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Yes there is a number of examples that have been reported. A number that is still only a tiny fraction of the amount sold. As you said, they have only been available for a week or so. You are welcome to jump to the conclusion that it will get worse. I'm going to take a wait and see attitude considering the short amount of time that has passed. We simply don't know enough information yet. It could be a fundamental issue related to the nature of the design itself or it could...
That bend test @lefty posted has been doing rounds and seems pointless. I don't think anyone had doubts that you could forcibly bend a phone like that by hand if you tried. The question is if phones are really bending in a significant number of people's front pockets or not. Considering he additmitted his already was bent some before the test and we have to take his word as to why, the video seemed even more useless. A better test would be to take some brand new iP6+...
Hate having white around the screen. That's the only reasom I keep going black. It just makes the screen look much better.
I want to steal @willy cheesesteak avatar.
I'm with @rach2jlc in preferring zip bags. Buckles always strike me as a bit of a hassle when you want quick access. You really shouldn't have problems with a quality zipper breaking either. Snags can be a worry, but I've never had it be an issue. Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts who does the meet up! SF is a bit too far for me.
Wish the 13 inch Macbook Pro had discrete graphics. I'd jump on that. Otherwise, I am with you on just waiting for a retina Air to hit.
Do they give you a refurb for replacement? Apple started handing out new handsets instead of refurbs a while back. Not sure if that policy has changed again or not.
If anyone is in the market for a keyboard case, I would recommend this one. http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/ultrathin-keyboard-folio-for-ipad?crid=1240 Tried it out in the Air and Mini sizes at the Apple store today and was very impressed. It's thin and light with nice enough feeling keys. Haven't seen another that even comes close to it for the price. They have another model that looks a little nicer, but I didn't have a chance to play with it. No idea if it's...
If Listen didn't win you over, then I am not sure what will.Time Heist was another wonderful little episode. Clara has finally developed into an interesting character to watch. That alone would be enough to win me over to the 12th's run. Can't wait for this weeks episode. I think we might finally learn how Pink becomes so connected to the Doctor in the future.
Got to check out both devices today. I wouldn't say they felt cheap, but agree that the 4 and 5 felt like nicer products in the hand. Can't imagine going without a case. They are just too absurdly thin for a confident grip. When I upgrade eventually, it's going straight into one. 6 didn't feel as big as I expected. I was able to operate it with one hand without too much strain. So if you are a larger guy like me, it shouldn't be a big issue. The 6+ on the other hand, is...
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