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Quote: Originally Posted by LorenzL Not sure what the buttons are made of, but they appear to be of good quality (but I'm not an expert on buttons at all, perhaps a photo can help) LorenzL, out of curiosity (and for the benefit of readers and those considering ordering from indochino ), do you have any affiliation with the company? i ask this because your blog seems largely dedicated to the indochino company, including new clothing...
bump. if you have any 36's i will snap them up. great price.
that is a good deal.
wear whatever you feel like and will keep you appropriately comfortable. beauty of individual style.
everyone seems to have covered most of the goodies. Isaia just opened a new space by tom ford and dsquared just outside the quad. G. Lorenzi (no clothes, but always fun to poke through). there's a wicked tie shop pretty much directly across from the H&M by the duomo. have fun !
love the AE '0' (soho/evanston/etc) last. enjoy!
is the bag as white as the picture suggests?
i can probably just swing by the bay for you if you'd like a new pair, i'm in van. they're probably restocked by now. feel free to pm me.
bought this tie a month ago in europe and it has been sitting in my closet ever since. i have knotted it once, beyond that it is new. the tie is black with a white dot and also a faint grey dot as well. the pictures represent the colour scheme well. texture is very nice, thick silk, as etro's always are. shipping will be cost to where ever you live. open to trades for a similar black dot that is wider (3.5ish) and of comparable quality. the measurements are 3.25 for the...
what size are you normally? I am also a 36, but that shoulder measurement seems more akin to 38-40..did you find the shoulder to fit unusually wide for a 36? thanks
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