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My God... Aliens is 30 years old. It's hard to believe. Movie holds up well.
Your moma's garbage! Image is fine. Looks like it fits well into the Alien universe. Let's wait till we see more before judging.
Glad someone else lol'd at the idea that selling shirts or pocket squares online instantly made you a "tech" startup.
Finished it up. Great read and does a great job of getting the reader excited about the DC universe again. Will mean a lot more to long term DC readers who miss the universe before Nu52 hit.Love this splash page at the end. Adding spoiler tags since it shows certain characters are back. [[SPOILER]]
Promo link for a free copy of DC Rebirth #1: http://bit.ly/DCRebirthFlash You have to have an account with Comixology to receive it and the promotion is limited. I've been reading it today when I have had time and it's been really good so far.
I'm sure they explained how she got her powers. I believe she was introduced as part of a team book for a while before getting her own solo series. She can fly and control gravitational forces near her body, which for a woman of larger size seems to be leaving itself open for easy jokes.
I don't have a problem with it at all. It's not like anyone is forcing people to buy the book if it's not their thing. It's actually a smart move on the part of the publisher and has a chance to open up their market to demographics who may not otherwise touch a comic.My understanding is it's been a huge seller for the company since launch.I've read that being a "geek" is very much part of her character. She's written as a fangirl who is into comics, sci-fi, etc. So making...
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