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I love all the idiots on Craigslist who make a point to say that they will leave an ad up until the item is gone and to " please not contact them asking if it's still available," then completely fail to take the ad down once it's sold.
So they turned Sunspot into the Human Torch?
Net trailer hit today.
Knowing Stitch, he kept the mesh in a scrapbook with his other memories of that day.
They can feel a little breezy when you first get out of the water to dry off.
I own a pair of "board shorts" from Onia and they lack the mesh. I believe the style is meant to be this way. Might have to do with utility when surfing, but I don't have any actual experience there.
I'll shoot you a PM.
This is something I have had to work on and improve over an extended job hunt. My main advice is don't copy and paste a pre-formatted letter you find online. What I do is take bits and pieces from some of the better ones I have seen and then mix and customize it enough to look unique. If possible try to personalize it with some strong skills you want to bring to the table and some bits from the interview that stood out. If you have a follow up question or two, a thank you...
A lot of smaller shops hire part-time admin to help get caught up and do busy work. Unless you are clear upfront that it's a full time position, it would make sense for someone to ask about the hours.
The Walking Dead game is fantastic. I would agree the gameplay is not the main focus, but the story and hard choices your character has to make. You have to take into account that every choice you make can potentially have a profound effect on the game and how the characters view you. Even the smaller ones that feel unimportant can come back to play later in the game. It masterfully adds to the tension by giving you very short periods of time to make these...
New Posts  All Forums: