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In more dumb news, Sony banned a guy from their online gaming service PSN for using his real first name in his handle. Jihad. http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2016/06/27/sony-banned-a-guy-from-psn-for-using-his-real-name/#2b0d4d8d34cf
Not cool man. Not cool.
The American Red Cross has officially apologized for a super racist safety poster that somehow had released to the general public.Spoiler tag added to protect the innocent. [[SPOILER]]
Birdman's cut back. No longer the legendary drunkard of times past.
There are several good free ones and the ones that cost money are only a couple bucks. Don't be cheap.
I've had several chats with Harvey over time about the fact that the real issue is they keep wanting to lower and lower the BAC and eventually it will get to the point that a fully grown man will be considered "intoxicated" after a single beer. This leads to police spending their time arresting and processing soccer moms who had a couple glasses of wine at happy hour instead of focusing on catching the severely intoxicated. I believe I read once that the vast majority of...
My understanding is here in Austin they would do "no refusal" weekends that would automatically allow a police officer to administer a blood test if you refused the breath test. I believe this ruling would no longer allow them to do so and the police officer would be forced to get a warrant before administering a blood test. What I am not clear about is if this will change anything besides the need for a warrant. If they can still bring you in and toss you into a cell,...
Don't remember if there is a thread for this topic, but the Supreme Court has struck down the Texas abortion access law in a 5-3 ruling.http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/27/politics/supreme-court-abortion-texas/index.html
Yes, the point was they shouldn't be allowed to vote.
Unlike the hate these young lefties constantly get, being called sheltered and self-absorbed and all.
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