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I haven't had a chance to hold the new phones, but I find it doubtful they would bend much at all unless the user goes out of their way to do so. Agree on them being harder to hold, but I've always been in team case. A good one adds nice grip.
How does the phone being thinner correlate to an increase in broken screens? I get the surface area, just not the width.
Any type of case will fix that.
Didn't realize it, but even the width of the protruding camera is still skinnier then the 5S was. So it really feels pointless that they went any slmmer then that. I know there is some weight savings but who wouldn't have traded that for the extended battery life the extra width of making it flush with the camera would have afforded? They still could have advertised it as "the thinnest iPhone Ever!" More then anything else I don't understand what they were thinking there.
Apple had to go larger. Market forces had been trending that way for a while. I'm only surprised they didn't also update older 4 inch size to the latest specs as well. It's been discussed before but that bezel isn't going anywhere soon. They won't drop the home button.
That bag isn't from Delvaux...
Agree that a larger pocket on the outside makes sense, but not sure I would ever put an iPad in it. Not enough protection. Better off putting it inside the brief.If we are giving suggestions for future bags, i'd love to see some slide flaps like this bag has. I'd never put a newspaper in them, but they are perfect for an umbrella on a possibly rainy day.
I'm going to go ahead and say it, you guys who were saying Ios 8 feels like a minor upgrade are nuts. It's fantastic. One of the better updates Apple has done in years. The extensions alone are a huge addition. I've never been a huge fan of widgets, but Apple's implementation here makes a lot of sense. Everything just works better and it's faster to get shit done on the go. I'm more then happy with what they did and am looking forward to upgrading to a 6 for Apple Pay.
Speaking of which, I love being able to save attachments from email directly into various cloud services! Makes work flow so much easier. Only thing that I still find irritating is I still can't insert files directly into emails with any email client I've found. Most work like Gmail or Mailbox in that they insert links to the files. Not the actual file itself. First one to fix this wins.
I've never had problems backing up to iCloud. Using iCloud drive works fine for me too, but I don't find myself using it to much at the moment. The new system wide extention framework means you can just use Dropbox or Google Drive for files instead.
New Posts  All Forums: