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The problems with Daredevil never centered around Affleck. The script was a mess. I'm going to repeat what I've said here before. If this movie blows it won't be because of the main casting.
When house cleaning a mess it's easier to do a clean sweep then spot cleaning.
Buy Knights of the Old Republic.
It was too much baggage. They had to either toss it all away or make a movie based on the comics that told stories that happened after ROTJ. They made the right choice IMO.
That's going under the assumption that the Bat vs Sup fight is the center point of the film. We don't know that yet.
To be honest, I haven't read a lot of it. I plan to do the same as you. Maybe do some google searching to see what is worth reading.
All the Dark Horse Star Wars comics are on Marvel Unlimited now. Not cannon, but there is some good stuff to read.
Well I consider "first act" to be more then the opening of a film. You could still have some build up and have it still be the first part of the movie that leads into the overall narrative.
It's a common trope to have these characters fight each other when they first meet. The animated versions did it. Same with the New 52. They fight, then start working together.
I'm going to put out a theory a friend and I have about this film. The Batman and Superman fighting stuff will be very early on in the film. They will meet and have a brawl and that will really be about it. The teaser is making it feel like the focus of the film, but I seriously doubt it will be.
New Posts  All Forums: