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After using the 6 for an afternoon, I'm really starting to think Apple should have gone with 4.5 inches. Would have been a better compromise for those who like to use a phone one handed.
Lucky they didn't get shot by someone doing that.
Iphone 6 is my hands.
Had every intention on holding off a little while on upgrading, but my iPhone 5 was stolen last night. Now no one has them in stock. It feels bizarre not to have a cellphone on me. Whoever took it was smart enough to shut it down.. Find My IPhone isn't picking it up.
While I feel a dedicated to-do list is better if that's all you are looking for, I just use Evernote. It's a workhorse and I enjoy having all my notes in one location.
Any of you guys check out the spoilerific concept art for this movie that's floating around? Looking superb.
What were you expecting? We got faster processors and touch ID. Seems a good update to me.
I like my leather goods to show some wear and tear. Disagree on it being made out of scratch resistant leather.
Yes this seems the most logical next step to me.
New Posts  All Forums: