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Any idea when the first drop on the SS stuff will be and what %? Thanks.
Nice.. Real nice...
Dsquared2 S/S 2010 baseball khaki pants... Can this hole be professionally repaired to perfection? I did a search and found out there's a patchless technique called reweaving (or darning) that may yield the result I want. Anyone have similar experience?
What US size would you recommend those Serafini loafers for? US 10? 4.5" seems quite wide...
^ Thanks for that answer. I went ahead with the order. I hope my item is in stock!
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Yes their stuff is authentic. Yes, they maintain a poor online record of stock. I have ordered numerous times, and not everything is in stock. If something is cheaper than average, question why. Usually it is related to purchasing old "unsold" stock which they get for cheap. Thank you for the input, Klobber. Anyone else have input on the tax side of the question?
Has anyone bought anything from Nifty Fits? I have 2 specific concerns. 1. Are their items authentic? 2. Are their prices really all-tax-inclusive for international orders? The country I live in imposes a 25% VAT/import tax on imported goods over the value of US$150 and I'm wondering if Nifty Fits' prices are really all-tax-inclusive as it claims. I also noticed that their stock is outdated (up to S/S 2010 from what I can see) and there are no new arrivals. Are...
I found some Love Moschino t-shirts that I want to buy on Yoox. As I live in a country that Yoox doesn't ship to, I usually have a friend in the US receive my goods and ship them to me, so I don't get a chance to try on my stuff and return them. I have some Moschino Jeans t-shirt. My Moschino Jeans size is XL. Is there anyone, who owns both Love Moschino and Moschino Jeans t-shirts, that can tell me if Love Moschino sizing is the same as Moschino Jeans? Much...
New Posts  All Forums: