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Upstanding and productive members of society know how to remain calm and civil after being mistakingly shot by a cop.
Or a Christmas gift for the kids of someone who grew up playing these games. I could see parents buying it for them, so they could play the games they remember with their children.
A Wii is still like $90. This is $60 and is much closer to impulse buy/stocking stuffer territory. Plus it's going to have a dead simple UI, looks like a NES and comes with classic style controllers. You plug it in, turn it on and game. No accounts to set up and fiddle with. I agree that it should be even cheaper then $60, but don't underestimate how much of a difference the pricing here will make to the target buyer.
If Mexico sends all it's criminals over to the USA who will be left to bribe and pay off all the politicians?
Really does make the whole statement better...
That looks delicious.
Yes it got destroyed in Into Darkness. I was just pointing out that in the NuTrek universe that if it is destroyed in Beyond, it is only the second time.
The Enterprise took a fair amount of battle damage in Star Trek 2009, but it was not destroyed. That was the USS Kelvin from the opening of the first movie.
I'm fine with the iPad Pro other then pricing of it and the Pencil's hardware. Both should be lower IMO.
iPhone 6 was Apple's ugliest iPhone to date. The 7 looks to continue that trend. At least we have cases.
New Posts  All Forums: