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Buffy was a feature length film before it was a TV show. So I guess that counts.
Not a bad idea at all.
Yeah. FF teaming up with Avengers is a great fit .
Fantastic Four is one of those franchises that needs to have a certain level of light hearted tone to work. Going all dark and moody with it is a recipe for disaster.
Teaser already showed him without the mask.
Yeah it's going to be hard to see Bruce Wayne and not Affleck when he's on screen. Still I think he's proven himself to be a decent actor over the years. In going to give his performance a benefit of a doubt.
The problems with Daredevil never centered around Affleck. The script was a mess. I'm going to repeat what I've said here before. If this movie blows it won't be because of the main casting.
When house cleaning a mess it's easier to do a clean sweep then spot cleaning.
Buy Knights of the Old Republic.
It was too much baggage. They had to either toss it all away or make a movie based on the comics that told stories that happened after ROTJ. They made the right choice IMO.
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