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I was talking to a friend about this yesterday. He brought up the point that the Joker has constantly reinvented himself in the comics over the years. There really is no true Joker persona. Fact is they could have easily tried to do a tweaked take on Nolan's Joker or even Jack's. This being so completely different from anything we have seen on screen before is a good thing. Having said that, he agreed the forehead tattoo has to go. It just looks dumb.
Agreed. The forehead one takes the whole look way too far into Hot Topics territory. Some are speculating his stomach tattoo says JOKER which would go a long way towards pushing the whole thing over a ledge and off the cliff. Agreed with RFX, that I can't imagine the Joker sitting still long enough to get so many perfectly ink'd tattoos.
Been hearing some mixed early Avengers 2 buzz. Going to be interesting to see if my theory on it proves right.
Don't they all? That's what you get when you ask adults on screen to wear outfits that someone invented for an illustrated comic book.
Really? Other then some of the details for the face on the mask, I thought it was fairly well done. Plus they provided a rational explanation on why he needed it within the narrative of the story. Unlike most Heros it didn't amount to "let's see if I can come up with a cool suit that goes with my chosen name."
Personally not a big fan of the first two recs, but did like some of the ones from Mater. More then what makes sense to spend right spend right now. I'm considering the Baba. Found a local guy on Craigslist willing to sell some slightly used ones for a steal, but they are bleached oak. Wouldn't be my first choice in finish to go with my decor. Ha! I didn't remember the Baba being the same chair here:
Hmmm. New showrunners. That could either end up being great or it could be a disaster of a change.
Any recommendations on decent looking counter height stools? I'd prefer not to spend a fortune since u can't say yet if I know I'll need them for the long term.
If you can make a sleaker version of the key case I posted in nicer leathers I'd be all about buying it. More so if you could offer some interesting colors like a dark forest green.
New Posts  All Forums: