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Sedgwick is great stuff. Some of the best. Doesn't mean that bridle leather from other sources isn't also nice. I don't own a bag from Ray, but have read nothing but glowing reviews for his bags. Including the ones he made in the past that didn't use Sedgwick.
If you have a large briefcase already, I would use this as an opportunity to get something smaller and more streamlined. IMO his zip-top looks best in the single gusset design. If you want to get another one in that style I would go that way. Most of his flap over bags look good in two, but he also carries some nice single gusset options.
Yeah I know he switched to Sedgwick. He was selling these new Sedwick bags in the $900's and they recently saw a price jump to over $1k. It's not a huge jump all in all.It would be nice if he still offered bags in the less expensive bridle he used to use as an option.
I believe it. These guys have a long term plan, but needed to make the first season feel complete and stand on its own in case they didn't get to make more. Getting more into the mythology of the Upside Down would have been a distraction for the story they needed to tell. Now that it's a huge success they will have more breathing room to get into it over time.EDIT: Also I hope they always leave some mystery to it all and what's going on. I don't want or need the place to...
The creators said they wanted to keep the Upside Down a mystery for the first season and start explaining/expanding things as the show goes on.
SO MUCH HYPE! Also some basic plot details from the issue:
Geeze. How long have you had them?Like GF said, try the "find my Airpods" feature.
Not feeling this based on the trailer.
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