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Groot's voice wasn't as deep as I thought it would be. Maybe it's just the delivery of that one line, but I expected more Iron Giant in it.
These GotG trailers have been making it look a lot of fun. Surprised they haven't teased Thanos yet as he's supposed to be in the film.
Godzilla is the hero mankind doesn't deserve. You are right he was only interested in the Muto's. I just took that for him "restoring natures balance." It worked in the film and wouldn't have made for a very happy ending if he turned around after defeating the other creatures and terrorized mankind. How packed was your theater? Mine was only 2/3 full or so, which was kind of disappointing for Friday on opening weekend. I hope the film pulls in enough for the director to...
Saw it Friday night and I really enjoyed the film overall. I did have a few issues and will address those with my thoughts soon. RFX's take was fairly spot on even if I didn't agree with it all.The film implied that Godzilla fed on radiation, just like the other creatures. They explained that's why he's stayed in the deepest parts of the ocean all these years instead of roaming the surface. He certainly wasn't interested in feeding on the caucuses of the two other MUTO'sI...
+1Maybe it's a bias from living in a warmer climate but I believe a mid weight fabrics here would make more sense. A larger pool of people might be willing to buy in. I enjoy the few tweeds I own, but find I can't wear them enough to invest this kind of money into a MTO piece.
People who have apparently read a leaked script from it say the trailer is like 1% of the movie concept and there's tons of crazy scifi stuff in it. I'm avoiding the actual spoilers, but have faith in Nolan turning this one into something special.
Really? All the review sites I normally hit have been very positive. The biggest hit I have read is that some feel the human characters are not developed enough, but honestly who's going to this film to be hung up on that? It's all about the big guy.Still planning for a show tonight.
Beat you to it Neo.
First full length trailer.
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