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congrats, keep going! good for you for committing to a goal. quite seriously, you keep it up, it will be life changing.
Have any of you reupholstered an LC2 Chair in the past? Experience on cost for a decent aniline leather? Feel free to PM so as not to take the thread off topic.
1. Simply speaking, yes though the exact calculation depends on your degree of spread and distance from lapel. Hence, why having a jacket on hand is important.. I imagine, if you're doing a semi-spread it will be in the neighbourhood of 3.5" for points and between 1.75-2.25 (depending on your measurement) at the nape of the neck, with the same number again for the band, based on a 2 button neck closure.2. I, personally, think, as someone else mentioned, that shirt looks...
I would, personally, bring that up about 1/2" or so in the front and adjust the points accordingly to be sure they're being covered by the jacket lapels. The spread is purely a personal taste thing, so whatever you prefer there. (I also have a long neck and find the double buttons help quite a bit). Good luck!
The front, which will then require a lengthening of the points. As despos already suggested, It would really help to throw on a tie and jacket. The collar will sit differently with a tie cinched around your neck and both the appropriate measure and spread of the points will vary depending on the gorge, lapel, and lapel widths of the jackets you wear.
there were quite a few on sunday, not sure if they were marked down.
does anyone know the maker of saphir products? are they independent?
you could just wear it around the house like a bath robe boss for $100.
van update for those interested. suits: 42+ at 149 (regular price i believe) and 69 (sale) for pants lots of sizes. no jackets in the 36-40 range camel jacket: 38+ lots of sizes. by all accounts lots of everything else as well. some sale, some not.
what?!?! at PC?
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