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I have a bored out 125s (basically a 200 now). The CB350's are great bikes. As long as you don't mind getting your hands dirty they're a fantastic ride. If you not wanting/willing to deal with any mechanical maintenance on your own then you would be better off getting something newer as they do require some -not a lot- of attention. Lastly, they might be a little smaller than you think, size wise, so go sit on one and if it feels right, then grab one.
someone please buy this, this is super tempting.
No worries, they're really nice!
Cyborg, in my books, is a moot point as that wont happen anytime soon. (Though I agree with you). I wouldn't mind seeing her and Julia Budd go again or Coenen.
So who's the girl to beat her? there are a lot of holes in a lot of these girls games. I would like to see a five rounder with RR. Or a three.
sorry for the slow reply on this, pm'd
Jesus, some of those are nice. The reptile in a jodphur would be sick.
That was an xs and fit like a 36-38R. These fit large. If you are looking at one, size down one size for sure. If you are fit, you could probably size down two. If an xxs existed, I would have likely grabbed one of those and I am a tts 36R. S would likely fit a 38-40 M would likely fit a 40-42 etc.
If this company turns into a 1000k stock I won't be surprised, if it turns into a $100 stock I won't be surprised. such a grey area there right now.
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