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someone please buy this, this is super tempting.
No worries, they're really nice!
Cyborg, in my books, is a moot point as that wont happen anytime soon. (Though I agree with you). I wouldn't mind seeing her and Julia Budd go again or Coenen.
So who's the girl to beat her? there are a lot of holes in a lot of these girls games. I would like to see a five rounder with RR. Or a three.
sorry for the slow reply on this, pm'd
Jesus, some of those are nice. The reptile in a jodphur would be sick.
That was an xs and fit like a 36-38R. These fit large. If you are looking at one, size down one size for sure. If you are fit, you could probably size down two. If an xxs existed, I would have likely grabbed one of those and I am a tts 36R. S would likely fit a 38-40 M would likely fit a 40-42 etc.
If this company turns into a 1000k stock I won't be surprised, if it turns into a $100 stock I won't be surprised. such a grey area there right now.
Agree with most points mentioned above. could be interesting, marketing needs serious revisions, and this is not a next generation step but rather a neat new peripheral toy. Apple needs a next generation step and show they can actually continue to push boundaries without sans jobs. They need to come out with a seriously impressive TV and/or a 'nano 'whateveriphone for emerging markets.
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