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I must admit I think I am coming around to the idea of a younger Parker. If they can tap into the fun Ultimate Spider-Man vibe that Bendis captured so well, it could end up being a good move for the character.
I like the design of the wallet you are selling. It looks like a happy medium between a regular billfold and a card case. Any plans for a travel wallet or any other types of small leather goods like a keycase or keyfob?
I agree, but i'm tempted to do it just for the experience. People who go to these special showings of older films at the Alamo Drafthouse tend to really get into it.
Sounds like Inhumans is on the backburner for a while too. Officially they are claiming it's still in the plans, but you have to wonder if they might just leave the property for SHIELD to play around with instead of risking a big budget movie on them.
Lots of speculation that the Imperial that Ben Mendelsohn is playing in Rogue One could be loosely based on Thrawn. I'd be all about that if true, but part of the charm of Thrawn was that he strongly disagreed with the plan to build a 2nd Death Star and wasn't around when it was blown up. You wouldn't have that texture to him if he's a one off bad guy for this film and gets killed at the end. Maybe Disney will be smart and keep his character around as the one who manages...
From the link I posted it sounds like they may just do a recap during the title sequence or something along those lines. I would be fine with that since they wouldn't be wasting screen time with it all.
Dr Strange is looking really good. Love the poster above. Can't believe it's coming out this fall. Marvel has become a well oiled machine cranking these movies out.
The Holy Trilogy is coming back to the big screen for a limited time at Alamo Drafthouse. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/04/12/alamo-drafthouse-to-bring-original-star-wars-trilogy-to-theaters-in-august/ My understanding is that they will be using the Special Editions, but will be the versions from 1997. Not the version from Blu Ray that featured even more changes.
Thankfully the next Spider-man film will not be an origin story. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/04/12/next-spider-man-film-will-likely-not-dwell-on-origin/
Yup. I was right. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fantastic_four/twitter-reactions-from-early-fantastic-four-screening-major-a123570Doesn't mean anything to CW other than it's usually worth taking these types of reaction tweets worth a grain of salt.
New Posts  All Forums: