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I don't think they have announced rolls for everyone yet.
I get what you mean and agree to a large extent. Thing is it doesn't need to be a straight-up look alike. People just need to be able to look at the guy and get it. James McAvoy as Professor X is a great example of this. Guy doesn't look like a younger Patrick Stewart, but it works and doesn't throw people off when they see him on screen.
I get that re-casting an icon is hard, but I don't get a young Han Solo vibe from him at all.
Do we need a live action Lion King remake? Seriously. Why?
The fate of Jar Jar Binks has finally be revealed.Spoilers from Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End, the third part of Chuck Wendig’s canon trilogy or novels about what happened in the Star Wars galaxy after Return of the Jedi: [[SPOILER]]
God I hate the designs of FLASH and Cyborg they are using.
Sedgwick is great stuff. Some of the best. Doesn't mean that bridle leather from other sources isn't also nice. I don't own a bag from Ray, but have read nothing but glowing reviews for his bags. Including the ones he made in the past that didn't use Sedgwick.
If you have a large briefcase already, I would use this as an opportunity to get something smaller and more streamlined. IMO his zip-top looks best in the single gusset design. If you want to get another one in that style I would go that way. Most of his flap over bags look good in two, but he also carries some nice single gusset options.
Yeah I know he switched to Sedgwick. He was selling these new Sedwick bags in the $900's and they recently saw a price jump to over $1k. It's not a huge jump all in all.It would be nice if he still offered bags in the less expensive bridle he used to use as an option.
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