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Torn between the poppies and the purple roses. Decided on the latter though I may convince myself to get the other too. My first Epaulet purchase.
Thank you for the feedback. I was going back and forth between the navy and black.
Regarding the Bubbas, how much blue comes through on the deep navy? They look very similiar to the black.
Thanks for this. Picked up a light grey suit.
Julianna Barwick Mix
During the summer and fall, I work at a learning center that offers SAT and SAT prep. Also, another teacher and I occasionally will offer a weekend 'crash course' the weekend before an exam. I also teach AP Lang, and, though I haven't officially taught it, cover a lot of AP Lit material in an honors class. The private boarding schools I taught at had a lot of international students (mostly Koreans at the time but Chinese were increasing). I was always surprised how much...
I always thought IB has had a larger presence outside the US than AP. Is that shifting as more international students attend US colleges/universities?
PSA: The past season is now on Netflix.
1. States contract out their testing to various companies. There's usually a bidding process. I once applied for a job as a test writer. That particular companies had some contacts for a few Midwestern states. Individual distracts also create their own benchmarks (usually assessed per quarter) to measure passing. There are others too but those are more at elementary (those poor kids get hit hard). 2. I think the majority use a computer, but there are probably some that... Is there a way to embed Soundcloud on here?
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