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To me, there is a value chasm between $1000 suits from Mr. Ned (semi-bespoke) and LS (made-to-measure from Southwick) and $2,500 suits from Napoli su Misura or Sartoria Formosa (via No Man Walks Alone). I would strongly advise either saving with the former options or stretching your budget with the latter options.For shoes, I'll join the chorus in suggesting that you work with No Man Walks Alone to find a Vass last that works for your feet.
I don't know of any, but you might call local tailors Domenico in the Northeast or Tom Lettieri in South Philly and see if they know of any.
Do you know if you have 60142? Thanks for the Medtech reference -- I had forgotten those, all of which look really good.If I go with blue (and I like linen), I may go with tobacco next time.I've emailed Isles to ask for samples. My budget may limit me to W. Bill, but I did visit LL to check out Alden's photos.I think I will go with heavier fabric for now.I forgot to mention that I have a navy double-breasted, but I only wear it for weddings, etc. But that doesn't change...
I'm thinking of getting my first linen suit. I'm looking for advice on color (and, if possible, the fabric book/number). I am thinking of a not-too-dark navy, but am open to other suggestions. I will wear it relatively frequently. The other suits I wear in summer are a single-breasted medium gray worsted and a single-breasted light tan cotton. My sport coats (which I also wear to work) are a gray wool-silk POW and two that need to be replaced: a navy hopsack blazer and an...
Oops, time flies. Then I'd go with someone I do have experience with -- CEGO.
If I lived in NYC, I'd go with Geneva. That's based on previous StyleForum discussions, though -- I don't have personal experience.
It's fine. Black doesn't really complement any other color, but a dark brown scarf will be fine. Don't worry about it.
For a well-made, classically styled tie under $50, I'd go with chippneckwear.com. For a more formal look, I'd go with a black or navy grenadine (both currently out of stock). For more casual, a black or navy silk knit tie.
There is something wrong with my subscriptions. Instead of showing the most recent posts, I can only see the threads. There is no option to see the posts. In addition, the search function has not worked for me for a month.
To be fair, for individuals, $100,000 is at about the 93rd percentile.
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