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Weird Al moderates the final debate.
It's also much bigger then a cell phone and is a dedicated gaming device. The reason cell phone gaming has taken off is because they are devices you carry with you everywhere, even if you hadn't planned of playing games. Phones are with you at all times and easy to pull out when you have a free moment to game.The Switch won't have such advantages. So it has to fight for and try to expand what has been shown to be a dwindling market. The market for dedicated portable...
Did they confirm if it has a touch screen or not? I don't remember anyone actually touching it in the video, but I only scanned the thing. I can't imagine they would ship a device without one,
Hardware is surprisingly ugly, big and likely heavy. Doc looks huge too. Why does it need to cover the front of the screen like that? I knew something like this was coming from Nintendo but honestly expected a more elegant solution.
Looks fantastic. Not getting much of an Old Man Logan vibe to it, but it looks like we may be in for something unique here.
This is going to be the sound byte of the debate.
It's not just these guys. I've noticed several companies pop up recently trying to copy Linjer's business model... Must mean Linjer is doing something right.
Pixel has been getting fantastic reviews. It sounds like the Android phone to beat. Now Google just needs to step up in the marketing department if they want a real hit on their hands.
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