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It's also why Star Wars TFW is coming out in December instead of summer. Strategicly it lets the film breath without competing with Disneys other big summer blockbusters.
Also I'm with @jrd617 on the release date for BvS. A year and a half is a very long time to finish a movie. The date was picked for strategic reasons. Nothing wrong or shameful in that. It's smart business.
If these rumors are true about Marvel and F4, you really are placing the blame on the wrong feet. Don't forget who owns Marvel. The House of the Mouse. The CEO is well known for being crazy about things like this.
I'd have never guessed it, but apparently that rolling droid in the Ed 7 teaser wasn't CGI. http://makingstarwars.net/2014/12/star-wars-force-awakens-bb-8-aint-cgi-kid/
He was a good Spider-Man. What sucked about those movies was the scripts. Not his performance.
Spoiler tags please guys.
That trailer for Mad Max looks insane.
We get too see another River too.
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