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TargetAlways something on sale or on clearance. Some of the C9 shorts have shorter inseams too.
Does anyone have experience with gabions? I'm thinking about putting in a low freestanding wall and I want to avoid mortar.
Fwiw, a slice of bacon had only 2-3 grams of fat. Do you have a food processor? The wheel attachment makes quick work of shredding. Also, throw in some cinnamon.
Deadlift PR: 3x405
I'm happy with my Honda self propelled mower on my mix of Bermuda and Zoysia. I only bag the clippings when I scalp in the spring. Otherwise, I just mulch. The bane of my lawn is controlling chamber bitter. Such a pain to manage.
In addition to IDing grass, test your soil at your local extension office. You'll probably need to apply some lime for the moss.
For those who take ZMA, how important is it to take on an empty stomach before bed? I lift late afternoon and get the majority of my calories at dinner and after.
^^^just saw that too. That and the letter from Woody Allen's adopted daughter make for a bad day in Hollywood.
Once upon a Time in the West > Once Upon a Time in America
I missed my last reps on squat and OHP on week 3 of 5/3/1. Eating a little under maintinence since November and numbers have been going up but schedule/bad eating/sleep have caught up with me. Thought about starting a cut when the season ends in another month but now may bulk to 200 first.
New Posts  All Forums: