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Why does Apple's built in keyboard not have a swype like function yet? It's really the only thing that makes me keep a third party keyboard installed at this point.
Only two weeks left to sign up.
Having only read the description and seen some stills of the scene, I actually admire them for following the source material so closely. I don't think anyone expected them to film and air it on tv like it was shown in the comics.
I haven't watched this show since season 2, but read the comics. Is reading the reactions to last night's episode how Game of Thrones fans felt when they finally aired the Red Wedding?
I figured it had to have a touch screen. No reason not to. I suspect they will limit it's use in games because you can't use that type of controls when it's plugged into a tv.If the battery only lasts three hours that would be a huge fail.
That looks great! I'm all for seeing new designs.
Trump is just the tip of this raging election. [[SPOILER]]
Does anyone think playing like this will be an enjoyable experience for people who don't have baby hands? I mean it could work for light party games, but I can't imagine playing a modern sports title or FPS on that.
New Posts  All Forums: