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I think the helmet looks fine.
FF trailer didn't look horrible, but I'm not sure I like the tone. The franchise works best with a little humor to it and frankly I'm tired of the whole dark and gritty thing.
They paid a shit ton of money for the franchise. It was obvious they were going to do something along these lines considering Ford's age.
Rumors of Disney eying Chris Pratt for an Indry reboot. Not a bad casting choice all things considered.
FF works best when it doesn't take itself too seriously and is fun. The problems with the last FF movies were not the tone. They just had shit for scrips to work off of.
Can't watch this till I get home, but have hope it turns out to be good. FF is one of my favorite teams.
Not sure that's a good comparison considering one died well before retirement, while the other is living well and now has the time and resources to dedicate himself to such causes. Having said that, Gates is doing amazing work for the world. If you get a chance download the recent interview he did on the Nerdist.
I'm getting really sick with how buggy iOS has been lately. At this point it's got basically all the features I need, so I'd rather they focus on stabibility for the next release then trying to one up the competition.
I've been following some of his tweets on The Force Awakens and much of it seems vague or plays off prior rumors that he could have read with everyone else. I know he's nailed things in the past, but I'm not so sure he knows as much as he likes to say he does. I mean it's one thing to be connected and have insider info on a film or two, it's another to seemingly know details about many of the blockbuster franchises from different studios hitting in a single year.
It's insane to me that we've reached the point that comics have become so mainstream that they are making an Iron Fist series.
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