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For all of you that gave up on Hearthstone, the new expansion is shaping up to be one of the best yet. Blizzard's put a lot of thought into it and it might be worth your time to give the game another try once it's released.
Down to two people that I am waiting on updated address info for. Everyone else should have their match. EDIT: I also received a last minute request to join up yesterday. So if anyone is lurking this thread and would like to still participate send me a quick PM. I can match you and him up.
From today’s Uncanny X-Men Annual #1.
It's not about sprucing up the take. I have made the point before that I would much rather see Disney be creative and do a new take on these tales then just make live action versions of animated films that their core fans have seen a million times before. The fairy tales are far older then anything Disney has ever created so why not go back to the source material and see how it can be reinterpreted?
Most of everyone has been sent their matches. I still need the name and address of a few of you. If you haven't sent me that please do so ASAP.
I'd prefer to pair you with @GreenFrog, but perhaps I could make this happen.
Final list: LA GUY OTC Marc Voorhees erictheobscure JohnGalt SpooPoker Teger mreams99 Pierson v Post whiteslashasian Rich0116 venividivicibj LGHT aleksandr justridiculous PierpontLeather DerekS
@DerekS is in! Matches will be sent out soon.
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