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It's a fairly streamlined case. Thin and doesn't have a large lip. It offers protection, but it's not a tank or anything.
@rach2jlc is dead on. I love the look and quality Billy Kirk (back before the brand when downhill) leather and canvas brief I own, but have regretted for years buying it in black. I hardly ever wear black clothes or shoes and it generally sticks out because of this.
If you want a laugh, check out the reviews for CurrentC in the App Store. CurrentC by Merchant Customer Exchange, LLC https://appsto.re/us/0wHA2.i
I love the tone Marvel has established for its cinematic universe. Shoehorning in a dark and brooding tone to some of these characters just wouldn't work. Batman is great for it. Iron Man and Thor? Not so much. It didn't really work all that well for Supernan either.
I don't know. That scene they aired with them all sitting around and trying to lift Thor's hammer had plenty of the trademark humor from the first Avengers. I'm thinking the film won't be as dark as that initial trailer made us believe.
Avengers was a great film. It hit all the right notes for me. I honestly don't know how anyone couldn't have a fun ride watching it.
The crowds are reacting to the prompts they are given. Much like people who attend late night talk shows, they are told when to laugh and when to cheer.
Yo Mauro, I haven't been following this thread as closely as I should but are you planning on adding anymore sale items up?
They would have much more of a point if someone said that about a Wonder Woman or She-Hulk film. Both have managed to carry books for years.
I'm not really sure anyone wants a Black Widow solo film. She's just not that interesting of a character and had always played a more supporting role in whatever media she has appeared in.
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