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How I picture your average insurance agent.
I was just talking with @PierpontLeather about a possible custom minifold in Whiskey Buttero and he releases this beauty. Seriously on point. How does the Natural Buttero compare to other natural veggie tanned leathers? Similar patina properties? It wouldn't age quickly being on the inside of the wallet, but I could see it growing an interesting patina over time.
Can't wait to see what you came up with.
Why sorry? I know that this thread is mainly centered around film and tv, but it's open to related discussions from other media.
Sleeveless, bearded, ripped Picard will **** you up.Did TNG ever do a Mirror Universe episode? I don't believe so. Seems like that was a huge missed opportunity for the series.EDIT: Where has @Harold falcon been? This shit is right up his ally.
May 6th is Free Comic Book Day and this title caught my eye. Databorg? In.
I forgot GILT was still around.
Greenfrog eesa never gonna leave Pio,
I believe that the "rule of two" means that Sith only exist in pairs. This does not mean that Sith are the only ones that exist in pairs. Just because it's down to Luke and Ray shouldn't really indicate anything.Having said that, I love the idea of Ray turning in the film. Then you could see the final film be her friends trying to turn her back.
Interesting title. It's got a darker feel to it, which may indicate the direction the story will go. Also could refer to just Luke or Luke and Ray as the Jedi.
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