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It's weird. I hadn't looked at that book in a couple of years, picked it up today, read that page (among others), and then saw your question.
Style and the Man. Page 112.
Yes, unless they're five-pocket. And I wear them with other tailored clothes.
These are all good. But they would all look better worn with pressed corduroys or khakis than they would with jeans.
The only reason I could see doing this is if you had great difficulty finding boots that fit. It's a formula for creating something that's neither fish nor fowl. Would you order jeans, a t-shirt or a leather jacket from Steed?
Thanks. I probably should have waited to post until I've worn them more. I've only worn them a little around the house. I'm a difficult fit -- which is why I tried bespoke -- but I'm cautiously optimistic.
To add to the dark brown blucher parade, here's my first pair of bespoke shoes, from Maftei. I just received them and have a positive first impression of the fit. Pegged soles.
And vomited out eight inches.
No, not possible.
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