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Those usually go hand in hand.
This quote, if accurate, says it all.
Clearly the Autistic Lives Matter movement has been the far more successful of the two.
Yes, those black people should just stay home for a while till tensions with the police calm down.
Man has his hands up, tells the cops that the guy next to him is autistic and is holding a toy truck. Still gets shot. I'd love to hear Ataturk rationalize the cop's actions on this one.
How the hell do you mistake a toy truck for a gun?
#dead This election is a clown show.
You cannot look at this recent incident on Twitter that got Yiannopoulos banned in a vacuum. He has a long history of harassing people online via Twitter and other medium. This includes getting heavily involved with GamerGate to harras female journalists, even after admiting that he really could give two shits about video games. The guy has had this coming for a while.
That caramel looks like a fantastic shade. Is this going to be a limited run?
Yeah. It's weird. I thought the same thing.
New Posts  All Forums: