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I'm sure he will. The guy was a Stormtropper at the start of the film with zero lightsaber training. That doesn't mean we won't be in for an emotional fight as he tries.It's a trilogy. If he's using a lightsaber in this film for the first time, then it's likely he will start training in the next one. I suspect that the girl might already be trained to some extent at the start of the film. Luke training them both in episode 8 could make for some fum scenes.
Briefly saw this on my iPhone while reading the forum. Don't get me wrong. I like you guys and all, but would rather avoid sending any of you virtual kisses....
That plays well into my theory that Disney wants to move the story awar from the Sith's "rule of two." It's too limiting for a universe that has potential to be rich and expansive. Plus more dark side baddies equals more toys which is good for the bottom line.
New image of Kylo Ren from Empire Magzine.
Pro tip. Actually reading the posts you are commenting on before doing so, would be helpful.
So (other) online nerdz are freaking out over the fact that the images feature both the classic stormtroppers and original round rader dish on the Falcon from the original trilogy. Accusations of sloppiness to theories that JJ is going to bring in time travel again are all over. My thoughts are that it shouldn't be looked into too much. I'm guessing it was done as symbolism to show the old movies bridging to the new and nothing more.
Empire Magazine brings the goods.
I have no idea where he got those legs in that exact style, but there are a number of resources online to source hairpin legs for similar projects.I've read good things about this company: http://www.ianmaclean.com/I don't really have need for a bench like that right now, but if I did it seems like an easy enough project for someone to do.
I've realized I only listen to podcasts on my iPhone. No need to sync with a PC or even my iPad. When I'm home I just stream them over Bluetooth to my speakers. Works well enough for my needs.
New Posts  All Forums: