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I'll be the one to decide when the shaming begins, not a perpetual lurker who refuses to actually ever participate in the Secret Santa [[SPOILER]]
One other thing I appreciated: [[SPOILER]]
Compared to the refinements made in ESP and ROTJ, Vader's costume in ANH was a little rough. So I don't really blame them for wanting to tweak it a little to look better on screen. Again, non of it was distracting to me. It looked close enough to the ANH version that non of the changes bothered me or threw me off. He looked like Vader and I appreciated they brought back the reddish tent in his eyes.If we really want to get technical about it all, one could easily call out...
Been meaning to comment on this. I have noticed with a number of the early reviews (previews?) is you can't just skim them. Take the guy from iMore. In his original preview he framed them as having good sound in his article, but says they "sound at least as good" as the stock EarPods that come with your iPhone.Same thing can be found with Engadget's preview which claimed the sound quality was good and yet said they sounded around the same as the included EarPods.I've seen...
To be fair Vader looked different in all three of the original films. My understanding is they tried to blend in the design changes we saw as his costume evolved over the OT for his look in this film. I was fine with it.
Movie. Fucking. Rocked. Saw it Friday. Will share full thoughts soon, but It's funny. 90% of the "bad" stuff I see from people online is fanboy nitpicking. Like one reviewer I read went off for three paragraphs that he thought Vader "didn't look right". Lol
You can always find a bigger box.
Piob's just disappointed he didn't participate and that PIerpont was the one Eric gave wood to and not him.
The list of everyone participating that I posted earlier in this thread should be up to date, but I will need to double check on Monday.
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