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I did some research and I don't believe the Android phone I have can be rooted at the moment. The boot-loader is locked down and there doesn't seem to be a working crack. I suspect that this model isn't a high priority to get a root working either.I'm considering looking into the next Nexus as a replacement, but yes I think I would miss the refinement of iOS.
RIP Gene Wilder.
Don't want to damage those Piobchairs. In 30 years they will be the new interior design hotness.
This Samsung Galaxy Express 3 is driving me nuts. It's become laggy over time, the touch input is a joke compared to any iPhone I have owned and it's full of apps I cannot uninstall or disable. Bloat everywhere. I'm open to the idea of trying the next Nexus, but will likely get the iPhone.
Most of the Watches I have seen are the cheapest versions. I'd be curious to see the sales break down, but Apple will never release it. Sep 7th will be the event: http://www.macrumors.com/2016/08/29/apple-iphone-7-media-event/
I actually agree that the health stuff will be key in the long term for the watch. Thing is they need to start adding a lot more health related features then it has now. I am not just talking advanced metrics, but the watch needs to be able to monitor stuff that you can't get elsewhere for cheaper.
What's the point of spending all that money on a smart watch if you don't use the "smart" features? Text messaging, emails, etc? If you are going to just pull out your phone to do those things then save the cash and buy yourself a fitbit and a nice automatic watch.Unless something big feature wise changes over the next year or two, I could see the sales of the watches tanking as current owners realize they never actually use the damn things for anything meaningful.
You are right that it's not a substitute for good storytelling or interesting character. Luckily, Stranger Things has both. One of the biggest surprises of the show was how good the children wear. They somehow managed to cast them all perfectly.
Regarding the Watch, i'm starting to notice more people wearing them these days. What I have not noticed? Anyone actually interacting with the devices. I don't think I have seen a single person actually do anything with the Apple watch other then wear it as status symbol jewelry. In contrast, I see people use and interact with their phones all the time.
He's correct except for the simple fact that Apple could release these mystical excellent earbuds even if the headphone jack would still be included on the phone.
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