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Thanks for the recommendation. I went out to HD and picked up a Makita. It was cheaper than Bosch with same amp motor. As you stated, Festool was too expensive. Aside from my Craftsman drill, I've never been a fan of cordless mainly due to varying battery life and having to commit to one brand. I just got a new corded hedge trimmer after the battery in my old cordless one got down to about 10-15 minutes on a 'full' charge.
My old Craftsman jigsaw gave out. Any recommendations for a replacement?
Free shipping for SF members; send me a PM. Thanks for looking. Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Coat Blazer 40R Made in Canada Wool Blend Polo Ralph Lauren Black Coat Blazer 40 R 100% Wool Corneliani I have too many wool dress pants at the moment. Zanella, BB, and PRL with sizes ranging from 32-37. $5 off BIN prices for SF members (24.99) on top of free shipping. If you want to stock up, PM me a reasonable offer. Brooks Brothers Charcoal Dress Pants 32x32 100% Wool Made in...
I'm planning to withdraw some funds from my Paypal account but debating if I want to link an account or just request a check. For those of you verified through Paypal, did you create a seperate account just for Paypal or use an existing one?
Some Zanella and Brooks Brothers (including higher quality "Made in Canada") wool dress pants this week. Auctions end Sunday night. Zanella Austin Navy Wool Pants 35 Zanella Bennett Charcoal Wool Dress Pants 36 BB Madison Charcoal Wood Dress Pants 34x30 BB Charcoal Wool Dress Pants 32x30 Made in Canada BB Charcoal Wool Dress Pants 35x30 Made in Canada Banana Repubic Grey Wool Dress Pants 36x30 Classic Fit Ermenegildo Zegna Dress Shirt 15.5 39 Button cuff Purple...
Auctions ending Sunday evening. Thanks for looking. Daniel Cremieux Collection Suit 38R Navy Blue Pindot Pinstripe Loro Piana Fabric Ermenegildo Zegna Dress Shirt 15.5 39 Button cuff Purple Black AlternatingStripe Ermenegildo Zegna Dress Shirt 15.5 39 French Cuff Blue and White Stripes Samuelsohn Navy Blazer 42L Loro Piana Fabric Zanella Austin Navy Pants size 35 Loro Piana Fabric
AE anniversary sale is going on, including the Shoe Bank. Select models are 219 and 179. No outstanding shoes deals, but some staple belts are going for $40. Edit: Didn't see this was already posted in the AE thread.
Ending Sunday evening AE Ashton 8.5D Split Toe Chili Truzzi 15.75 Light Blue Dress Shirt Zanella Bennett Charcoal Pants 36
Any PSAs in Atlanta this weekend?
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