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Shipping rates in Canada all went up last week. Perhaps the same in the US (and in turn for ebay based packages)
That's hilarious. I assume you were bidding as well.
Sorry, to clarify I was referring from Canada to the States as the Seller is located in Ontario. When I ship a suit jacket, with tracking, priority via Canada Post and USPS to the United States, it costs $20. without tracking $12-14.
Name of seller:indy_zfeel free to ad if there is a list going mods. I have no problem throwing their name out there!
Is this also an ebay venting thread I purchased an item from a buyer in Canada. I am also in Canada. the item - a suit jacket - sold for a quite a low price, $23.00. The seller sent me an invoice with an international USPS shipping quote of $30.00 for the jacket, for a combined total of $53.00. (In my experience $30.00 is incredibly high for shipping a suit jacket internationally let alone domestically). I requested the seller to send a new invoice with the domestic...
were a ton in vancouver.
anyone interested in a mini trade 5 ml of my TF italian Cypress for 5ml of your TF TV?
go to an aesthetician.
have a 30r in the navy wool suit pants if anyone is interested in traded for a 32..
Hey guys, This is an interest check/FS. Grabbed this jacket at friends and family night at club. Still in stores, retails at $279 plus taxes. Grabbed it because it is gorgeous but I really do not need it. Happy to pass the deal on to SF members. If no one in interested will return to store. Cheers! See below for measurements. leather buckle, heavy canvas. Feels nicer than my Gucci one, which is what swayed me on the purchase. Suitable for 36 or 38r. Please see...
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