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He shouldn't be portrayed as so reliant on Tony. Parker always figured things out on his own. That was a major part of his charm.I'm also feeling like we have seen this all before and far to recently. Young Parker. Just starting out. In high-school. Is this what we are condemned to see on the big screen for the rest of time? This part of the character's life only took up a fraction of the time that he has been around in comics. They are by no means the "classic" years for...
Waaaay too much Tony Stark in that Spider-Man trailer. God I hope that he's not all over the movie like that.
Most reviews I have read seem to think the touch bar is nice. The thing that is holding it back is lack of wider software support in the Mac ecosystem. Something that can't be expected to be in place at launch and should grow in time.
Looks like Samsung is going to race Apple to the finish to get an all screen design out first. Hopefully it won't explode. http://www.theverge.com/2016/12/8/13881404/samsung-galaxy-s8-all-screen-design-report
Sorry to see you guys sold out of the scarf in sand so fast. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/berg-berg-scarf
He is doing another run of his classic briefcase in Sedgwick Australian nut or London Tan.
12-tweet long explanation of how Trump manipulates the media by meeting with Al Gore & Leonardo DiCaprio, while appointing climate change denier Scott Pruitt to head EPA. https://twitter.com/JuddLegum/status/806668034370834432
A lighter version of the mocha sounds like it could be really nice.
Watched it without sound, but is that supposed to be Go-Pro or camera phone footage?
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