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I've said several times that JJ falls apart towards the end. Was starting to think I might have been the only one in this thread to think so.David Tennant was the best thing out of that season.
@RFX45 How was the overall tone? Did it end up feeling like DD and JJ did?
2016 the year that a major presidential nominee invited the public to watch a sex tape.
It's a very nice chair. It also costs $9,801.00 at DWR? I try not to be that guy in this thread, but can someone please explain to me why this chair costs nearly twice as much as a Eames Lounge Chair?
I'm vaguely reminded of the cliche that "I can't be racist! I have black friends!"
Hah! As predicted, we are starting to see battery cases with headphone jacks built in. http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/9/29/13105292/fuze-iphone-7-battery-pack-headphone-jack-case
Yeah I saw the Amazon reviews and some user feedback in comments from other reviews around the the web. It appears some users had issues with the edges of the case not holding up, but the people from Mujjo claim to have updated the manufacturing process to fix this. That's why they highlight the "Molded Edge Technology" on the product page.My concern is the overall design. It doesn't cover as much surface area of the top and sides as the official Apple leather case does.
I have done more research and no one seems to really know what grade they use. I suspect top grain because if it was full they would advertise it as so.I saw this case as a possible alternative. It looks nice and they use full grain. Protection doesn't look as good as Apple's.https://www.mujjo.com/cases/iphone/iphone-7/leather-case-for-iphone-7-tan
I've been impressed with my 7's battery life so far. It really does feel like they made some noticeable gains. Certain apps like Hearthstone don't drain the battery as quickly as they did on my 6 either. Seems to be charging faster too. Overall the iPhone 7 has impressed me far more than I thought it would.
New Posts  All Forums: