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Anyone interested in a fragrance decant swap for something equivalent/interesting ?
I have to agree with the gentleman from Toronto. I am in Vancouver, where a down jacket is required twice a year. Maybe. The argument for keeping warm here is completely moot and every 3rd person downtown is wearing one at the moment. It has turned into an over saturated fashion piece and people are wearing them in the sun, rain, and well, more rain. I very much appreciate the brand having worked in the exploration industry for a number of years and these jackets - which...
good thread.
Dually noted. Charming language. Good syntax.
FWIW I know 3 analysts that in are on Bay with Canadian MBA's that are not Ivy/UofT grads. One McGill One Trinity Western One Royal Roads Note the eldest is 32 the youngest is 28, so these are not 40 something who matriculated 15 years ago.
has anyone ever bought any items from italy? I frequently see ties pop up at good prices that look nice, but for some reason when i see that the seller is in italy my ebaydar pings and i don't bid. Any experiences, positive or negative? WRT the Tom Ford listing, quite the celebrity sell off. He's got one "$24,000" TF jacket, one swatch watch, one 1996 canon battery charger. everyone hold the phones and get on that loot. be sure to have another open window already logged...
looking forward to feb 2nd. tough calls on who to match silva with next. the rashad match up is an interesting one, comparatively speaking.
Closet Cleaning continues! Bought these and they are too small, will happily trade for a 32! PS apologies for the poor pics, will update as soon as I am able. $65 Plust actual shipping Just looking to recoup costs on these already paid to had the hem let out ($20). Haven't worn these out of the house as they are simply too small. (Should have tried on in the store..). That pants are actually incredibly well constructed for the price, hence my interest in trading for a...
Closet Cleaning continues! This is one I simply don't wear often enough anymore. $355>250 Plus actual shipping This is a Navy PRL with a very subtle herringbone pattern (see 2nd pic, please note it IS NAVY BLUE. 3/2 roll with functioning buttonholes on each sleeve, double vented, it doesn't get much more staple than this. Measurements: Jacket StoS: 17.8" Sleeve: 23.5 L from C: 29.5" Current waist: 16" across an narrowest point Pants Inseam: 30 1/4" Waist: 30...
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