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Admittedly I only saw a couple episodes in the first season but I would think AoS would have had to have one of the most epic turn arounds in TV history to be better then Arrow or FLASH is. I just felt un-thrilled with what I saw even if I am open to the possibility it has become great.Daredevil is fantastic, but it's hard to compare it to FLASH. Both exceed in what they set out to do and I am thankful that we are getting well made comic based tv shows from all ranges of...
I'd be curious the peanut gallery's thoughts on knock offs that might not be as easily to discern the differences between them and an original as it may be with Eames Lounge Chair or the rather unfortunate wishbone chair Britney posted. Take something along the lines of a diamond or womb chair. Both of which use metal, padding and fabric in construction. If the maker manages to get the dimensions right and uses fabric and stitching of reasonable quality, I am not sure the...
Combo breakers? What do you mean?
New META since the League of Explorers exp hit has been great! Reno Paladin forever. New favorite deck to play.
Knee deep in FLASH and so far loving the first season. It's a very confident show. Hits the ground running (pun!) and never looks back or hesitates to do as much crazy super hero stuff as possible. The freaking MIST made an appearance! Grood too! Love it all so far.
Yeah maybe. I will have to go back and read the original press releases, but I thought all they confirmed was the next trilogy and filler films on the odd years. Maybe two trilogies, but no timeline for release confirmed for the next one when 9 was done? Personally I would love to see them take a break between the sequel trilogies and do one in the Knights of Old Republic time-frame. I know that is Bioware's baby but there is a lot of potential to work with it on the big...
BUMP! Deadline to join is Friday the 20th.
BUMP! Deadline to join is Friday the 20th.
They were always going to continue past 9 with future trilogies. You don't spend 4 billion on a franchise and do otherwise. It's fine as long as the most care is spent on the trilogies to keep them the "core" of it all. My concern focuses mainly around the implication they may be rushing out the trilogies, not the spin-offs.
I had some hope they would let these stories breath some. Between trilogies. That's apparently not the case as they just announced that they will follow a strict yearly schedule till the money starts to run dry. So yes, it's the full Marvelization of the universe.The one saving grace here is that the plan (so far) is to only do it yearly. Imagine if they moved to a schedule featuring multiple movies a year.
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