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Even CNN is getting in on the act.
God, this just seems like such an awful idea. I'd still put a little money down that it doesn't get made. At least not without some major retooling with a focus on working it into the main franchise.Spider-Man 2 with Toby is still one of the best comic movies ever made. It's a joy to watch and holds up well.
It's funny that a good friend of mine sent me a text this morning saying that if I wanted to see the next Spider-Man movie for free and in 2 minutes to just watch the new trailer. Looks like he's not the only one. It does seem to give away a lot of the major beats.
Garfield was a fantastic Spider-Man. Too bad the scripts sucked so badly.
If these actually ever get made they will be a total disaster. I'm willing to bet they languish in development Hell until Sony is able to gauge how successful the new Spider-Man film is and their overall partnership with Marvel is. Things work out well enough and it's a hit it would be counter productive to Sony to take a big risk by making movies about Spidey's side characters that are not connected to their brand new money printing franchise.
Third. I agree it feels way too soon.
It's hard not to get more than a little annoyed at the fact that Iron Man is all over the trailer. When the first trailer came out people expressed concern about Tony being shoe horned into and all over the main plot, but had hope that they were just highlighting his cameos. Now i'm not so sure. Tony is everywhere... Way too much fawning by Parker over Tony and the Avengers for a film that really should be focused on re-establishing what makes Spider-Man a great character...
Caught it.
That would be an epic emoji to add, but part of me thinks if we ever get a Piobji it should be this.
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