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If you are transferring a digital signal (like over HDMI) it really shouldn't matter unless the signal is being carried over a great distance. Besides, this is for power cords. No reason to run your other cables through it.
I was speaking for the main model years. Not the "S" revisions. The iPhone 7 will likely be even thinner and lighter.The reason the battery is smaller in the 6S is because the 3D Touch motor takes up additional space.
The problem is the fact that they keep making these devices lighter and slimmer. Less space for battery. Until Apple decides to stop designing each new phone redesign to be thinner, we won't see improvements in this area and risk it getting worse.This doesn't only effect the battery. The camera itself could potentially be getting even better then it is if not for this constant race towards thin phones.
It should be. They made a lot of optimizations to improve speed and battery life.
Hall of fame right here.
GF I am willing to bet it's a combination of a new phone with a fresh battery and iOS 9's optimizations doing it. The physical size of the battery in the 6s is actually a little smaller then the 6 even if it's expected to have close to the same average life in use.
I've been running ABP for some time, but all this talk about content blockers on iOS and the fiasco with Peace made me decide to try out Ghostery on my PC. StyleforVm brought up 28 trackers on the home page.
So far I haven't experienced any bugs with ios 9.1. Spark seems to be running better too. Only issue I'm having started before I updated. It feels like AT&T LTE network has turned to shit in the last four months here in Austin. I'm getting shitty speeds and far more dead spots then ever before. I wonder if the network is over saturated these days.
Yes. You have to download a content blocker. Non are built in. Crystal is good. I bought Peace right before Marco became a drama queen and pulled it from the App Store. Plan to get a refund.
I see no reason to use iCloud except for the most basic of files unless you are married to Apple's ecosystem. Use Dropbox or Drive instead and you can access your files anywhere.
New Posts  All Forums: