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Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Nolan's films but as I have said before I am kind of glad to see the mandate for realism go. DC's embracing it's more fantastical elements in the new shared universe. That means we will get a Batman who can fight a Joker with white skin again and a Ras a Ghul who is truly immortal. This makes me happy. The faithful costume design in many ways is symbolic of this new direction and break away from Nolan's work.
I guess they worked in the context of the "hyper-realistic" comic world Nolan built, but they didn't look like the suits he wears in the comics typically do. I'm thankful someone is finally doing a version that does.
That really does look fantastic. If everything else ends up sucking in the film, at least we will finally have an authentic looking Batman on the big screen.
I'm still guessing they will bring it back this fall for a limited time.
missed the contest!
No can do right now brother. I'll just enjoy the fit pics from your group once the jackets arrive.
Agreed. After Greg's post I would go with half.
He's got the personality to play SHAZAM (Captain Marvel), but the look for Black Adam. I'm not sure how I will feel about this if it turns true.
I was giving one by my sister for Christmas. It's a neat little device and great value for the money. I actually didn't need it since I have a PS3 for my streaming needs, but I find it works well enough. Looking forward to the firmware update coming later this year. I will say I am having problems getting it to work in my new apartment. I think something with my router or internet bridge is preventing it from working.
Who the fuck reads WIZARD anymore?
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