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This just hit and is getting solid reviews. Looks like some mindless fun.
JJ's first Star Trek movie was the perfect example of how to do a modern reboot of a franchise without washing away what happened before it. I loved the film. The sequel fell apart for me in the last half, but has i's moments.
It's interesting. The time travel stuff has worked because it's enough of a plausible explanation to the fanboy/girl, but goes over the head of the casual fan who ends up enjoying it for the ride.
Look into a Grand Repo. They strike me as looking amazingly comfortable, while being able to work reasonably well for those who are not height challenged. Just keep in mind they climb even higher in price then the Eames if you go with one of the leathers offered.The caramel leather version is pure sex.
Surprised they are not going with Logan. It would be a good chance to let him play the character as "evil" before retiring from the role.Apocalypse has always been over-designed in the comics, but I am not feeling the movie look.
I'd just do some Google-Fu. Don't believe it's supposed to be up yet. If that's the case, links are moving targets.
I agree that having some larger sizes would be nice. The Caulfield looks great but is a little smaller then I like to go with shades. Still I can understand needing to keep the product selection limited at launch. Anyways good luck on the project!
Saw the leaked Deadpool trailer. Looks like shit. The Deadpool in that Super Power Beatdown video worked much better then what they have shown so far of this big budget movie. I'm not getting my hopes up on that one.
The Force Awakens looks great! I'm beyond pumped for that film at this point.Evil Dead vs Ash could be Starz break out hit. Can't wait for it.Not sure how I feel about Dawn of Justice yet. Something about the trailer isn't connecting with me.This is a common comic troupe. Don't hate on the movie for running with something that been a staple of DC coming for years.
Trailer for season 9. Peter has been an astonishing Doctor and I can't wait to see where the next season takes the show.
New Posts  All Forums: