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Christ... Is that supposed to get us excited for the film?
I think the larger briefcase design could be interesting. Why not show both designs and get feedback from your customers before you commit to one or the other?
I'd be all in on a DC movie universe of Green Latern based on the JL Unlimited version of John Stewart
Google is launching "Android Pay" soon too.
Leather totes aren't really my thing, but that one does look nice. Looking forward to the duffel being show. Roman do you have any shots of the cognac brief after heavy use like the navy you posted?
I wonder if they are going to try and visualize how Daredevil "sees" in the show or just trust the audience to get it.
Haven't been keeping up with comics. But i've heard its a good book.
Still waiting on the pics.
Please do. Feedback would be fantastic.
Real nice.
New Posts  All Forums: