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If that's the case and they had originally planned on opening it once a year, I am not sure why they couldn't just plan for this additional cost. Make the discounts not as deep to help cover some the shipping spread.
Did some sale items have their prices raised today with the 15% off code that was sent out today to the Founders Circle? The discounts on some of the Formosa suits was down to $1,738, but the lowest listed price is now $1,942.75? The rest higher.
Here is the image brightened up a little. How it might appear under more light. The top is indeed red and the bottom actually has a blue tint to it.
I'm going to try and go Sunday. Can't believe how great the reviews have been.
It does have a certain "Xena" vibe to it. I will always love her classic costume, but i'm honest enough with myself to know it wouldn't translate well into a modern film. The changes they made were needed.
Wonderwoman really does look great. The colors are a little muted, but otherwise it's a great adaption. Should play well to the general audience.
This. Most of these girls who go to Comic Con in cosplay love to have their pictures taken. That's one of the biggest reasons they get dressed up and go. What they don't want is to be grabbed and told lewd things by a bunch of strange men.
If there is an action piece even half as crazy as that promo image, then this movie is going to be insane to watch.
I was going to say, NO ONE is reporting it. Has to be fake.
You know what I was trying to say.
New Posts  All Forums: