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The problem is Sony is desperate to recreate Marvel's Movieverse. The only successful property they own is Spider-Man, so they are picking it apart for every thread they can create spin-off media to sell the masses. It's why we are getting a Sinister Six movie. It's why we will get a Venom movie. It's also why we will likely get a Black Cat movie and if there is any truth to this Aunt May rumor, then it explain it too. All these straws being grasped to make a Spider...
Aunt May spin-off? Espionage story? WTF? Kill me now. I'm going to chalk that one up to Latino Review's increasingly spotty record when it comes to rumors and spoilers these days. If not, the world has gone mad.
I love the comments on the BC post that it must all be some giant misinformation campaign to troll fans and surprise them when the trailer comes out.
Doctor Doom's new origin in the Fantastic Four reboot. Fuck this shit. I'm out.http://www.bleedingcool.com/2014/11/11/fox-film-makes-doctor-doom-into-an-anti-social-blogger-victor-domashev-nicknamed-doom/
I'm a huge Harley fan from back in the days of the Batman Animinated Series. She's one of my all time favorite DC characters. I'm just finding it hard to believe this movie will get her character right. She's hasn't been handled all that well in a number of years.
Yeah but if they model her after the New 52 Juggalo Harley, what's the point?
I find Apple Stores some of the better brick and mortar experience out there. Certainly good for technology retail and repair.
Have you ever had a repair take under an hour for anything electronic or mechanical? 45 minutes isn't bad at all. If you reach more then an hour and a half, then start bitching.
The Macbook Pro and Macbook Air are different classes of laptops. The Pro has upgraded features and specs over the Air. The iPad Air is the evolution of the iPad. It got thinner, lighter AND faster.
I liked the all American girl next door look they gave Lois Lane. Fit her character well.
New Posts  All Forums: