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I ordered a 42 (I size up from a 40). Fits well. The arms are high but no problem with fit. I just need to take in the sleeves and the inseam.
Hasn't arrived yet. UPS tracking stated it's delayed due to weather. Hopefully today or Monday. Sorry for lack of clarity in my post.
I picked up a Pennesi suit (grey POW for spring) for $127. Not much info about the brand on the forums except for few positive posts. Will post pics if anyone is interested.
Peal suede wingtips for $130. Lots of sizes. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Distressed-Suede-Wingtips/MH00138,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00138_Color=BRWN&dwvar_MH00138_Size=09H_D&contentpos=29&cgid=0494
Slightly off topic but figured worth sharing: I had the opportunity to meet the founder of The Black List last night. Talked about the industry and its future, upcoming movies (obviously knew a lot about the screenplays that went through him), and the process of screenwriting. Really cool and smart guy, very knowledgeable about the film industry. Most informative and memorable conversation I've had in a while.
Lurker check-in: I was on 5/3/1 BBB through the spring and summer, but got inconstant in late June through mid July for various reasons. Decided to try the Norwegian HFT that conceptionist posted a while back as I needed a break from 5/3/1. Ran that for six weeks, adding 5 lbs/week. Also I weighed about 185 and wanted to hit 200. Though I was running to to gain, HFT clean up a lot of deficiencies. I really liked it, felt good with the volume. I'm back on 5/3/1 but...
Some closet cleaning. Auctions end Sunday night. PM any questions. Mabitex 48/32 95 Wool/ 5 Lycra Solid Gray Pants Mabitex 48/32 Solid Dark Tan Cotton Moleskin Winter Weight Pants Mabitex 48/32 Tan Cotton Nailhead Pants AE Black Belt 32 Brooks White Twill Dress Shirt w/ French Cuffs 15.5/33
TargetAlways something on sale or on clearance. Some of the C9 shorts have shorter inseams too.
Does anyone have experience with gabions? I'm thinking about putting in a low freestanding wall and I want to avoid mortar.
Fwiw, a slice of bacon had only 2-3 grams of fat. Do you have a food processor? The wheel attachment makes quick work of shredding. Also, throw in some cinnamon.
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