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What dress pants even have belt loops that are wider than 2"?Uniqlo. Stay away from "relaxed fit."
I would go with the 1996 Style and the Man. It has an outdated but interesting section on stores that isn't in the more recent edition.
Tech addict.
From the FW12 collection, I purchased these last summer from Inventory. They're based on 1941 khakis and are in a year-round weight cotton. Talon zip fly, button closure, coin pocket, two buttoned rear pockets. Great, knockabout pants. I've worn these about a dozen times and washed and pressed them five times, but they look new, with no visible flaws. Measurements: Waist: 34.5" Rise: 11.5" Inseam: 32.25" Hem width: 8.375" Thigh width: 12.5" I'm looking for $70 shipped in...
With shoes, it's always important to concentrate first on fit. It's tough to harm yourself with shirts and pants -- with shoes, it's easy.Personally, I'm not a fan of boat shoes for non-boating purposes, but to each his own.
A white, broadcloth spread-collar shirt is the most formal shirt you can wear (outside of formal or semi formal dress), while a brown, tweedy odd jacket is among the least formal tailored items you can wear.Personally, I can't see any color of tweedy fabric working with such a shirt, but dark blue or gray would be less incoherent than brown.
I thought the whole coherence concept struck a chord because there were a lot of Styleforum members who looked bad because they were mixing city and country. It wasn't that it wasn't that they weren't doing it well -- it's that the whole concept is incoherent. I wouldn't wear a white spread collar with an odd jacket. If you need to wear a white spread collar with a textured brown fabric, then the fabric should be used in a suit. If I had to wear it with an odd jacket, it...
You're seeking an incoherent look and asking for people to tell you it's coherent.
Sell them. Shoes don't grow in length. Maybe this isn't the brand for you.
A Mr. Ned suit is fully canvassed, which you may not get at that price point with the others. But if you've found a Paul Stuart suit that fits decently and is in a style and fabric you like, you would be blameless in choosing it. I only do MTM because of my build, although I do like nerding out on picking the fabrics. Ned steers you to his in-stock fabrics, and there's a significant upcharge for ordering fabric.
New Posts  All Forums: