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Voice chat is done via a smartphone app. http://m.neogaf.com/showthread.php?t=1333469&page=1 Trololololololol! You can't make this shit up.
Thank you. I've been noticing and pointing out to friends this trend of certain individuals co-opting the term "fake news" for a while.CNN reporting a mistaken and/or highly slanted story is not "fake news."Fox News reporting a mistaken and/or highly slanted story is not "fake news."These morons who continue to misuse the term to bad mouth and discredit news sources they dislike will just go towards making the terms lose any meaning it has.
LOL. The grip that they are including with the system is gimped. It doesn't have the hardware included to charge your Joy-Cons. This level of milking consumers takes balls. Well done Nintendo.
LOL @ Nintendo. Switch is $300 at launch, which is more then anyone was predicting. On top of that they have decided to gorge customers by asking the highest margins they could possibly get away with for peripherals. Nintendo Switch dock: $90 Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R): $80 Individual Joy-Con controllers (either left or right): $50 Switch Pro Controller: $70 Charging grip: $30 The pricing here is a fucking joke. On top of that they hardly showed off any games. 3rd...
Anyone own one of these ultrawide curved screens from LG or another brand? They look sexy as fuck. Would love to replace my two screen set up with one of the larger ones.
Trackpad's always seem to be an issue. Apple really nailed it in that area. To be honest I kind of like Windows 10. It's a fairly solid OS and hardly ever gives me issues. OSX is still nicer and all, but I have no problems with my Windows 10 machine at home.
Good feedback all around. I'll be following your lead with asking for a small charity donation to participate. It's a really good idea to help weed out people who might flake and for a great cause. Since i've been participating in this SS we have had a few slackers, but they generally run smoothly. Mostly in gifts arriving late. Of course our participation numbers so far have been far smaller then yours. Up till now it was always run in Dumb Threads which had a bit of a...
Pecan butter is amazing as is the BBQ joint the sauce is from. I have not tasted the two smaller sauces, but they came highly recommended and were part of the maker's final batch.Wish you had showed the Christmas card. I thought it was one of the best parts of the package. There was a failure here as aleksandr was supposed to get two books instead of one. I've sorted it all out with Amazon and there should be a second book on its way before too long.
This is the bag he did for Mr Moo some years ago. Always liked the design.
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