moto X. Getting great reviews and I love the customization options and how they improved the git and finish over the old version. Just not sure I could live with a 5.1 inch phone. Otherwise I'd seriously consider switching for it.
Isn't the protruding camera only on the Plus version or am I wrong? I don't like it either from a design standpoint, but most cases should make it flush once on. Personally I gave up on not using a case when I shattered my screen. Only time it ever happened was the couple months I went without and I've dropped my phone more then a few times over the years.
It's not. The official name is "Apple Watch," but in some visual branding they have chosen to use the Apple logo instead of the word. They are moving away from the "i" branding.
This post pretty much nails it. The home button is as much part of the DNA of the design of the iPhone as the scroll wheel was on the iPod. Add in the fact that the finger scanner is built into it, there really is no possibility that it's going to go away anytime soon. So we either get phones with mismatched tops and bottoms or they simply can't get much smaller with these screen sizes.Installing the iOS8 Gold Master at the moment. Can't wait to play around with it, but a...
I'll be following today's event and will share my thoughts tonight. Pretty excited to see what they will show even if I can't see myself investing in a smart watch. Apple's going to have to convince me otherwise with a very compelling device.
If that's the case and they had originally planned on opening it once a year, I am not sure why they couldn't just plan for this additional cost. Make the discounts not as deep to help cover some the shipping spread.
Did some sale items have their prices raised today with the 15% off code that was sent out today to the Founders Circle? The discounts on some of the Formosa suits was down to $1,738, but the lowest listed price is now $1,942.75? The rest higher.
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