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price drizzop.
same as clee, bump.
NWOT Brooks Brothers blue/white stripe. WARDROBE STAPLE. marked a 14.5 32/33, but fits like a 15. $35>>sold SHIPPED. CAN/US.
Quote: Originally Posted by Garyx1234 I am sort of interested in this. You can email me with contact info @ g dot boomerang @ g mail dot com. I too wish it was 44mm, but I don't think Panerai made a 44mm with the El Primero movement. Thanks, Gary FWIW i own a 44, and for dressing up, it's irritatingly large. in hindsight, would've got the 40. good luck with the sell, seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by LorenzL Not sure what the buttons are made of, but they appear to be of good quality (but I'm not an expert on buttons at all, perhaps a photo can help) LorenzL, out of curiosity (and for the benefit of readers and those considering ordering from indochino ), do you have any affiliation with the company? i ask this because your blog seems largely dedicated to the indochino company, including new clothing...
bump. if you have any 36's i will snap them up. great price.
that is a good deal.
wear whatever you feel like and will keep you appropriately comfortable. beauty of individual style.
everyone seems to have covered most of the goodies. Isaia just opened a new space by tom ford and dsquared just outside the quad. G. Lorenzi (no clothes, but always fun to poke through). there's a wicked tie shop pretty much directly across from the H&M by the duomo. have fun !
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