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Hey. Not allowing it to be totally broken is all I wanted. Crazy unbalanced decks galore that you still have a chance to win not playing one of the three most broken of all. Sounds fun to me.
Oh cool. That's great news. Means Wild will be taken seriously.
I'm pretty sure Wild won't be balanced other then any cards being balanced that are in Standard too. Old cards moved to Wild only wont be balanced. Do you have a link saying otherwise?
Yeah, they took a large page out of MTG's book. Smart move to follow the most successful collectable card game in the world's lead. Lean on their experience. I agree that with HS this will lead to players buying more cards, but most active players did so with new expansions anyways. Blizzard was making a lot of money from the game as is. This way at least they have a relatively smaller card pool to balance against and it will open things up far more for new deck types and...
Big news for HEARTHSTONE hit yesterday. https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/43vech/designer_insights_with_ben_brode_a_new_way_to_play/
That's so awesome. It feels perfectly natural too. My guess is it will be a boon to rating for both shows and could lead to some big things.
He's not dead. Harvey got stuck between realities saving our world from a Fifth dimension feminist invasion. But fear not. He has been replaced by his former sidekick who plans to carry on the Birdman mantle. The new ongoing title is expected to be released in April of this year.
I did an outstanding job of nerding up this thread over the weekend, didn't I?
Daredevil is the best thing Marvel has put out. Tv or movie. Can't wait.
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