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Yeah I know. It's rare, but they are allowed to do free repairs on occasion. I once had them swap out a battery on a plastic MacBook at no cost. I've heard they were instructed to cut back some on the freebies now that they are pushing Apple Care+, but dont know if that's true.
I managed to get the magic unicorn of Apple Store repairs. Guy swapped it out for free. No apple care. No 3rd party warranty. He did it for no other reason then to do me a big plus. Reminds me why I keep going back to the company with my money.
Yup. One of the biggest advantages to a case is how grippy it can make the phone.
Yes, I always use a case. Usually something that adds a layer of protection without a lot of bulk. When my iPhone 5 broke the case had actually fallen apart the week before and I had yet to replace it. When I broke the 6 I think it managed to land on just the right impact zone to cause damage with the case on. I plan on upgrading the case at some point to something a little more robust.I don't use scratch protectors on the screen itself because in my experience they always...
I suspect part of the problem is that these devices are getting so thin they become easier to drop.
I've had the worst luck with my iPhone the last year and a half or so. Broke the screen twice, lost one and and now my iPhone 6 has been drowned. This is after having zero problems with the iPhone 3G , 4 and more then a year on the 5. Timing is bad with the new phones just around the corner, but I am not sure it will make a huge difference in my bottom line costs. Trying to find out what my costs will be under the early upgrade plan with AT&T versus a replacement from...
People are saying it's not official and is a fan made toy. Really great work either way.
I use a ton of data and regret no longer having my unlimited plan.
Hell yes. Use the Hell out of your bags. Beat them up then clean them up later on with some conditioner. You will eventually get a fantastic patina. Don't baby them.
Ugh. Please no Red Hulk. Just please leave him out of the movies.
New Posts  All Forums: