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Wonder Woman's trailer was fantastic! They nail WWs outlook on things. A cool backdrop using WW1. Lasso looks Hype. A less cheesy Cap 1 like movie. Pine used as the foil for the man dominated societies. This will be big.
Looks like Harvey might have nailed this one.
Why does everyone think it's a binary choice between dark/moody and Marvelesque. They could easily make the DC a little more fun and hopeful without copying Marvel's house style.
I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been much of an uproar from Autism awareness organizations. You would think they would jump on this story to get some statements in the news.
A lot of people are taking this poster as DC's way of saying they have every intention of moving away from the super dark and moody look and feel of MoS and BvS.
That poster is fantastic. Wonder Woman is an amazing character and I couldn't be more excited that they are finally do a solo movie about her. Beating Marvel to the punch too.
Did they even handcuff him? Or only the black guy they shot by "mistake"?
LOL. Good catch. This story gets more and more absurd by the day.
Had a Mitchell Leather Money Clip Wallet at one point. Was not shell so I can't speak for that, but the wallet I ordered didn't impress. Thin leather and unimpressive hardware. Sold it after a few uses and never bought from them again.
New Posts  All Forums: