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Movie. Fucking. Rocked. Saw it Friday. Will share full thoughts soon, but It's funny. 90% of the "bad" stuff I see from people online is fanboy nitpicking. Like one reviewer I read went off for three paragraphs that he thought Vader "didn't look right". Lol
You can always find a bigger box.
Piob's just disappointed he didn't participate and that PIerpont was the one Eric gave wood to and not him.
The list of everyone participating that I posted earlier in this thread should be up to date, but I will need to double check on Monday.
Quick reminders to: A. Post pics of the gifts. B. Take a guess at who sent it.
You shouldn't have to connect them every time. That's just for the first pairing or if you have an error that causes them to become unpaired. Which never seemed like a big deal to me, so I don't understand all the hype around Apple's solution with the case. I generally can get a pair of BT headsets or speakers paired in no time.
Why don't you guys at least wait for the formal reviews? Most early reviews done to date have been mixed at best. Sound quality sounds a little better then the included wired earbuds, but overall not that hot. Certainly not comparable to most Bluetooth headsets that can be had on the market for around $150. Having to use Siri to do basic controls also sounds like it's a pain in the ass. I'm going to try and keep an open mind till they are released, but jumping on this...
Shipping deadline is the 15th guys. If you think you can't make it please send me a PM with the reason why and when you think it will get out. That way I can let your guy know so he doesn't think you bailed.
I've seen multiple people claim that the trailers don't give away nearly as much of the movie as people are assuming. There is supposed to be a lot more to it all then has been revealed.
Rogue One is getting crazy good buzz and reviews from the screening they did. My hype level is reaching epic heights.
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