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Mauro, I haven't received the newsletter yet. Can you check if I'm on the mailing list?
The B&S feedback thread seems to be locked, and I sent the money as a personal payment - according to Paypal transactions not involving the purchase of goods or services can't be disputed. I'll try contacting the proxy again and if it doesn't work out, I'll contact my credit card company and PM Fok or J about this case. Thanks for the help, Kit!
In which section of the forum should B&S disputes go? I've asked for a partial refund from a proxy I'm using, and he still hasn't replied to my PMs even though he's been online during that time. It's been around a week already, and I'm not sure if I should wait much longer before complaining.
...So I was thinking about this issue, and I realized that I should've made my points clearer. The reason why I said that default risk couldn't be factored in is because short-dated US debt is considered to be a risk-free asset, i.e., no default risk, and as such they're often used as the risk-free rate in numerous pricing models and theories in finance. Also, I don't think CDS' would trigger if the debt ceiling still hasn't been raised by the 3rd of August, as Mr....
As have a number of CE regulars, yet their dumb, ill-informed opinions are still given weight. Not referring to you btw. Nameback asked a valid question and it warrants serious responses, not 'snark and insults' which only serve to make this subforum even worse than it already is.
^Surprisingly potent happy pills.
These pills my doctor gave me are awesome!
For some reason, I can't see my recent posts Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
Well, you're right that interbank lending markets and capital markets (among others) would crash, as well as many financial institutions going bust. This would lead to decreased demand for dollar-denominated assets (i.e. Treasuries) , and in turn the USD, materializing as a severe devaluation as the market's confidence in the currency evaporates, causing extremely high levels of inflation, the effects of which would be exacerbated by the extremely large amounts of US...
New Posts  All Forums: