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The point that I believe you are trying to make here is exceptionally weak.
Wow. It's hard to believe that's real and people are that stupid.
Looking over his Instagram and FB pages, you can tell he does good work. I am particularly found of this one.
https://seaworld.org/animal-info/animal-infobooks/gorilla/physical-characteristicsThis seems to be a weird thing to get hung up on. Even if the gorilla is far less powerful then the above link seems to indicate it doesn't take away from the points she made. The animal was still clearly dangerous and could have easily caused harm to the child and or zoo staff.
In case you haven't seen it, this FB post from former zookeeper Amanda O'Donoughue has started to go viral.https://www.facebook.com/amanda.odonoughue/posts/1203379586363094#gorillagate
The market for these boutique menswear stores might be starting to get saturated. Many of them seem to be selling the same brands and items as each other which makes it hard for them to differentiate themselves other then price. Even looking at the affiliates on this site it's stores that put effort into mixing in more unique offerings like NMWA or ones that sell house branded goods like Kent Wang that manage to keep my interest for any extended period of time. Add in the...
Green Arrow has now taken to referring to himself as a SJW.
The best part is even most women are rolling their eyes at the absurdity of the video. Whoever made the video seems to think blood is the only biological change that happens to a girl when it's her time of month. Never mind cramps, mood swings, etc.
Guys Try Periods.
Enjoyed this piece by James Fell on all the armchair parenting that is happening in the wake of #gorillagate:http://www.bodyforwife.com/i-blinked-and-my-kids-disappeared/It blows my mind that a mother who could have witnessed her child get torn apart by a gorilla but for the quick thinking of the zoo staff would have to suffer death threats. The internet can be ugly sometimes.
New Posts  All Forums: