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I'd be completely sold if Rach got a hands on and gave it the thumbs up. Already love the design from what you have posted here and on your site.
Update your apps guys. That's when you really start to notice some of the improvements, like the share extensions. I know a lot of people who are excited to have 1password sync with Touch ID across the browser and a variety of apps. I'm just glad to not have to use a awkward hack to share things directly to Evernote anymore. I like some of the changes to chat and the multitasking card view too.
Ok, you still could have taken a moment to Google it before claiming that the review sites who have been glowing about the battery improvements over the 5S are "fanboys." Cameras are getting stellar reviews too. Apples been one of the market leaders in that area for years. Remember that overall photo quality with digital cameras is just rarely informed by its megapixel count. For me, they brought in one of the features I was most frustrated for. Extensions. Sure I'd like...
What are you talking about man? The battery life numbers are listed as clear as day on Apples website and have been since the presentation. They also most certainly did provide hard numbers during the keynote and didn't just claim the battery life was "improved." I can only assume you didn't bother to watch the keynote or do an ounce of research before making your...
That was John Grubers take in his review on the 6. It still feels a little large to him but he expects to get used to it within a couple weeks.The 6+ is a different matter. I don't think I'd want to have to carry around a phone that big all the time. Seems like a pain in the ass.
I've been hearing a day and half on average for the 6. Two on the 6+.
Do you have any product shots that show the inside of the briefcase? Also are you planning any type of return policy for the kickstarter? I know that the nature of Kickstarter means that one is donating to your project and not making a formal "purchase," but having the ability to make a return would provide a little extra piece of mind.
The soft briefcase in cognac looks great. Really hitting a lot of the details I look for and at a very reasonable price. I'd too like to know where the bags are made.
Listen was an amazing episode. It's going to be considered a classic for years to come. Peter is off to a fantastic start on his run as the Doctor.
"Retina" has always meant the level of pixels a human eye can see, but I know where you are coming from. It's a marketing term even if there is a level of truth to it. I'm happy with the pixel density of my 5 and will be happy with the 6... I'd rather they work on battery life from this point on the concern themselves with pixel density.
New Posts  All Forums: