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You don't want a proper Civil War. That series was trash. The movie had a lot of issues, but was far better then the comics.
It looks like they are being pretty liberal with his aging and using the fact that his healing factor is breaking down to tell the story they want to tell.
Heard a rumor about Logan that would explain a lot. [[SPOILER]]
It does. I'm getting a lot more of a Last of Us vibe from it then I am the book Old Man Logan.For instance: [[SPOILER]]
We kind of already covered this.
Still waiting on your and @GreenFrog to sign up. It's epic the Seacret Santa pairing we have all been waiting for.
Why does Apple's built in keyboard not have a swype like function yet? It's really the only thing that makes me keep a third party keyboard installed at this point.
Only two weeks left to sign up.
Having only read the description and seen some stills of the scene, I actually admire them for following the source material so closely. I don't think anyone expected them to film and air it on tv like it was shown in the comics.
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