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I once showed Rambo a picture of my old place and he commented it was surprisingly lacking of anything of that sort.
If the rumors are true that his solo film will be subtitled "The New Avenger" I'd expect for him to be joining the team.
Isn't it technically a reboot since they are starting over? They may not make it an origin story, but the character is being rebooted for film.
Ugh. I'm honestly sick of highschool/early college Spider-Man on film. It's been done. They should move on and start exploring more of his adult life on film.Besides it makes little to no sense for the Avengers to let a 15 year old join the team.
I think Supergirl looks a lot of fun. I'm glad they went with a more lighthearted approach as it fits the character well.I'm glad it doesn't share the same universe as the films. Not all these properties need to be connected directly. Daredevil was an excellent show but I hated the references to the MCU. Nothing about that show looked like it belonged in the same world as the Avengers.
I've been in the market for a bed too. Considered having one built to my specifications but decided prolly wouldn't make sense after getting a few quotes and running the idea by SG (who was a great help!). Could potentially end up costing as much if not more then a classic like the Case Study if I got it nicely finished. Still haven't decided the bed I'll go for, but I'm in no rush.
Wow, the green briefcase looks great! Wish I could bid on it right now. :-) I'd like to be to see that shade of green in your smaller leather goods. It would make an excellent card holder and wallet.
I've got proof it was brunch. Should I post it Harvey?
@Harold falcon enjoyed brunch today.
Casper is doing a national tour. If you are considering trying one of the mattresses this seems like a good way to see if you like how it feels before buying. https://casper.com/snoozebar I've got a time reserved for when they hit my city.
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