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I've got no first hand experience with either, but have heard good things. I plan on trying one of these brands out when I get around to replacing my current mattress which I haven't cared much for.
Eh. Just because there are examples in the comics doesn't make it a good thing. I also feel like they went over the top with the tattoos. Having a chain mail design in ink covering his exposed arm is a bit much.
Still think he'd be a better Namor. Just doesn't look like aquaman to me. Edit: Why does his trident have five tips?
These bugs existed before the latest patch. So it didn't cause them and obviously didn't fix them.I hope the rumors are true that ios9 will be heavily focused on making the OS faster and more stable instead of bloating it up with a bunch of new features.
No 3rd party app does. That's why I keep the Gmail app installed. Search.
You should ask permission to post the reviews online.
Yup. Still no perfect email app on iOS. I currently have three installed that I rotate between based on need.
Really looking forward to reviews from the first wave of backers. Would you consider an iPad case? For both the Air and Mini?
First Class and DoFP but they came after the disaster that was X-Men 3. What about the rest of Fox's properties? The Wolverine films did ok, but were not loved critically or by the fan community. Both FF films managed to be steaming turds too. In terms of future projects from Fox, only AoA is looking hot. The FF film had already become a joke to the fan community and we have only seen a single trailer. Deadpool? I guess that could end up being good, but it's from the...
If this deal goes smoothly and highly profitable for both parties, I wonder how long it will be before Fox makes a similar agreement?
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