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I expected far more member reviews by this point. Come on guys. Step it up.
SkinnyGoomba's posts in this thread are one of the main reasons I read this forVm anymore.
I'm curious what the inside of the apartments look like. Once you reach a certain level that's generally what matters most when renting.
It's crazy how well this trailer re-cut works. The music matches up perfectly.
Mortal Kombat X is looking excellent. I don't game much anymore but am on on the verge of getting a PS4 just to play that game.
Deadpool looks great but I still don't have much faith the movie will turn out to be any good.
I'm hesitant to use a third party keyboard that syncs my keystrokes over the cloud to a third party server. Unfortunately that's the only way to allow Swiftkey to learn and adapt to your typing.I had it installed for a while then decided I was uncomfortable with the process.
On the latest Vergecast they complained about how BAD autocorrect has got on IOS after the last couple minor updates. Glad I'm not the only one to notice. It's starting to piss me off.
Green does look great. I'd make it the stretch goal over Navy. Keep chestnut the main one.
I think chestnut would look great and appeals to me, but i'd think a weekender in mocha would sell in higher numbers.
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