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Agree with most points mentioned above. could be interesting, marketing needs serious revisions, and this is not a next generation step but rather a neat new peripheral toy. Apple needs a next generation step and show they can actually continue to push boundaries without sans jobs. They need to come out with a seriously impressive TV and/or a 'nano 'whateveriphone for emerging markets.
just bought two new bottles this week. but. so. tempting.
Just caught 'side effects', good show.
Just purchased but it is too big. Figured I would post here to pass on a deal before returning. Not looking to make a profit here, just recoup costs. Please let me know by Monday as that is when it will have to go back. The Stats: Navy 2 button double vented $65+ actual shipping Shoulder to shoulder : 17" BOC : 31" Sleeve : 26" Pit to Pit: 20"
Argh! How much was it if you don't mind my asking ? Frustrating from this side as well. Went to ship a suit jacket today for a customer in the states that requested tracking. The cheapest option was $79.00 (Vancouver to NorCal) vs. $15 for no tracking (and now no insurance ) Given how much business Ebay gives the various postal services, some sort of deal ought be sorted in the near future.
I would concur with what the others here have said wrt the product and product imagery provided. I would also encourage you to ask yourself if the styleforum crowd is your target audience (I would say not, based on the photos, and after a perusing the site, you would likely agree). With that said, there are many successful companies distributing (and making lots of money) product that does not appeal to the readership here. The suggestions you will receive in this thread...
he's not looking nearly as cut.
Shoot, hopefully you got it at a steal! They were going for $40 at the Van store and actually looked quite nice, I was considering grabbing one, didn't even think to check the length of the strap.
I really think the dynamic and process of MBA's has changed over the last decade. Excluding Bay Street, it seems like the best/safest /intelligent route is to go to a school that is local to your target market and independently make your own connections and network rather than going to a 'big' school and relying on the name and recruiting process, which is, as I understand, nearly non-existant these days regardless of your alma mater.I really think the dynamic of where and...
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