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I take it you haven't heard the big spoiler/rumor floating around then?
Have they even shown Matt Smith in a trailer yet? His role was big enough to grace the EW article but I don't think they have shown him in footage.
I stand by my belief that the basic concept of Genysis is great. If any franchise has the possibility of making a logical narrative out of rebooting a timeline, it's Terminator. Too bad nothing really looks like it's coming together.
Oh lawl. I nearly spit out my tea at that one.
Eh, I'm more then willing to give a project a chance. Up until the most recent trailers I kept hope that the new Terminator film might pull it off. So it's not about writing something off. I simply don't see anything in what they have shown so far. I disagree that F4 is by its nature "campy" in the comics. Sure it usually has a lighter tone then other comics, but so does Spider-Man. I wouldn't want a serious and dark movie about him either.
I've probably spent way too much money buying my way into extra Arena matches on HS. At first I found this problematic but over time I've rationalized it as no different then playing games at an arcade back in the day. It basically works out to 67 cents a "life" and one can earn more shots at it by building up gold. Blizzard really hit the nail on the head with how they are generating revenue for the game. It's no wonder that it has become such a big focus for the company...
Sure but the characters they are playing are meant to be young. That's Harvey's point. I don't have a huge issue with younger versions of the team in itself as that's what the Ultimate F4 was and it started out strong enough. The sum of all the parts shown so far that is rubbing me wrong.
The tone of what's been shown doesn't fit the characters and it's not being done in an ironic way. Nothing about this project looks good to me. I'd welcome being proven wrong, but I doubt it.To be honest, I'm not sure what you are seeing here that gives you hope. Comparing it to the other two F4 films is a very low bar to set as it could be an ESB level improvement over them and still be unwatchable.
I can't believe that head tat looks to be real.
Mad Max earned the hype. I wouldn't mind seeing again but in IMAX this time.
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