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I've been following some of his tweets on The Force Awakens and much of it seems vague or plays off prior rumors that he could have read with everyone else. I know he's nailed things in the past, but I'm not so sure he knows as much as he likes to say he does. I mean it's one thing to be connected and have insider info on a film or two, it's another to seemingly know details about many of the blockbuster franchises from different studios hitting in a single year.
It's insane to me that we've reached the point that comics have become so mainstream that they are making an Iron Fist series.
Same here.
I do not want to see Spider-Man join the movie Avengers. He works best as a solo character on his own. Has never fit well being shoehorned into the Avengers.
That makes sense. Will the weekender have an optional shoulder strap?
Why the choice of milled leather for the weekender over smooth?
What a disappointing avengers trailer.
Nice little video demonstrating how effective (and safe) having a crossguard light saber could be when using proper longsword technique in battle.
I agree. To be honest, the more I hear about this film the more I wonder why they didn't just call it JLA.
Rumors are swirling that Batman V Superman will be split into two films. I really don't care for this new trend with films, but with so much being stuffed into this movie it might end up making sense.
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