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Some half decent black friday deals on iPads going around this year. My mother is likely going to get the new iPad Air 2 at staples for $375 for the base model. She's been on the iPad 2 and it's been a mess lately. Tons of crashes, etc. Surprisingly, it looks like I'll be able to get her around $120 for it on eBay when she has me flip it.
Just finished the 2nd Zygon episode and wow... The speech that the Doctor gave was phenomenal. I don't see how anyone couldn't consider Peter one of the best actors to ever grace the role, regardless of where his Doctor stands on your "favorite" list. He's superb.
Yes a guitar is waaay more time frame limiting then Jelly Bellys, boy ties or anything else a certain doctor has taken a fancy too.
Just finished episode 4 and plan to watch the next two tonight. Peter is astonishing in the role. My hope is he has a long run as the Doctor and the rumors of 2016 being his final are untrue.
Nailed it
I hope that's real because it's next level fandom.
I say it again, having the show take place in the timeline it is was a mistake. Young Bruce being around and interacting with these characters in the way he is doesn't make sense. Plus it severely ages his rouges when you consider how old they would be when he return to the city years later as Batman. Imagine stories being told with a Batman in his prime punching a Riddler in the face who is balding and on his way to get a prostate exam. It should have taken place during...
Ah when you said board control, I assumed you meant control decks. My interpretation of what we is talking about is aggro decks, which is true. They had really started to take over the meta. Keep in mind that video was made before the recent expansion hit.Also a lot of high level players were upset about the Patron Warrior deck being nurf'd out of existence because of how Blizzard went about it, not because they didn't know it needed some kind of nurfing. The Warsong...
The game's meta goes through phases. It's actually been very aggro deck centered lately, but the first wave of the recent League of Explorers expansion has allowed control decks to make a return. The 2nd wave of TLoE just hit this week and two more are coming soon, so I expect there to be a lot of shifting in the meta as people figure out what works.Arena is a blast. It's one of the best things about the game and is a great diversion when the meta starts to feel stale. If...
Yes "secrets" are the only real way to counter moves when it's not your turn other then minions with taunt. I never played MtG other then once or twice casually and know HS gets hate from its fans, but honestly the game is starting to get very deep. From what I know about MtG this is coming from different game design directions.
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