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I could see wanting to place certain objects on the sides even up against a wall, but placement of the bookshelf in a room would be key. The design almost feels like it's screaming to be used as a room divider.
I feel like the Galactus figure should be larger.
Glorious thread is glorious.
Interesting rumor about Marvel's Civil War 2 that really puts a chink in the SJW armor. [[SPOILER]]
Hey I give you credit for sticking up for the dorky chair. I kind of want to try one myself now.
Somehow I picture Pio sitting in his dorky lounge chair having a nice glass of wine and an iPad waiting for the next post.
I really love this even if the design reminds me a little too much of one of those outdoor flood lamps.
I can't be the only one who's mind jumped to this.
I can't wait for the release. The meta is going to be insane for a while. I don't think most people realize the amount of long standing cards and deck types that are going to go away in an instant. Almost all the mechs and deathrattle cards will disappear. Doctor 7 is bye bye. Secret Pally will no longer be a thing too. Depending on what new cards they release it could take some time for players to figure out what the optimal decks are for each class. I expect we will...
New Posts  All Forums: