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Sure, things are moving towards wireless. Why not leave the headphone jack in? Wireless charging phones still have a way to charge wired if the user wants to.Also BT has a long history of making big promises on updates that never match what they said it would. I hope 5.0 is great but it's hard to have confidence in it being as good as they claim it will be.You don't want to deal with tangled cords that's cool. No one is stopping you from using bluetooth headphones right...
When does this hit the streets? I haven't seen the film yet and figure the extended version is the way to go.
Got that nice pair of $200 wired headphones you want to use? Great, here's a dongle. Want to charge your phone while using those same $200 wired headphones? Here's a second dongle to attach to your first dongle. Ugh. Gross to even think about.
Are you kidding? They are separate markets man. Always have been. Both coexist and fill different needs. If you honestly think there is a lack of incentive to to improve wireless technologies because there is a wired headphone option available then I have a nice bridge to sell you.
Why do you think removing the headphone jack is a "first step" towards great wireless earbuds? Nothing related to a hardware port is holding wireless back right now. Wireless headphones will or will not show great improvements over the next few years regardless if phones keep a hardware headphone jack or not.So why not just leave the port in and give the user options?Hell, all the latest rumors are the phone they are releasing this year won't be any thinner then the...
Article is a week old, but I re-read it this morning. Nilay really nailed why the removal of a headphone jack is fucking stupid. If these rumors are true, fuck you apple. http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2016/6/21/11991302/iphone-no-headphone-jack-user-hostile-stupid
In more dumb news, Sony banned a guy from their online gaming service PSN for using his real first name in his handle. Jihad. http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2016/06/27/sony-banned-a-guy-from-psn-for-using-his-real-name/#2b0d4d8d34cf
Not cool man. Not cool.
The American Red Cross has officially apologized for a super racist safety poster that somehow had released to the general public.Spoiler tag added to protect the innocent. [[SPOILER]]
Birdman's cut back. No longer the legendary drunkard of times past.
New Posts  All Forums: