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Old one is dumb fun and holds up in that regard.
The reviews have been devastating towards it. Movie sounds like a mess. I may rent down the line.
Say what you will about the JJ Star Trek reboot, the casting was spot on. All the main crew were recast perfectly.*And no Kahn doesn't count.
Feb 2018. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2016/06/30/pacific-rim-2-to-cancel-the-apocalypse-in-february-of-2018/
I'm not sure how much I agree with the DRM angle. Most music sold these days is DRM free. Is recording songs from services like Spotify that big of a problem?
How does it validate him as a film maker? Part of the job is being able to manage the process from start to finish. That includes dealing with and managing studio interference. If it was someone like Nolan, I would be fine blaming it on the studio. He has a fantastic track record and one stinker can be forgiven or blamed on interference. Snyder? Not so much. And I don't even hate the guy.
OTC brings up a good point on durability. The headphone jack is just about bullet proof. Compare that to lightning. It's prone to lint problems in the female end and the male end is prone to getting scratched up and will stop working. Who wants to invest any sum of money into wired lightning headphones if their lifespan is anything even close to that of lightning charging/sync cables? I've yet to have one last past 6 months. Most crap out closer to 4. Consider that then...
Again, nothing has been holding back advancements in wireless. You yourself said BT 5.0 is coming out soon. That was in development waaaaay before any rumors of Apple removing the headphone jack ever started to circulate. As I said in a prior post, they are different markets. The companies who produce wireless technology have every incentive to make improvements regardless of what Apple does here. This will accelerate nothing unless Apple decides to directly compete with...
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