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I used to Hate IKEA, but have come around. They have some decent beds and tables for the price. I actually did an IKEA hack for a nightstand in my bedroom that's worked well. Bought two LACK tables and glued the top of one to the bottom of the other to make a cube. I'm considering one of their beds to replace mine when I move in April. Just for something to hold me over for a few years till I decide to invest in a much nicer one.
I'd wait to gen two on the laptop. Let them work out the kinks and it will have a better processor.
Lawl... Did you just ask if anyone is going to adopt a new USB standard?This will be everywhere in a few years.
While I'm glad they didn't oversexulize her costume, the actress just doesn't look the part to me. Something about her looks far too ordinary for the role.
I've used Apple Pay a bunch, but find myself still reaching for my CC when I don't need to. It's a habit that's going to be hard to change.
Christ... Is that supposed to get us excited for the film?
I think the larger briefcase design could be interesting. Why not show both designs and get feedback from your customers before you commit to one or the other?
I'd be all in on a DC movie universe of Green Latern based on the JL Unlimited version of John Stewart
Google is launching "Android Pay" soon too.
Leather totes aren't really my thing, but that one does look nice. Looking forward to the duffel being show. Roman do you have any shots of the cognac brief after heavy use like the navy you posted?
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