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Got the Incipio NGP in today. Nice case for the money. Fits snug. It's amazing how much easier these phones are to hold with a confident grip when they have a case on.
Ha!!! I missed that. Great catch.
w00t! Thread made the front page.
Real nice sale Mauro. Think I am going to pick up one or two Monkey Arms.
I suspect that the Scarlet Witch will use her hex powers on Banner causing him to Hulk out in rage.
It's more then that. The "Hulk" form has had many different personalities over the years. They change in look and strength. Some good, some pure rage. It allows for some creative stories to be told because the writer has a lot of freedom to make the Hulk what they want him to be.
My one concern with the trailer was that it felt a little too dark. Part of what made the Avengers work was the humor and sense of fun it had. Hope that future trailers start to show that again.
I went and ordered an Incipio off Amazon to use for now and will keep my eyes out for something better.
New Posts  All Forums: