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Someone should get the orange Everest at End. Only $1384. How else are you going to save that much today?
I can't remember if people have OD'd on OCD OCBD references.
This is awful.
In general, I'd prefer a medium-dark gray suit to start (no vest). A navy overcoat or tan raincoat with a wool liner. A tie with a subtle pattern like this: http://www.marksandspencer.com/premium-pure-silk-circle-neat-tie/p/p22352897And a white shirt. Black oxford shoes.
This is correct. There's a big difference between a little tightness (which is necessary to avoid bagging and excessive stretching) and being extremely uncomfortable.
Matt's suits, to me, are one of the pinnacles. David Reeves' comments say more about him than they say about Matt's suits and jackets.
Will's posts from 2006 to 2008 were less trendy, less commercially driven and more grounded in a large base of knowledge about classic Anglo-American clothing -- while still drawing on a many conversations with international tailors -- than those in any current blog.And RJMan's posts are great at drawing on a large base of knowledge about not just lost dead and dying high-end makers, but situating this knowledge in a broader context. Plus he is a writing stylist in a way...
Sorry, you're right. The separate blog won't exist, but the archive will be on the store site.
Will's posts from the earlier years of the blog on building a wardrobe (shoe wardrobe, etc.) are the best on the subject, other than Flusser's old books. I hope the beginners who haven't read them take the time to seek them out. And RJMan's posts have been the best menswear writing on the Internet. This post was edited. I hastily misread the announcement.
I'll go with the Scandanavian on this one.
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