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Stranger Things is a must watch. I was blown away by how perfect of a little time capsule to the 80's it was. Very entertaining with little to no story bloat. They were smart to limit the number of episodes like they did.
Yup, I was right.I like the design you just posted, but would go for lighter shade of brown. Not navy.
The battery life better be noticeably improved. By removing the headphone jack they will free up a good amount of internal space and they should use that for a larger battery.Rumors are going around that the 2nd speaker grill will be fake. It will still only have one internal speaker. lolYup. Quality headphones get very expensive and adapters always suck.
He's not wrong. Bluetooth has never even come close to being able to deliver the same sound quality as a wired connection. It's also one of those technologies that keeps promising that the next version will fix all it's flaws, yet never does. I'm honestly not that hopeful towards whatever next version of Bluetooth is slated to be released and have hope that Apple is working on it's own wireless technology that will get it right.
John Grubber recently brought up a point I agree with. If Apple is removing the headphone jack because wireless is "the future" it would send very mixed messages to still include a wired headset in the box. Everyone, we believe that moving forward with Bluetooth headsets is the way to go! It's the future! Here have a wired Lighting headset with your phone. From a messaging and marketing standpoint it just does not work at all. Wireless cannot be their only reasoning...
They thought the car had been taken and they thought the carjacker had returned. So in your mind that gives the police a pass for shooting him?As for your last point, I thought you were big on the 2nd amendment and people's right to carry and defend themselves. Does that suddenly go down the toilet when you call the cops for help?
Obviously the homeowner should have known a black man holding a gun is always a target for police shootings.
And what exactly did the homeowner do wrong here?
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