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Just happened upon this thread, because I'm looking for a replacement for my "knockoff" PiobChair I bought about 30 years ago. I got my money's worth, all $250 of it. Still comfortable, but not stable. I also can't afford a $1K chair, so am looking for something similar. I want it for comfort as well as the design. I understand what designers are saying: buy my design. I understand what the builders are saying: go with my product, it's well made. I'd love to have the...
Do you have any photos of your Barenia simple wallet made with the green goatskin? I'd love to see a photo of how the two leathers look together.
Damn, that sucks man. Hope the claim process goes smoothly for you.
I am seeking information of where I can find a knockoff Piochair. Any recommendations?
Tomb Raider "one of Hollywood’s most coveted leading roles."
It's natural to want the item to be sold closer to a price point it was in the past, but this is still a reasonable deal considering Kent Wang's items never go on sale. If you want one of his umbrella's this is likely going to be the best deal you will find outside of a rare showing on eBay.
I linked to the sale page of the item. As @ShootThePier said it is First Settlement Goods. It's $5000, so start saving if you are interested. That's a large chunk of change to spend on a briefcase.
I saw this natural shell cordovan briefcase and decided I had to one day have it as i'm sure it would age beautifully.Then I saw the MSRP...
Love to see some pics of natural shell cordovan wallets after some use as they age.
Waste time on #menswear forVms.
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