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I'm sure a lot of it has to do with Samsung's modifications to Android and all the bloatware they add. Keep in mind they somehow manage to even make a top of the line flagship phone have spotty performance compared to the competition.http://www.xda-developers.com/with-the-note-7-samsung-still-delivers-embarrassing-real-world-performance/The biggest issue I have with the Android platform is how hard it is to get "real" Android. We get a couple Nexus models a year and if we...
You have a point, but this poor person phone I am using performs worse in basic tasks then I remember even my oldest iPhones. Apps crash often. The touch response is janky and often opens links I did not intend to open. UI often takes way too long to perform even the most basic of tasks. Etc, etc, etc. I am sure a lot of this is related to Samsung's Touchwiz, but damn it's not a good experience. The phone's specs should be more then enough to provide a reasonable...
Either way you would have upgraded over the 32 correct? So be happy they are giving you 128 instead of 64 for the same $100 price jump.
I think they look great even if I am not a fan of the name "Death Trooper" either. The name is a play off Deathstar since they appear to be designated soldiers to defend the building of the station.
So "starting out" costumes are just baggy versions of the normal ones? Ok.
Nothing about this explains why his costume is as loose fitting as it is. It also calls it comic accurate which it is not as the Shocker does not wear a shaggy fitting costume in the classic look. So I just want to know why they are going that direction.
Only thing selling me on the next phone is possible water proofing and improved battery life. Both of which could have been done with the headphone jack, but damn I want to use iOS.
Why did they go all shaggy costume on him? Is that supposed to make it look more "realistic" for a reason I am missing?
I think you just blew lots of people's minds with that one.
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