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For the three people not following Takei.
International trailer.
This God awful cartoon is causing a stir. https://mic.com/articles/143471/the-internet-is-freaking-out-about-this-antifeminist-political-cartoon?utm_source=policymicFB&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=WHFacebook&utm_content=inf_10_285_2&tse_id=INF_68baec933c7e46cf9547cf71de1ee40a#.T5JqUzUJO
Good info Dieworkwear. To his question, I believe it is synthetic and has the benefit of being more stain resistant. Davesmith, those bags look great. You always manage to carry nice things.
Well everything has to be an expanded universe these days. So why not?
Haven't seen Spectre yet, but I believe it. He's not the right actor for it so maybe it's time to bring in someone who is.
Yeah, I would love a full return to the more light hearted Bond. People associate that with camp, but there is no reason it needs to be.
The age thing doesn't bother me. I'm just ready for a new take on the franchise.
That's a LOT of money to turn down. I know he has been wanting to get out of the franchise for a while, but I can't imagine rejecting that kind of cash for two more films.
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