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Jar Jar was in that photo...
Happy Star Wars day guys.
I believe is our resident expert on these.
He's a pretty tall guy and will look imposing enough on screen.
https://m.soundcloud.com/empiremagazine/avengers-age-of-ultron-spoiler-podcast-joss-whedon-and-paul-bettany Spoiler special podcast with Joss Whedon and Paul Bettany discussing details of the film. Here's one person's recap I found. "This is a great interview about the realities and compromises of making a tentpole film. There's not a lot of anger, but there is definitely some resignation to the fact that it has to be a certain way and Joss understands that. Some of the...
Harley looks far better then I thought she would. The smile sells it.
Agreed. The chair looks great by itself mixed in with other furniture, but odd as a pair.
Ah... Well if you can really score a 50% discount with a business card in hand then yes, no reason at all to buy a cheap repo knock off.
Is anyone else having problems staying logged into SF on Safari? I can't get it to leave me logged in anymore. It's been this way after a couple updates.
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